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Early preview (another): AT-ST

Plastic Bag

Feb 14, 2002
Well, it seems like you guys want this one the most, so I'll work on two units at a time. Here's a very early preview. It needs to be touched up, it needs civ colors, and it needs shadows, but this is what it will look like. :goodjob:


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Nevermind my last post, I'm not sure if that is what the unit will look like. I'm probably gonna rework it. Its too choppy and too silvery. I'm not sure though, if it looks good after I touch it up, I might stick with it.

Any ideas on how I can do the civ colors?
Since this will be mainly a civ-specific unit (empire) for my mod it wouldnt need it for that. But since other people will probably want to use this for things besides my mod, i suggest maybe having a little color band on the back of its head.
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