Aug 10, 2006
Southern-East Hungary
Earth Fantasy Mod II

I took suggestions, advice, reworked a lot of things in Earth Fantasy Mod II, which caused a bug in EFMI.

Because a lot of new features and bug fixes have been added to EFMII compared to EFMI, I started this as a new mode, not a fix.
The EFMI contained fundamental bugs, which I completely corrected, and the bug was fixed due to reworking.

I consider EFMI closed, I will not continue, develop or improve it.
I suggest that anyone who liked the EFMI idea I did but didn't enjoy the game due to bugs should definitely switch and try EFMII. :)
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Earth Fantasy Mod II (EFMII) Beta 1.03 dowloads:
from Google drive:


Mod information:


beta 1.10 version
Update time: September 18, 2022

The new EFMII beta 1.10 patch is available

In version 1.07, the tactical values of several units have changed and the unit balance file can be downloaded and viewed

Maps in this Mod:
Earth fantasy Mod II Beta1.01.biq
Earth fantasy Mod II-classic Beta1.01.biq
Earth fantasy Mod II-CH Beta1.01.biq
Earth fantasy Mod II-Eggs War Beta1.01.biq
Earth fantasy Mod II-Gems Beta1.01.biq
Earth fantasy Mod II-MT Beta1.01.biq
EFMII_Fantasy_World Beta1.01.biq
EFMII-Random-map Beta1.01.biq
EFMII-Random-map-classic Beta1.01.biq

Mission maps:
Earth fantasy Mod II-CH Beta1.01.biq
Earth fantasy Mod II-Eggs War Beta1.01.biq
Earth fantasy Mod II-Gems Beta1.01.biq
Earth fantasy Mod II-MT Beta1.01.biq

Folders in this mod:
Earth fantasy II
Earth fantasy II-0
Earth fantasy II-CH
Earth fantasy II-EW
Earth fantasy II-Gems
Earth fantasy II-MT

:goodjob:A screenshot from the current version::goodjob: EFMII v1.03



  • EFMII_unit-ballance.xls
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  • EFMII_unit-ballance-2.xls
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Changes from Earth Fantasy Mod I:

1. Strategic, Luxury and Bonus resource changes
In Earth Fantasy Mod I.
Strategic resources: 57
Luxury: 20
Bonus resources: 17
Total: 94

As a result, the phantom resource bug occurred severely.
In Earth Fantasy Mod II
Strategic resources: 31
Luxury item: 1
Bonus resources: 64
Total: 96
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2. Citizens of EFMII

I made the most of the employment of citizens on the city screen.
So, I divided the population of the cities among the different species. A total of 61 residents can be entered into the Citizens menu in the editor. If there were more than that, the Civilization III would quit at the beginning of the game, detecting an error.

=45city official(1 Inhabitant+44city official)+16 inhabitant

There is 1 default inhabitant
There are 44 city officials distributed among the species.
There are 16 inhabitant cannot be used.
A total of 61

I was able to make the different species more characterful with the city officials.
Typical inhabitants and special officials of the species also appeared within the city screen (already in EFMI, but it was fully utilized here).

CO=city official
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3. New species-specific buildings
Chaos dwarves and dark mages are building new unique buildings, just like the other races.
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4. Fix a freeze error:
I found an annoying bug that caused the game to freeze. Caused by the shadow of the airport radar tower (X_AIRfields and detect_shadow.PCX)
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5. New buildings and New Wonders:

New Wonders and Buildings also appeared in EFMII. Some of the buildings are accessible on the good and dark sides, which enhances the balanced gaming experience.
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6. EFMII consists of the following maps:

9 maps (6 Earth maps, 1 fantasy world, 2 random maps)
2 maps have a classic development tree known from EFMI, one of which is the Earth and the other is a randomly generated map
It has a new development tree on 3 maps, the first of which is the Earth, the second is a randomly generated map, and the third is the fantasy world.
In addition to the classic maps and the new development tree, four more missions have been added, of which! Eggs War 'is already known from EFMI.

The following missions are in EFMII:
Creature habitations
Eggs War
Magic Towers
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7. New strategic and Luxury resources in EFMII

Important new strategic raw materials/resources in the game mode:
Mana: Instead of 4 types of mana, it has become a one mana resource.

Already at the beginning of the game, the food are an important strategic resource for the foot units
(except for undead civilizations that continue to use bones and freshly buried bodies)

Curse Ore:
EFMI was a well-known resource on the good side of Mithril, in EFMII the dark side also got an important resource on ‘Curse Ore’
Undead civilizations use the Raven as an important 3rd resource.
The raven is known only to the undead, other species do not see it, but there are many such special raw resoures, e.g. the curse ore is not seen and used by undead civilizations for their development.

Strategic resources can be depleted or appear elsewhere on the map at different rates.

