Earth map, 18 civs, a story of a persian leader


Oct 1, 2006
Hi there,

im just playing a game on earth map, whitch you can download in this forum, wher all civs are enabled. Im playing the standard version of civ 4 (not warlords), with the actual patch.

I never before played on a huge map an with marathon speed (so now you know allready some of my settings) an i must say, im quite impressed with this game-settings.

The difficulty level i tried this game was emperor, which i could in previous games quite good handle on standard or large maps with normal gamespeed.

I play the persians, because somehow i like them (always used to play most often with persians or babylonians in previous civ games (1-3)).

Why i decided to write about this game, is, because it is by far the best civ game i ever played and im heaviliy into the storyline of an alternative world history.

Im already about the time of ca. 100 a.d., so i will present the first part of the game as a review to bring you up to date and then will jump into the "real (game) live".

Hope you are interested,

see you soon,

As I am about to find out how to upload pictures I already started to write the story and it turned out to be a little sarcastic. So I decided to write the story from the perspective of the Persian emperor, involving some other characters.

The story is starring (in order of appearance):

The emperor:
Who in general is more interested in picking flowers, singing and dancing then in ruling his kingdom

The bunch of old truth-sayers:
The Persian wise men, who always try and do their best to convince the emperor to actually rule his kingdom

The general:
A surprisingly long lasting version of the Persian special unit who serves the kingdom since the very first battle (except of the early battle at the bear-eat-scout-ha-ha-they-deserved-it-river; that river should be later known as the Pasargarde-River). With his skills in battle and his intuition the general saved the Persian Empire more then once

see you soon,

When i stepped out of my tent this morning, (in fact, it was a clear blue morning on early march 4000 b.c., but my truth-sayers didn’t know that up to much later), my back was hurting and I hadn’t slept half the night, I knew on thing:

I hate tents…

So (and because I was in the lucky position to be some god-like leader of my little tribe) I decided that it was time for us to settle down and to invent houses with beds.

When I contacted my truth-sayers, they proposed to settle on the desert-hill that lay north of us. As you can see, there were plenty of animals and other things around, which my truth-sayers deemed a good omen. Our scout was send west, to explore the surrounding area, and the city of – Persepolis – was found. (A stupid name in my opinion, because I voted for Snaatburg)


The exploration of the surrounding lands took us exactly 879 years, 9 month and 17 days, which, when you consider it by sheer number, seemed a little disappointing to me.

Our truth-sayers told me meanwhile (those old little buggers), that we should invent technology. I didn’t care much about technology in this situation, because I still tried to find out what the scouts where doing the last few decades, so they told me, that we were inventing things to work the surrounding lands, build roads and mines and alike.

We also made a huge development in military. We build one (yes, one) group of warriors, and for the last 200 years or so the truth-sayers were trying to train a group of peoples to work the land (and I must confess, that I admired their patience in this matter very much).

We also found out that there were other nations in the word, and met them all with pure peace and love (mainly because the truth-sayers said, that we couldn’t trade, sell or conquer anything).

In order of appearance we met:


Also, the truth-sayers found an ideal location for our second settlement:

- on the wooded hills west of the stones, in the north west of our capital.


Another 1000 years (more or less) later, our scouts discovered one more good location for a city:

- in the river-forest west of the bears, that would eat them up next round (they deserved it!)


But, as you can see in the next picture, things never turn out the way we plan:

- the Arabs (green) have dared to settle in the land we claimed for us! They even missed the ideal spot for the city and placed it totally wrong (said the truth-sayers)!

With only one warrior guarding our poor settler we had no other choice then to move on to the so called bear-eat-scout-ha-ha-they-deserved-it-river (which was later renamed to Pasargarde-River by the truth-sayers) and hopefully find the location to settle still there.


They did find the place free for settlement, and also plenty of resources nearby. We also came in contact with more other nations, called

(again in order of appearance).

With so many neighbours the truth-sayers decided that we want to trade something (I voted for carpets, but my truth-sayers said alphabet). We then set our research for alphabet because I was told that carpets were out.


see you soon,

The truth-sayers told me, that, to connect our cities, we must get rid of the Arabic intruders in our land

I didn’t like the idea of war very much at first, because you always should try to live in peace and harmony (and also, I thought that I don’t look to good in my army cloth). But they could convince me, when they brought up the thing with the famous beach parties.

