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Earth 18 with Egypt - It has been a long while since I played and posted here!

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Strategy & Tips' started by Harv, Jan 27, 2020.

  1. Harv

    Harv Emperor Supporter

    Dec 16, 2008
    I’m back for more Earth 18 trouble! I dusted off BTS and came back here looking at the articles and realized the Civ 4 section still seems pretty active!

    I see a few things have changed. So there is a supporter badge? I might look into it this week!

    I have moved recently - and have been putting off details like internet at home, which would be nice for things like uploading pictures and game files - and updating the computer.

    I have started and stopped a few Earth 18 games with Egypt, because I’m kind of terrible about perfectionism. Here is the game I started today:

    Earth 18 Scenario
    Hatshepsut of Egypt
    Emperor (not really, of course)
    Raging Hordes of Barbarians
    Aggressive AI, whatever that means
    Choose religion
    Spoiler :


    Sorry about the language. I'm studying Spanish right now, and I thought a game of Civ would be a great way to increase my exposure - even if it is just written language.

    Egypt is very powerful on this map, in my opinion. She starts with Agriculture and the Wheel and is one tech away from Animal Husbandry and the unique War Chariot, which has 5 strength instead of 4 and is immune to first strikes, so is really suited for an early rush.

    Egypt starts with horses, but no metal. This should work until the Barbarians start showing up with Spears and I don’t know what turn that is.

    This still leaves two options for play. One is to rush Saladin and Cyrus and steal Persia’s iron. We can even stop short of taking Persepolis and Mecca and still get the copper north of Babylon. We can also expand down the Nile and there is copper in central Africa, if we arrange to take Southern Africa before Saladin.

    I favor the war monger strategy, but will leave my options open. A couple of years ago, I posted a game exactly like this, where I did exactly that, but did not finish. :hammer2:

    Before I forget, Hatty is also creative. This helps with border pops and cheaper libraries. She is also spiritual, and I will try to leverage that by changing civics often.

    Maybe I will find a use for the unique building, the obelisk. It allows two priests. I have not discussed religion so far in this post. I try to reserve discussions about religion in the off-topic forum. ;)

    Maybe the option of two extra priests will come in handy a couple hundred turns in, but time will tell.

    Random events are on, for better or for worse. I read the Attacko article on random events. There are some that could speed up my game a little. There are some that can slow it down or de-rail it entirely.

    From Turn 20 to Turn 70, my expectation is half an event per Civilization I have encountered. So I will get to see what is active.

    The big question is if the Vedic Aryans show up, because there is not much defense if they show up too early, like Turn 20. If they do, then you know, because suddenly a Civilization gets destroyed. They are available really early, because they require one religious nutjob to research polytheism and a normal Civilization to research archery.

    The only defense I have heard against Vedic Aryans showing up on Turn 20 is to build two Warriors fast and hope for the best.

    We will play the “Build Worker First” gambit. Assuming they are active (20%) and assuming 0.2% chance per turn, this will be successful about 92% of the time, which is they do not show up by Turn 60. Based on similar assumptions, I get approximately 75% probability they show up somewhere by then.

    After that, the next big random event danger is the Philistines. I think they show up after we see a third religion, and we see neighbors adopt slavery. By then, we should be big enough to survive and prevail.

    I might discuss later what I have learned about the random events - and the gambits I am trying to play.

    I don’t have a picture of the start, or a 4000 BC save. I might later. I am assuming everybody is familiar with the Earth 18 map.

    So in the start, the Warrior on the desert hill at two east, one south (2,-1) from the settler at the normal starting location of Thebes. There is marble, stone, and incense visible. The warriors can also see the clams that will belong to Saladin.
    Spoiler :


    (Hence, my units have been given Spanish names.)

    I have so far played 40 turns into this game, but will discuss starting location next.

    I read on Hollywood’s thread that Thebes is the best production site in the game, but I have decided to sacrifice that in favor of a short term strategy.

    EDIT: Added photos and translations. Added initial save.