It has become a kind of luxury item in EFMII, this luxury is the Crystal. To avoid dissatisfaction, different species-specific buildings can make residents happy.
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Citizens in EFMII:
Inhabitant and city officials of species in EFMII:

Elf and Dark Elf:
EFMII_inhabitans_elf01.jpg EFMII_inhabitans_darkelf01.jpg

Orc, Dark orc and Goblin:
EFMII_inhabitans_orc01.jpg EFMII_inhabitans_darkorc01.jpg EFMII_inhabitans_goblin01.jpg

Dwarf and Chaos dwarf:
EFMII_inhabitans_dwarf01.jpg EFMII_inhabitans_chaosdwarf01.jpg
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Citizens in EFMII:
Inhabitant and city officials of species in EFMII:

Humans(Knight, Wizard, Dark Magicians)

EFMII_inhabitans_h-knight.jpg EFMII_inhabitans_h-wizard.jpg EFMII_inhabitans_h-darkmagicians.jpg

Humans(Nomad, Pirate) and Hobbit:

EFMII_inhabitans_h-nomad.jpg EFMII_inhabitans_h-pirate.jpg EFMII_inhabitans_hobbit.jpg

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Hi All,

I've found minor bugs in EFMII beta1.0, which I'll fix in a fix pack soon, these bugs won't affect the game, it won't freeze the game because of it.
I discovered some bugs in the civilopedia.txt description and will fix them. Another flaw was the color of the only luxury resource (the crystal) was a strategic red background (I intended it as a strategic resource at first, it remained that way). I fixed that too. I'm also constantly rewriting diplomacy.txt, writing to match the species in the game mod...

The look of the crystal before and after:
in EFMII beta 1.0

in EFMII beta 1.1
Instead of Space Race, the Elixir of Might or Towers of Magic:

There are two ways to win space race in EFMII. The default setting is Elixir of Might, but to win the Earth Fantasy Mod - Magic Towers quest is to build the Magic Towers.

I have already taken advantage of space competition at EFMI. The construction of the Magic Towers first came up as an idea, but I rejected it.
The idea for magic towers came up at EFMI, but due to the lot of construction, I implemented a different idea.

In this mod, I found a place for the first idea that can now be built one of the maps.

Elixir of Might:

Magic Towers:
EFMII_Beta1.01_Patch.zip is available!
File changes in these:

Graphic change:
a Crystal luxury look

Other change:
abbreviated map names so you don't have to rewrite them.
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Civilizations in EFMII:

There remain civilizations known from EFMI.
All civilizations continue to bear their own flag, except for chaos dwarves that have been given a new flag, the former not fitting the character of the race.

chaos dwarf flag in EFMI:

new chaos dwarf flag in EFMII:
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Dear Players!

What to expect in patches, in addition to fixing unknown bugs:
1. A continuous rewriting of diplomacy(diplomacy.txt) that fits this fantasy mod.
If you notice a grammatical error please let me know because I am a very beginner.

2. Minor errors may occur in the civilopedia description, but I will correct them if I notice.

3. There may still be a problem with the appearance of the Magic Towers, which builds on the victory of the Space Race, this still needs to be improved, unfortunately I did not have time to test.

If you find anything wrong with the mode you are experiencing, please report it here, because I have completely stripped the map structure and gameplay and rebuilt it from the ground up.

:thumbsup:Thanks in advance
Important building innovations in the mod:

The marketplace provides space for additional buildings, commercial buildings can be built if there is a marketplace.

Medieval marketplace:
Medieval_Market_dwarf_Large.jpg Medieval_Market_elf_Large.jpg Medieval_Market_human_Large.jpg Medieval_Market_orc_Large.jpg Medieval_Market_Large.jpg
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A prerequisite for the tents of merchants or the guild of smugglers is to have a marketplace in the city.

Tents of Merchants:
elf: dwarf: human and hobbit:
Medieval_Marketplace_elf_Large.jpg Medieval_Marketplace_dwarf_Large.jpg Medieval_Marketplace_Large.jpg

Guild of Smugglers:

dark elf: orc, dark orc, goblin: chaos dwarf: human(dark): undead:
Guild_of_Smugglers_dark_elf_Large.jpg Guild_of_Smugglers_orc_Large.jpg Guild_of_Smugglers_chaosdw_Large.jpg Guild_of_Smugglers_Large.jpg Guild_of_Smugglers_undead_Large.jpg
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A guild of architects is the basic condition for a guild of wizard or guild of dark magicians.

Guild of architect:
good side: dark side:
Guild_of_Architects_GT_Large.jpg Guild_of_Architects_DT_Large.jpg

Guild of Wizards:

Guild of Dark Magicians:
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Other buildings also feature general buildings that can be developed by the good and dark sides, e.g. a good city has fresh water then a well and then a fountain can be built, if the dark side has blood raw material then a blood well and blood fountain can be built.

Water wells:
Elf_Water_Well_Large.jpg Dwarf_Well_Large.jpg Human_Water_Well_Large.jpg

Blood wells:
Dark_Elf_Blood_Well_Large.jpg Chaos_Dwarf_Blood_Well_Large.jpg Dark_Human_Blood_Well_Large.jpg
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