The truth-sayers therefore set the production in our capital to the Persian special unit and decided to produce 4 of them. They said that this should be enough to “convince” the Arabs to leave our country. The leader of the first group of riders was a young man everybody just called “General”. The truth-sayers said, that he will be very important for our empire. I wondered a little about that. Then we trained an additional setter to claim the land and to bring home the stones that can be found there (I also wondered a little about that, because there already was a city). With this stones, my truth-sayers said, we could build something called the pyramids which should be important for some reason.

Our second city is working on a builder, to build a connecting road to our capital.

After we produced our 4 war-units, we tried to convince the Arabs again peacefully to leave our country. Soon the truth-sayers found out, that the Arabic people living there admired our culture and were quite willing to join our course. But they were heavily oppressed by their garrison force of 2 bowman, which were loyal supporters of their crazy ruler, Saladin the mad. So I was forced to make my move and declared war to Saladin. We defeated the garrison force without any losses and the Arabic People held there promise and “donated” 2 additional builders to the Persian Empire. Sadly, the Arabic city was lost during the battle, because it burned down somehow (after the battle). I thing someone must have played with matches. It was pure luck, that there was a Persian settler nearby to build the new city of Susa on the ideal location (one hex north-east of the former Arabic city). Later, when I asked the new mayor about the famous beach parties, he just stared at me and said that his city wasn’t even near the coastline. To protect the truth-sayers, I kept the secret that they had absolutely no knowledge in geography to myself.

But Saladin tried again to invade our country and founded another settlement next to our capital. After our heroic troops where healed, they moved on directly to this new Arabic settlement and managed again to take it without any losses (and without burning it down. Some say, it was only because this city was on an ideal location.)

Again, our troops healed. 3 out of 4 even got there second promotion and the General advanced to our military leader. Then the truth-sayers and I made a fatal decision. We set the toops to march on the Arabic capital. In this short attack, the Persian people (and I) had to learn a bitter truth:

- The Persian special unit is perfect for fighting archers on the field or in new and small cities on flat land. Fighting grown and fortified cities on hills is deadly. 2 of the riders with there second promotion died, the General fled heavily injured and the forth decided not to attack…


The truth-sayers then decided to cancel the ongoing building of a library in my capital and to build barracks and then 4 more riders, so we had a total number of 6 to defend the Persian Empire. The pyramids we were trying to build in our second town were also cancelled, because some other nation was a little bit faster (we got 6 gold for our efforts of 3 rounds building…) and we decided to build barracks there also to help in the military efforts.

The truth-sayers meanwhile negotiated a peace treaty with the Arabs and later with the Egypt, because the Egypt sided with them and joined the war against us. I think they deemed it to risky to continue the war against two enemies. The General was still quite pleased with our war, because the Egypt only sent a stack of 3 suicide bowmen and a warrior during our short war-period that could easily be fought off by our riders (but to me, the really bad thing was that Hatschie cancelled our candlelight dinner I was looking forward since 600 years).

After we strengthened our army again to 6 units we went on with building libraries in our first 2 cities and a warrior each in our third and fourth city. But, as you can see, poor Persia is 1225 b.c. still the last one in the score list and we have 53 more rounds to go until we reach alphabet, which is our next big project. The truth-sayers hope, that we can trade it for bronze- and iron-working (and other useful stuff).

see you soon,

The peace that was granted to the Persian Emperor (=me) only lasted for 200 years. In comparison to the 2000 years of scouting next to nothing, only to end as bear-food, it occured in fact as a very short period to me.

Then, the news reached me in my palace, when I was just having a delicious coup of Danish coffee and a banana cake in my office:

Mighty Egypt, which was on the top of the score list, has entered the Arabic half continent with two bowman, a warrior and a settler. The truth-sayers were upset. I tried to explain to them that Hatschie (I still think she looks nice) may settle anywhere, as long as I can have my well earned coffee with cake but they just refused to leave my bedroom (which I also used as office).

When the General and his leading officers were joining the party, my bedroom was finally bursting with people. To get rid of them, I signed the paper they had prepared and the General left with his 6 riders to meet the Egyptian party.