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  2. Harv

    Harv Emperor Supporter

    Dec 16, 2008
    Location of Thebes:

    I chose to settle at 1 NE. Unfortunately, I lose the Stone and some flood plains. I also lose the early health problems. The health cap of Thebes in this location is 2, the same as a normal city that does not have fresh water. It is also coastal and will eventually get the benefits of a coastal city. (such as typhoons)

    It also gets an extra desert hill, for what that is worth - and I plan to use it, because that is all we have so far!

    RIP best production city site on the map.
    Spoiler :

    Caza = Hunting
    Trabajador = Worker

    I moved the Warrior to just south of the city, because I plan to go after those huts at (3,3) and (1,6), which I call Jericho and the Hittites.

    Also interesting about this city location is the distance to those huts, particularly the Hittites. The distance is 6. From the original location, it is (2,7) for a distance of 9. I understand that with one City, my warrior cannot pop Barbarians if the distance to the capital is 8 or less.

    So we now have two villages we can get to quickly with no risk of Barbarians. I believe the possible outcomes are:
    1 large gold, 5 small gold
    2 technology
    2 map
    1 Warrior, 1 Scout
    1 experience, for a total of 13 possibilities.

    Also interesting - I think at Diety level, the probability of popping a technology increases.

    So Turn 0 is:
    Settle Thebes at 1 NE.
    Define Thebes as (0,0) because I don’t have graphics.
    Move Warrior to (0,-1).

    Maybe I get creative and make ascii maps on my phone!

    Maybe I get a real computer and internet and upload files!

    EDIT: Finally!
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2020
  3. Harv

    Harv Emperor Supporter

    Dec 16, 2008
    I forgot to add to Turn 0:
    Start Worker in Thebes.
    Start Research on Hunting.

    So already I’m running a few gambits. I gave up the best production site on the map for a strategy I believe works in the short term. I’m starting a Worker right away, when it is safer to start a second Warrior and grow. So we hope to not see Barbarians showing up way too early, which can apparently happen. (Mansa Musa has a 15% probability of popping Barbarians, 5% probability of popping a small horde.)

    We are also researching Hunting first, but do not need it until later. I believe this works up to Emperor. We eventually need Hunting. We can find Elephants to the south in the upper Nile. Persia also has elephant.

    The cost will be about the same, early or late, about 98 commerce for 108 research, in ten turns. We get Animal Husbandry on T28, for 270 research at 180 commerce, instead of T21 for 208 commerce.

    We save 28g and get two techs we will need, if I have calculated this correctly, which I have not.

    There is a cost, because we have delayed Mining and Masonry, which are next on my list. So we might have a marble quarry built a few turns later, losing 4 hammers and 8 gold, making that savings only worth about 12g.

    There is also the possibility that I pop whatever I was researching in one of those huts, about 1/39 each, for a wee tiny bit of beakers.

    When I think about it more, maybe Hunting can be saved for when I need it and putting it first is not worth it.

    This is probably a good place to go over what I called gambits, the ones I made on Turn 0:

    1. Settled 1NE instead of SIP. I understand in the long term, the original location of Thebes is the best production site on the map. In the short term, it seems to take a long time for the production gap from health penalties to close. It starts from the Worker being ready on Turn 23 instead of Turn 18.

    Result: I think it worked out. 10/10 will do again.

    2. Hunting before Animal Husbandry. I need Hunting eventually, because Persia has Deer and Elephants. However, this does delay a few more critical techs. I think if it works out, then we get Writing one turn sooner.

    Result: Inconclusive. I don't think I will be doing it this way anymore.

    3. Worker first. This delays the second Warrior, just in case some stray Barbarians show up in a low-probability case. If the Aryans show up early, then it might be hard to survive. From the Attacko article, he says 3 fortified Warriors 'should be' okay.

    Result: Well, we survived, fair and square. The probability of something bad happening is pretty small, so this is something I would do again. Based on what happened, I believe the probability of the game ending around Turn 25 is about 1%.

