Early Unit Preview: Young Jedi


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Nov 14, 2001
The Death Star
Ive just started work on a jedi unit, i have very little done so far. Here are the first 2 basic frames of animation. As soon as i have time to work on it more, ill update accordingly. So here it is, and tell me what you think


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Cool, if you make a Dark Jedi and Storm Troopers you'll be on the way to an awesome mod, I'd love to crank out a hord of darth Vaders with light sabers. :love:
I think it looks great, but the is one small problem:

The color of the clothes is a bit washed out. They look like a white shirt that has been worn too much. I think that you ought to make the clothes a bit more brownish or a shade darker of any color.
yeah the colors are a bit messed up right now, i do have to work on it more.
[Immature remark mode]Ah look at how his hand is moving[/Immature remark mode] :D
heh, oops didnt notice that. if you think thats bad, look at my rendition of the r2 unit moving ;)
this project has been scrapped, so a moderator can delete this thread if he/she wants to
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