Later, they explained to me, that nobody can really say who started the initial attack, but the result was that the Egyptian party was completely destroyed and we found ourselves in another war, again with mighty Egypt (and I could throw my plans of dating Hatschi again to the dustbin).

As the General already had to find out in the horrible attack on Mekka (the Arabic capital) he and his riders weren’t able to take the fortified enemy cities. But on the field, they only had to fear the Egypt chariot.

The truth-sayers told me later on, that the General did a great job in breaking the Egypt military power by taking their horses. He and his men kept together and the more experienced ones managed to fight of 2 chariots, while the others defended them. They conquered the Egyptian horses and pillaged all improvements there. There was only one more chariot, that went after them and sadly, one rider was lost. In their anger, they started to pillage all city improvements, roads, just everything in the Egyptian empire and every bowman or warrior that crossed their path was killed. That brought mighty Egypt finally to his knees.


For almost 300 years, the Persian army patrolled and controlled the Egyptian lands, what brought them way down in the score list and crippled their research. Then it happened. The Arabs did it again. They founded a city in the lands the Persian claimed!

My truth-sayers said, that this time we should ignore that and that it was time to produce another settler and to let him wait in our capital (I will never understand their way of thinking).

Meanwhile, we finished the libraries in Persepolis and Pasargarde and managed to build another one in Susa. In Susa, we immediately switched to barracks and Persepolis and Pasargarde were building as many riders as possible.

Then my truth-sayers told me something that struck me hard:

- I have to pay for my empire!!!!

I really didn’t care much where my money came from. The truth-sayers told me then, that the money the scouts could raise (ah, the 2000 years), plunder from the Arabic cities and the money for pillaging the city improvements in Egypt was finally used up. Then they explained me, that our people pay taxes and that the taxes were used to finance our scientific research. Cities that are further away from our capital cost more upkeep for distance, and the more cities we have, the more basic upkeep we have to pay per city. (blabla, come to the point…).

So the result is that we have to lower our research rate from 100% to 50% and we neither can conquer nor found any new city or we would go bankrupt (then, sudden silence was waking me up from my daydream, and as I looked in the expecting faces of my truth-sayers I felt it was right to nod my head slowly and understanding).

Then they continued, that the plan to solve this crisis is, (I was shocked, there really is more input to come and fled back to daydreaming) to trade the newly found technology named alphabet for any technology we can get and to always ad up a little additional payment for us. We should take care of the trading order so we really get every technology that is actually available, and that we should continue trading for 2 or 3 rounds, because we have always to wait one round until we really master a new technology and can advance in the tech-tree (what ever this may be). In this period, we should put the research rate to 0. Then we should bring research up to 100% again and go directly for codes of law, because this would reduce upkeep somehow. Parallel we would adopt the most spread religion, Buddhism, as state religion and spread it with missionaries to all our cities because our people will be even happier then and the other nations with the same religion would even like us more (silence again).

This time, I didn’t dare nodding my head and asked timidly if they have some paper for me ready to sign. As I looked in the brightening faces of my truth-sayers I knew it: right answer.

I quickly singed some papers and because I felt that I hade done an important and also a very good job, I took the rest of the week of.

A week later, when I had dinner with the General, he told me in a proud voice, that it was very wise from me, to have all workers work on the newly found resources of copper and iron, that he will begin the production of swordsmen and one or to axmen as backup as soon as possible (I knew it, a very good job…) and that he will lead the rider suicide attack on Theben (the Egyptian capital) himself. On this point, I became a little insecure and ordered him, only to test if he got my plan right, to explain it to me once again.

He said, that we have gathered 10 riders so far, 2 more in production, and when we update our main army to swordsmen, we will only need 4 of them. The rest is too expensive in upkeep. Additionally we are again running out of money, and we will need the money we get when we conquer Theben to keep the research rate up to 100%.

When we attacked Theben, we had even more losses then calculated. Only 3 of 12 riders survived the attack, but we were able to conquer Theben and gained 221 gold peaces. Again the General somehow managed to survive. A new rider got produced in addition to our sword- and axmen, and when we finally managed to advance technologically to cods of law, the settler the truth-sayers had kept in our capital founded the city of Arbela and our troops marched first against the Arabs and then against the Egypt. Because of the ongoing raids of their lands, both weren’t able to put up a real defence and were overrun completely 100 a.d.