    The probability of Aryans showing up before we have 3 Warriors? I will have to work that out.
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  4. Harv

    Harv Emperor Supporter

    Dec 16, 2008
    Part 1 - The Lost City of the Hittites

    We marched Warrior 1 directly to Jericho at (3,3) and arrived on Turn 4, or 3900 bce. We were lucky and got 148 gp. This is kind of like rolling a natural 20. It’s a great start!
    Spoiler :


    We kept marching north to find the Lost City of the Hittites at (1,6) and arrived on Turn 8, or 3800 bce. We got a map of the Caucasus mountains and the area just north of the Caspian Sea.


    So I call the rolling somewhat better than average. We got quite a bit of gold.

    We marched back to Thebes, and arrived at Turn 15 and fortified, leaving all of Africa for Mansa Musa to explore.

    It turned out to be just in time! Turn 24, a Barbarian Warrior showed up at (2,-2). Mansa Musa must gave popped Barbarians at Lake Chad (-7,-8) I believe, and came charging in our direction!

    The very next turn, another Barbarian Warrior appeared, but with only 1.8 strength. Mansa Musa must have popped strong Barbarians on Turn 19 (a natural 1) and they destroyed his Warrior and when they were done, they came charging in our direction.

    I actually took a picture of what we don’t want to see on Turn 25, 3375 bce.


    Ganaderia = Animal Husbandry

    EDIT: Added pictures

    This is a good place to drop a to be continued.....
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  5. Harv

    Harv Emperor Supporter

    Dec 16, 2008
    Here is what I get for calculating the odds of surviving the battle described above:

    The Barbarians are attacking with 2.0 strength. The defending Warrior gets a 25% bonus for fortification, 25% for city defense, and 20% for culture, for a total of 3.4, or a ratio of 1.7. The probability of winning each round is about 63%, almost like making a hit roll of 8 or better on a d20 and slightly better than rolling 7 or better on two dice.

    I assume, since the damage per round (25 for is and 17 for them) remains constant, the probability of winning each round also remains constant. That is, the strength ratio remains constant, and we are taking the best of several rounds until one unit gets the required number of wins. The probability I get for the first battle is:

    15.72% We are unscathed.
    23.28% We survive with 84 hp.
    21.56% 68 hp
    15.97% 52 hp
    10.35% 36 hp
    6.13% 20 hp
    3.41% 4 hp

    2.52% We lose and the game is over.
    3.41% 24 hp is also pretty much dead.
    5.96% 40 hp does not have a good chance.
    7.76% 56 hp favors the barbs.
    3.4% At 72 hp we have a good chance.
    1.62% We probably win at 88 hp.
    0.94% At full strength, we are looking good!
    25.61% probability of losing

    Is this scary? :scared:

    For the next battle, I assume the Warrior gets one turn of rest in a city for 20 hp. I will try to get to that shortly. It’s back to work time!
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  6. Harv

    Harv Emperor Supporter

    Dec 16, 2008
    The odds of survival were much better than I imagined, but everything hinges on how that first battle went and hitting the end turn button was a tense moment!

    .....and we lived! We won the first battle completely unscathed, the 16% scenario above, like rolling a 6. We won the second battle, taking only one hit.

    I was going to give an automatic Combat 1 promotion, then remembered that I can save it for a better time. Then I made another series of bad decisions, number 4.

    This time, I thought Mansa Musa lost his Warrior at Lake Chad, so that slows down his exploration of Africa, giving us a chance to grab it for ourselves, leaving the city we just saved wide open, of course!

    So turn 28 we sent Guerrero 1 south to Lake Victoria. The following turn, Turn 29, we sent Guerrero 2 following. If we are exploring the jungle, two have a better chance of survival than one all alone.

    This also means we are building two extra Warriors instead of a Barracks. I’m calling this the Source of the Nile Gambit.
    Spoiler :


    2 Guerreros searching for the Source of the Nile
    (Mineria = Mining)

    Sure enough, the intrepid pair made it into the jungle. We encountered a lion on turn 36, so Guerrero 1 promoted to Woodsman 1 to defend. Hindsight says Combat 1 is indeed more versatile, but that is hindsight. I wanted a mobile unit in the jungle. Sure enough, Guerrero 1 won the day, with 1.6 strength and 3 xp. He rested, while Guerrero 2 reached the northern shore of Lake Victoria.

