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Early WOI for AI

Derek Brown

Apr 28, 2020
Maui, Hawaii
All - I haven't posted in a while but I've played about 4 large games recently. Revolutionary / marathon / gigantic. I want to echo my praise again for the WTP team - the game is just incredible. There's no comparison between WTP and Vanilla.

I do have an observation about AI strength though. Would be interesting to see if others encounter this or not - I might not be as good as I'm thinking :D (usually first tool factories / great universities by 1660, usually am way behind in score but become top colony in score by early/mid 1670's / usually have to conquer the largest or second largest AI to get there).

Founding Fathers come off the board at a seemingly impossible rate. OK, I can live by only getting a few. (Thomas Paine is mandatory for me). But the real challenge is the AI goes to WOI usually by late 1660's. My last game France won in 1658. They were all the way on other side of map and no way to counter war, I only had 3 galleons and 2 MOW's by the time it was over, so wasn't ready to sail the army.

My suggestion - is it possible to make a modifier during the game preferences selection where you can set an earliest year the AI can go to WOI? This is if your primary intent is to challenge yourself each game to build the biggest colony you can. I try to play very purely - only attack AI if I'm lucky enough for the king to ask me to go to war.

Unless I really need to get better - I can't go to WOI until about late 1670's, usually way too late. Thanks for reading and for all the time you guys invest to make the game great!
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