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Early uber scout


Oct 5, 2007
Nottingham, UK
I was playing a game yesterday and figured I'd post this weird shot.

It shows an enemy scout with four promotions on turn 30 which is rare, but possible I guess if you kill lots of animals and find EXP in every other goody hut.

But my main question is about his last promotion. It looks like the one you can only get with a GG, but the scout doesn't seem to be led by one.

Any thoughts?


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there's a random event that gives you the leadership promotion on a unit without a warlord. the event picks the unit, you don't, i think. going by memory, you have to be not at war, and the unit has to not have a warlord attached to it already.
I can say with absolute certainty that KMad is right. It really sticks out in my mind because the one time this event happened to me, the warrior it happened to finished the game as a mechanized infantry with 4 combat promotions, 2 city raider promotions, and commando.
Cool event. I've never seen it. I wish this would happen to one of my early units.
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