    Guerrero 3 was complete on Turn 39. So I sent him towards Cartgage to see if Mansa Musa has already discovered it. Bonk me on the head. :hammer2: The road to the horse pasture was complete and I started a fourth Warrior, when I could have started a War Chariot!

    I could have advanced my plans by another two and a half turns when time matters! [EDIT: But yes, I could have advanced my plan by two turns by prioritizing hammers at an earlier opportunity.]

    Meanwhile, Guerreros 1 and 2 made it to the south shore of Lake Victoria. Guerrero 2 got killed by a lion on Turn 41 and Guerrero 1 defeated it in a counterattack the next turn, leaving him all alone with 1.5/2 strength.


    Mamposteria = Masonry

    There was a village near mount Kilimanjaro, but the villagers were hostile. They popped one Warrior, but Guerrero 1 continued his lucky streak. However, he was low on strength and trapped in a mountain pass between two lions. Eventually he got rested enough to defeat one, but the path was forced to the souhwest.


    There was another village at (-2,-15) south of Lake Tanganyika. These villagers were also hostile and popped two more Barbarians. Guerrero 1 defeated the first, but finally his luck ran out and he was too injured to deal with the second.


    Pesca = Fishing

    The original Guerrero 1 died on Turn 58.

    Guerrero 3 survived. He stayed in a forest at (-6,1) and went far enough to see that Cathage was already taken. So he went back and defeated some panthers in the forest at (-4,2). This is just outside the cultural boundaries of Thebes, so Guerrero 3 will live a little longer.


    Hindsight shows I was foolish again. I sent Carro 1 to rescue Guerrero 3 and could have just sent him on top. Next time, I will know better.

    So at Turn 60, the results of the quest for the source of the Nile were negative. We lost 2 Warrior units and have no Barracks or anything to show for it.

    I call it bad luck.

    Building the fourth Warrior was also bad micromanagement, because we could have had a third War Chariot built by Turn 57 instead of Turn 60. Next up, I will try to explain more of what is going on the other fronts.

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  7. Harv

    Harv Emperor Supporter

    Dec 16, 2008
    Turn 60 report:

    We have met 6 of the other 17 leaders:
    T4 - Saladin
    T6 - Cyrus
    T8 - Alexander
    T34 - Frederick
    T35 - Julius Caesar
    T59 - Catherine

    Interesting, we have not met Mansa Musa, but have seen evidence. The raging Barbarians must be causing trouble. We are still in the grace period of no generated Warriors. Similarly, we have not met Asoka, Qin, or Khan. Not meeting the rest of the leaders is no surprise, of course.

    Events, religions, and wonders:

    T14 - Christianity founded, probably by Isabel.
    T24 - Islam founded by Saladin.

    T45 - The Greeks have some Olympic champion unit. I have not seen it in Athens, so I don’t know exactly what it is.
    T55 - Then the Greeks had a technology setback.

    T56 - somebody built Stonehenge. It was probably Louis. Given our strategy and choice to not have stone, this was not a prospect. The same might apply to the Great Wall, which would come in very handy with the combination of Raging Barbarians and Africa.

    T4 (3,3) - 148 gp
    T8 (1,6) - map
    T46 (1,-13) 1 Barbarian Warrior
    T46 (-11,4) already taken
    T58 (-2,-15) 2 Barbarian Warriors

    T10 - Hunting
    T28 - Animal Husbandry
    T39 - Mining
    T53 - Masonry

    Fishing will be complete T61, so my current tech rate will be 12.2. Researching Fishing now is yet another one of those.... gambits. I believe I will need it before researching Pottery and Writing, which are next on my list.

    Builds in Thebes:
    T18 - Worker
    T29 - Warrior Guerrero 2
    T36 - Warrior Guerrero 3
    T43 - Warrior Guerrero 4
    T50 - War Chariot Carro 1
    T55 - War Chariot Carro 2
    T60 - War Chariot Carro 3

    It looks like I got confused about the timing of Guerrero 3 and the completion of the pasture and road. Still, this gambit did not pay off.