Im not very much into politics, I must admit, but I was told, that there were 2 main political factions:

Europe was mainly siding with Egypt, while Asia was on our side. I was given a detailed list, which could be summarised the following:

Ashoka, Qin…, Kathy, Ludwig:
- friendly

- neutral

Friedrich, Alex, Julius:
- angry

- angry
(I was told, that Mansa is a little bit of a problem, because we still don’t know where exactly his cities are)

One day after Memphis had finally fallen to our troops, the whole bunch of truth-sayers again appeared in my office. Nevertheless I finished my cake, and had my bed rearranged, before I would listen to them.

They told me, that they had ongoing visions of the Pasagarde river running red with the blood of dying soldiers and that the fate of the whole Persian people could lie in that river.

I reacted quickly. After having them removed from my bedroom, I had their quarters immediately searched for any drugs or alike.

But when the General also came to me and begged me to give him control of a small handpicked stack of units to be send up to Pasagarde, and to have some city walls build, I just couldn’t refuse. So he had the warrior there upgraded to a spearman, and sent there additionally 2 experienced swordsmen, 1 axman and 1 rider with a healing promotion.

see you soon,

:lol: Thats pretty funny
Theben, 380 a.d. 9:30 a.m.:

The General was sitting in his office in the newly build military complex in Theben, with his head deep down in the papers, that lay spread on the table before him.

Among the papers was a diplomatic report that was sent to him directly from the truth-sayers that summarised the diplomatic investigation about Mansa the following:

very advanced

no horses, no iron, no copper, and lots of other things, they were missing

Army strength:
minimal to non, consisting only of warriors and bowmen (because of resource-problems)


Additionally, he had the information of his scouts that the city defence of the 3 cities they had found so far was only 2-3 units per city.

Another letter from the truth-sayers said that it is up to him to decide if the African quest should be continued against Mansa, who still seems to be considered a thread by the truth-sayers. Only problem was, that no more troops from Persia and Arabia would be sent to help his quest in Africa, because whole Persia was trying to bring economy up by building courthouses in every single city.

With his standing army of heavily promoted 9 swordsmen, 2 axmen an 4 riders, he should be able to take all the cities from Mansa with very few casualties, but still he felt insecure because of the rumours, that were spread by one of his scouts:
It was said, that Mansa has found a way of replacing bowmen with a special unit that is fit perfectly for fighting in the jungle and for defending cities. That unit should even be able to face a promoted swordsman with equal odds!

Additionally, there was the thing with Egypt that troubled his mind:
How could the emperor sign a peace-treaty, when his troops were just about to take their last city and all their defenders were already down or heavily wounded!

With a heavy sight, he finally stood up and decided that he would first visit the celebrations for the beginning of the construction of the forbidden palace in Theben, before coming to a final decision on that matter...

Persepolis, one week earlier, 8:00 p.m.:

I (the emperor) was again very pleased with my work. Not only that Hatschie had come to my place yesterday evening to finally have that long promised candlelight dinner, I even managed to trade out a peace treaty. When she left my office next morning with all papers already signed, I decided to do more or less nothing for the rest of the day.

Persepolis, same day, six minutes later, emergency meeting at the headquarters of the truth-sayers:

“And there is really no way of getting rid of him?”
“No, oldest one, I checked the books again, and somehow his fate is connected with whole Persia”
“And if we lock him away, let’s say for the next 2000 years or so?”
“As you know yourself oldest one, this also won’t work, because he is the only one, the other leaders would talk to”

After a very short period of feeling very depressed, the face of the oldest one brightened visibly. Finally he wasn’t afraid any more of his approaching death, he just was lucky, that the whole stress would be soon over, and his business would be passed onto the next unlucky soul… (the concept of retirement wasn’t very popular in early Persia).

Pasagarde River, watchout post 12, at about the same time:

The guards were woken up by a loud noise. When they decided to get up and to work, they saw movement at the opposite side of the river:
There was a small band of Greek soldiers cutting wood and preparing to build boats to cross the river.
But what shocked them most, was, that the Greeks seemed to have somehow invented a new military unit that looked like a bowman on a horse that could be seen sometimes through the woods.