    Worker Builds:
    T26 - Wheat Farm at (-2,1)
    T35 - Horse Pasture at (0,-1)
    T39 - Road at (0,-1)
    T48 - Mine at (1,1)
    T52 - Road at (1,-1)

    The marble quarry will be finished on T64. Yes, I got Thebes to size 5 exactly on T48 when the mine was finished. We are producing 9 hammers, or a War Chariot every 5 turns. This will improve to 4.5 in another cycle.

    Anything else I missed, besides save games and pretty pictures? Of course!
    Spoiler :


    EDIT: Here's a pretty picture. We will have 3 War Chariots on Turn 60!

    T50 - Frederick founded Hamburg
    T57 - Cyrus founded Pasargad at (8,2)
    Catherine has probably founded St. Petersburg, but we encountered her late. The Imperialistic leaders are in action!

    Also worth noting - Saladin decided on an early religion and it shows in the lack of development in his land. It is T60 and I do not see a horse pasture. I see a bunch of roads and that is it!

    This might change my short term plan a bit.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2020
  8. Harv

    Harv Emperor Supporter

    Dec 16, 2008
    Ha! I was hoping I could sneak a picture or a file on to my phone!

    All of my pictures are on a spreadsheet, so I will have to figure out how to get those screenshots on files!

    EDIT: This is coming in handy!

    I might finally get an updated computer online in a couple more weeks.

    This is turning into an adventure!
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2020
  9. Harv

    Harv Emperor Supporter

    Dec 16, 2008
    I think I will be online by Saturday! If I am, then I can start posting saves and maybe even screen shots!

    My game progresses very slow. I was struggling with the idea that I could have done some things differently. I thought about the city site I chose instead of the original location. Then I worked out an advantage for the original location when developed by Turn 80. By this time, I believe it is way behind in hammers and this is my priority at the start of the game.

    I also think I could have pushed my first chariot out two turns sooner - or one turn later with the barracks.

    It looks like it is working out well with a bunch of luck and without the barracks.

    I will try to get an after action report tomorrow. I played another session to Turn 80 and one more to Turn 88.

    So it’s 1800 bce and we have five cities, but only three workers. I wonder why the economy is crashed and I have not even started researching Writing!

    Also interesting: It appears China built both Stonehenge and the Great Wall. This seems to be sending lots of Barbarians our way!
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2020
  10. Harv

    Harv Emperor Supporter

    Dec 16, 2008
    Sessions 3 and 4, Turns 60 to 88
    Spoiler :

    The Fall of Persia and the Fall of Arabia

    New Leaders met:
    T73 - Asoka of India
    T75 - Qin of China

    Foreign activity and events:
    T61 - Frederick adopted slavery and Bronze Working is out.
    T63 - Catherine founded St. Petersburg.
    T67 - Frederick founded Munich.
    T70 - Cyrus founded Susa - on a hilltop.
    T74 - Saladin founded Medina

    T80 - Qin built the Great Wall. Apparently, he also built Stonehenge.

    T84 - The Chinese got a little bit of a tech boost. Thankfully over here, we have been free of events. Knock on wood.

    T61 - Fishing
    T71 - Pottery
    T84 - Bronze Working

    I thought at the time I was going to need it to whip a granary in Pasargad. It looks like I could have grabbed Writing instead.

    T65 - War Chariot Carro 4
    T69 - Carro 5
    T74 - Carro 6
    T77 - Carro 7
    T80 - Carro 8
    T86 - Granary

    T79 - Warrior Guerrero 5
    T81 - Warrior Guerrero 6
    T86 - Granary

    I think whipping a granary in Persepolis was a mistake. The border popped and we had better land. We could have just built it instead.

    Worker builds:
    T64 - marble quarry
    T73 - mine
    T85 - road connecting Egypt to Persia

    (Alfareria = Pottery)
    Carro 1 found a Bear just before arriving at the Persian border. This delayed the invasion of Persia by a critical few turns, but the combination of later action and luck made getting Combat 1 worthwhile.

    Meanwhile, more information is better. We spotted the Persians escorting a Settler. It turns out Cyrus would settle Susa there. Archers defending Cities on Hills is no fun!

    War with Persia, T71 to T76:

    T72 - Carro 1 pulled off a victory against the defending archer at 28.5% to capture Persepolis and 138 gp.

    (Escritura = Writing - We changed our minds and decided to research Bronze Working instead, because I thought Pasargad will need to whip a Granary sooner.)

    Did I forget to mention Carro 5 had to turn back to deal with a Barbarian Warrior?


    We did not let that slow down our invasion of Persia.
    T73 - Carro 2 defeated the defending Warrior to capture Pasargad (8,2) and 21 gp.


    T74 - Carro 3 defeated an archer that decided to walk on the plains south of Persepolis. This, of course, was a mistake. Carro 5 returned to action and defeated a Warrior somewhere northeast of Thebes.

    T76 - Carro 1 pulled off another victory against the archer defending Susa on a hilltop, at 30.8%. Susa was automatically razed and the Persian Empire was destroyed long before it reached its prime.


    War with Arabia, T83 to T85
    T83 - Carro 6 defeated a Warrior that was just too close to our team of workers finishing the road to Persia.
    T84 - Carro 1 just keeps winning! It defeated the archer defending Mecca at 22.5% probability. Carro 5 defeated the remaining Warrior to capture Mecca and 124 gp.


    T85 - Carro 2 defeated the Warrior defending Medina and that was the end of Arabian Civilization.


    So here we are at Turn 88, 1800 bce, with 5 cities and only 3 workers.

    The next few turns, we will be trying to rescue the economy. We have plenty of gold to do it.

    I decided to research Mysticism next. I might have done better to research Writing, instead. I was planning to build an Obelisk in Mecca and a great prophet and a shrine. Thebes needs an academy, so it will build a library and a great scientist. Persepolis will have killer production, so I plan to connect a stone quarry and make a bid on the Pyramids.

    We also need iron, so Iron Working will be after Writing. I think this is about 25 turns away.

    We also need Workers!

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  11. Harv

    Harv Emperor Supporter

    Dec 16, 2008
    I need a break. Maybe events like the Great Wall actually triggers Barbarians. In the 8 turns from 88 to 96 we killed off 18 Barbarian Warriors!

    Eventually, I will get some Workers, but we also need more War Chariots! 8 does not seem to be enough. It’s easy with War Chariots, but they also have to stay healthy.

    Also, we finally met Mansa Musa.
  12. Harv

    Harv Emperor Supporter

    Dec 16, 2008
    Sessions 5 and 6 - The Zombies have Arrived!

    That is how it has felt so far on Emperor / Raging Barbarians. They are mindless and very easy to defeat, but they just keep coming. I also think the Great Wall of China is funneling them through a pass also known as the graveyard of empires. We also took out two civilizations, so they are not around to fight zombies - I mean - Barbarians.
    Spoiler :




    (It looks like I was getting some help from Asoka in this round.)


    I should have internet on Monday and can soon start posting saves.

    Leaders met:
    T89 - We finally met Mansa Musa!

    World Events:
    T90 - Alexander founded Sparta
    T93 - Qin founded Guangzhou

    T101 - Somebody built the Pyramids
    T102 - somebody built the Oracle

    So we lost a bunch of time building a stone quarry instead of a couple of cottages. It does mean we can get a couple of city walls up.

    T92 - Vermin got into a granary and cost 20 gp to fix, not a big deal in the long run.

    So we got one event in the Ancient era like we were expecting. It was a little bad, but not terrible. It’s the Philistines showing up I might worry about. There is a danger zone of about 15 more turns.

    Religion and the spread of Islam:
    T89 - Islam spread to Pasargad
    It also spread to Persepolis.

    T92 - Somebody founded Hinduism.

    So that means Monothiesm is out and the Philistines can show up, if they are there. They would be havoc on our War Chariots.

    T90 - Mysticism
    T97 - Writing

    We are working towards Iron Working. Turn 103, we are about 20% complete.

    I will have to post the city and worker builds later. Basically, we suddenly turned into a builder civilization.