When they send the bad news to the Governor of Pasagarde, he reacted quickly:
He ordered the bridge over the Pasagarde river to be destroyed immediately, and commanded all his troops to the watchout post 12, to try and hold the river their.
He then sent at once his 5 best pigeons with the news of the Greeks trying to cross the river to Persepolis.

When the news finally reached Persepolis, 5 days later, the Greeks already had launched their first open attack on watchout post 12, and any help was still far away (and drunk, because of the celebrations going on in Theben since 12 days, because the General was prolonging the celebrations day by day, to avoid making a decision).


see you soon,

Again, my plans of peace, love and harmony were scattered, and Persia was in war. So I simply decided to ignore this and took a trip to Africa and to visit Hatschie. You couldn’t imagine how sad I was, that she didn’t want to see me when I arrived in her new hometown. The messenger who met me, only said something about killing us all, when she could and so I decided to go to Theben and to test my new Palace (and to write some letters to Kathy).

Of course, there was lots of work to do, because I had to sing many papers for the truth-sayers. Additionally, a new oldest one had to be elected, because the old one (he was a very, very, very old one) died. Only thing that was strange about that, was, that he was actually looking as if smiling, when they buried him…

Of the little Pasagarde problem, we didn’t take much notice in Africa. No troops were raised here, and all cities were going for economics.

Only thing I heard, was, that shortly before the General arrived in Pasagarde, the first two waves of Greek attacks had already been thrown back. The Greeks seemed desperately trying to take outpost 12 on the wooded hill in the valley oft the Pasagarde River, before our reinforcement would arrive, and their losses were huge.

When the General finally arrived, the last attackers were thrown back into the river, and I received the following letter:

Dear emperor, the Greek fought bravely, but they are defeated. If I may ad Sir, my opinion is that their cruel and also very stupid leader, Alex, is responsible for the death of many good Greek soldiers. Although way superior in number, they didn’t have any chance in taking outpost 12, because our men sunk all boats that tried to cross the river.
So Alex forced them to swim through the river and to attack the wooded hill, outpost 12 is build on, directly after landing on our side.

In the end, we fought off 8 horse archers, 6 swordsmen, 2 archers and 1 axman, with our little band of 2 swordsmen, 1 axman, 1 spearman and a rider. Only 1 swordsman and the spearman didn’t make it until the reinforcement arrived.

The Pasagarde River was running red with the blood of the dying Greek soldiers.

Sincerely yours
The General

The last bit seemed in a strange way familiar to me, but what should I say, I safe the day again. The truth-sayers would surely thank me later for wisely leaving some additional defenders in Pasagarde.

And the Persian people loved me.

I still remember, like yesterday, when a wise man from Theben came to me (oh it was yesterday) and told me, how proud he is to have an emperor as me. He said something about a good research strategy, and only to be sure, that he fully understood my wisdom, I had him repeat to me, what he knew:

- First Alphabet (to trade),
- then codes of law (to reduce city-upkeep),
- then calendar (happiness and health),
- then metal casting (to build a blacksmith asap and to specialise one citizen as blacksmith for getting a great engineer (GE) later),
- then construction (catapults and, if possible, war elephants) and
- on to divine right (to build the Versailles with the GE, and if lucky, to found Judaism)

After that input, I decided to stay another 100 years in Theben, and simply not to talk anymore to any wise men…

When I finally arrived back in Persepolis about 700 a.d. the war with the Greek was luckily over. What I heard about it was only, that, when the General struck back, he struck real hard, as you can see in the following picture.


In 560 he took Antium without any losses. Sadly, 2 riders were killed, after they went for the Greek horses at the Russian border (orange).

The Greek army was destroyed completely in the year 590, when their last offensive party tried to take back Antium. Our losses were again minimal.

Athen, the Greek capital fell in 640 and in 690 finally, we took the last Greek city.


All the Persian people agreed that the destruction of the Greek civilisation was just a fair payment for their treason.

Meanwhile, the truth-sayers bribed Russia into a war with Germany, by giving them theology (hey, I have just written about 150 letters to Kathy, hope they don’t spoil that also).