    I can post a body count!


    Turn 104:
    59 Warriors
    4 Archers

    5 Lions
    1 Bear
    1 Panther

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  13. Gumbolt

    Gumbolt Phoenix Rising

    Feb 12, 2006
    No save or screenshots is killing this thread. Although I don't think your actually after advice.

    Raging barbs on a large map may cause you a lot more barb issues than usual. Especially with great wall. Good War chariot xp gains hopefully.
  14. Harv

    Harv Emperor Supporter

    Dec 16, 2008
    Lobg time! Thanks for the response. You are correct. I thought I would have internet up and be only 80 or 100 turns in.

    The Raging Barbarians is fun. For a while, it felt like a zombie apocalypse. I think eventually the AI gets a handle on it and not so many come.

    I think I will be up and running tonight. The tech found an open circuit..... somewhere.
  15. Harv

    Harv Emperor Supporter

    Dec 16, 2008
    Okay, I think a Worker had to clear a Forest and install a cable. I'm going to head to work, but I will post a couple of early saves.

    Initial Save at 4000 BC - Moved to post 1
    2500 BC - I think that's Turn 60 - Moved to post 6
    2000 BC - I think that's Turn Turn 80 - Moved to post 10

    Right now, to make screenshots, I am copying and pasting into and Excel file and making a really big Excel file. I will have to figure out how to make a picture file and then upload to a file host. What hosts do we use nowadays? I used photobucket or something in the past and have long since forgotten how to log into that.

    EDIT: The initial save has been moved to post 1.
    The Turn 60 save has been moved to post 6.
    The Turn 80 save has been moved to post 10.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2020
  16. Harv

    Harv Emperor Supporter

    Dec 16, 2008
    Here are some more saves.

    1800 BC - Turn 88 - This is after Persia and Arabia were conquered and I suddenly turned into a builder.
    1400 BC - Turn 104
    1000 BC - Turn 120
    600 BC - Turn 136

    Turn 140, the year progression changes from 25 years to 15 years.

    Current autosave is 320 BC.

    EDIT: Moving save games.
    The Turn 88 save has been moved to Post #10.
    The Turn 104 save has been moved to Post #12.
    The Turn 120 save has been moved to Post #27.
    The Turn 136 save has been moved to Post #28.
    The Turn 252 save has been moved to Post #29.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2020
  17. Harv

    Harv Emperor Supporter

    Dec 16, 2008
    Sorry about the Spanish language in there. I had my game set to Spanish, because I am studying the language and am using this to increase my exposure.
  18. earthy

    earthy Warlord

    Aug 31, 2019
    you can upload the pictures directly to the thread :goodjob:

    I haven't tried earth 18 as egypt just yet but it sounds a bit wild with the barbs. Last night I tried earth 18 Inca but man that's hard with the dry plains corn start and all that jungle :lol:. Can't imagine what raging barbs would do. How's Qin looking in your game city-wise?
  19. Gumbolt

    Gumbolt Phoenix Rising

    Feb 12, 2006
    Not going bad at all. Some positive early warfare. Not sure about temples and city walls. Maybe due to barbs I guess.

    Greeks or Indians next? Archer defences is always nice. Greek land looks horrible.

    Few barb issues down south but chariots are good for axes.

    Are the AI more crammed in on Earth maps?

    Don't hold back your capital growth. What was your thinking on Helipolis?
  20. Harv

    Harv Emperor Supporter

    Dec 16, 2008
    Your post morivates me more to get those pictures up and running. Yes, those Barbarians were crazy for a while and pictures would show this! Online, I read that the screenshots are stored somewhere.

    My take on Egypt / Earth18:

    Egypt has some great land and access to marble, stone, and horses. They are missing metal, and a good counter to spears and swords and horse archers. Maybe the historical lesson is what happens when you peacefully build all the wonders while your neighbor builds swords and chariots.

    Still, I believe there are two options. One is peaceful expansion. You can get elephants and cows further south and eventually copper and gold and silver and gems. You are also racing against Arabia.

    The other option is war. :mwaha:

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