They seemed a little disappointed, because France didn’t want to accept their gift of theology for marching against the Romans. The General seems to fear specially the Romans, although they have only two cities in Europe, because of some mysterious unit called praetorians. Another problem was that they cut of culturally the land-passage to Athen, as you can see in the picture above.


see you soon,

Fantastic. I'm enjoying reading this. Also I looked at one of your pictures and saw "KRIEG". LOL! My german classes are paying off. :)
Hi again,

hope some of you enjoy reading this story.

And special thanks to:

Nuclear kid and

for your encouraging replies.

And additionally, 100 extra points to Bast, who found out, that i´m in fakt playing the german version of the game.

Perhaps i´ll be able to post an update tomorrow night (continued playing a little):king:

see you soon,

When we left Rome in the year 710 a.d., the truth-sayers were upset. Neither trade, nor pass their territory would Julius allow us.

We had to do something, because the poor people in Athen were beginning to starve, because every land trade was blocked by the Romans. The situation got even worse, because the mood in Athen was growing towards a revolution, because the bowman, the General had sent there to defend the poor people, was blocked by the Romans.


So I decided to head again for Rome (this time alone, without the truth-sayers and the General) to do some more emperor-work. OK, things could have ended better, but I still thing I did a great job (yes, I admit, I accidentally declared war on them, but hey, we have the General…). And how could I know, that Spain would join the Romans in their war against us (only because they were closest friends, traded everything, had a common trade-embargo against us and Isa somehow hates me (should have sent her some letters also…)). And that Friedrich closed his borders to Persia one turn later is a completely different story.

Finally, after they refused to talk to me for 2 days, the truth-sayers realised the good work I was doing, and rewarded me with a prolonged holiday trip to Memphis, a beautiful city deep down in Africa. I only had so sign some additional papers for them.

I later read in a Persian stone-carved newspaper (we hadn’t invented paper jet), that the truth-sayers somehow managed to convince France to help against Spain (we gave them also theology) and that things would look better now.


Also, some boring military reports reached me, which said, that the general sent out one rider on a suicide mission, to do some investigations of the Roman troops.

The good news seemed to be, that the rider somehow managed to come back alive, but the reports he gave seemed to be the bad news:

The forces the Romans had massed in Rome were:

8 praetorians,
4 axmen,
3 spearmen,
2 catapults and
11 super bowmen (a bowman with a huge bow, which looked dangerous, but couldn’t be identify exactly)

The General seemed to be shocked by this report, because he ordered all his troops (consisting mainly of wounded swordsmen) to reassemble in Sparta and to give up Athen and Antium.


Additionally all defenders from Pasagarde were ordered to Sparta. If the Romans would try to go around Sparta and to head directly for Pasagarde, Sparta would also be given up, and our troops would again fortify on the famous watchout post 12. I didn’t worry too much about the whole situation, because in any case of real emergency, they would ask me to abort my holiday and come up there for help…


see you soon,

Brilliant. Just Brilliant.

1. your army (the stronger the better)
2. golden rule (never ever take catapults with you)
3. enemy target (best suited is a heavily fortified city (city walls are always a good option), on a hill, behind a river)
4. defenders (go for heavily promoted elephants)
5. attack order (best is, to start the attack with your defenders)
6. reinforcement (if you still have troops left, repeat step 1-5 until answer is no)

Field tests: Attack of Sparta

Take 6 praetorians, 4 axmen, 2 spearmen and 2 longbow men. Carefully place them in front of the river near the hill city of Sparta. Check the defenders for the required elephants. When you find 4-5 of them, check for their promotions. When all of them have at least one strength and the shock promo, start the attack. Don’t forget to attack with every single unit (also the longbow men)

Before the attack (730 a.d.) …

pic. 13_730 a.d..gif

And after (740 a.d.)…

pic. 14_740 a.d..gif

Note of the author:

I don’t like saving and reloading to change the outcome of any battle, because I think it destroys somehow the game atmosphere, but this incident was an exception. I tried and tested 4 times (even moved some defenders out of the town) and so I can guaranty a success rate of 100% of this unbeatable suicide-tactics. None of the attackers will ever win a single fight. 3 times out of 4, one of the 5 elephants even got his full health back after the promo he received the next round.

As reinforcement, Julius took the remaining 2 praetorians, 4 of the longbow men and the 2 catapults, and tried to repeat the attack in the next round. This time, the Persian troops charged (after soften them up with 2 catapults), and all Roman attack forces were destroyed 740 a.d.. As you can see in the picture above, the defenders left in Rome seemed quit easy prey now, so the Persian army prepared to advanced.


see you soon,

Snaaty said:

1. your army (the stronger the better)
2. golden rule (never ever take catapults with you)
3. enemy target (best suited is a heavily fortified city (city walls are always a good option), on a hill, behind a river)
4. defenders (go for heavily promoted elephants)
5. attack order (best is, to start the attack with your defenders)
6. reinforcement (if you still have troops left, repeat step 1-5 until answer is no)

This deserves spot in civ4 humor :lol:
In the year 840 a.d., a letter from Sparta arrived at Memphis. It was from the General:

Dear emperor,

We all hope, that you are doing well in Memphis, have good weather and find some time to enjoy the beautiful beaches there.

We had reports from France exchange soldiers about Caesar not being very skilled, when it comes to military warfare, but this was such a perfect failure that it was even a little impressive.

Here in Sparta, we all agreed upon, that to destroy your whole army within one turn, it takes quite a lot of planning and careful preparations…

But, never the less, we now have conquered Rome in 790 a.d. and Cumae followed in 840 a.d.. After Rome is no longer present in Europe, the truth-sayers agreed upon a peace treaty with them and with Spain.

Bad news is that France, Spain, Russia and Germany also signed all a peace treaty, and the further expansion into Europe will now be a little more difficult than you have planed.

Additionally, Russia at once has launched an attack at Mansa, what also worries us, because Mansa is in Africa and our territory is in between them. We only can hope that we aren’t involved in this war.

Sincerely yours

The General

Europe 840 a.d.:

pic. 15_840 a.d..gif

Politics in 840 a.d.:

pic. 16_politics_840 a.d..gif

My answer came quickly (except of the 3 weeks delay because of the slow working pigeon network):

Yes, I do enjoy beaches and everything here, but after 250 years, it grows a little boring. Nice that everything is fine with you. How’s the research of the new and faster pigeon breed going along?

And by the way, please explain again my expansion plans in Europe.”

Another 3 weeks later:

Dear emperor,

We are again in trouble. Rome and Cumae are blocked by German territory, and they wouldn’t allow us to pass. Most of our troops are stuck in Rome, and the food supplies are running low.

By the way, Persia didn’t make it in founding Islam. India was one (yes, one whole round) round faster.

Like you planned, we are about to build the Versailles in Sparta now. But to secure the city from enemy influence, we have to clear the nearest surrounding areas (= also known as Central-Europe), what could get a little difficult now, with peace all over between our neighbours their.

But I have good news from the head of the pigeon association. They will have new pigeons ready soon.

Sincerely yours

The General

Our troops blocked by German territory in 860 a.d.:

pic. 17_860 a.d..gif

Russian troops approaching Mansa, who is already waiting at our African border:

pic. 18_860 a.d..gif


see you soon,

Hello there,

I don’t care for your unimportant military and political problems. I want to have those new pigeons, and I want to have them right now.

Dear emperor,

Four of the truth-sayers committed suicide last week (after reading your message). Never the less, we had to declare war against Germany in 860 a.d., to free the troops and to bring food to the poor people of Rome and Cumae.

Also, Persepolis managed to build Heroic Epic the same year, and we are sending out a last wave of Swordsmen (one per turn for the next 10 turns).

To speed up the GE in Susa, which we need to speed up the Versailles in Sparta, we have built the National Epic there and also plan to hire a scientist for 10 turns.

We had to sent some troops to Sparta, because a German revolt was feared (from 9,67% likely to revolt down to 5,81%). We cannot afford to loose some turns in the production of the Versailles there, shortly before our Great Engineer will arrive. We will station even more troops there, to reduce the risk of a revolt to something below 2,00%.

How’s the work of the spiral minaret in Memphis going along?

Sincerely yours

The General

The following pictures are all taken 860 a.d.:

Persepolis (Heroic Epic: +100% troop production):

pic. 19_Persepolis_860 a.d..gif

Susa (National Epic: GP + 100%, GE ready next round):

pic. 20_Susa_860 a.d..gif

Sparta (Versailles in progress, risk of revolution down to 5,81%):

pic. 21_Sparta_860 a.d..gif

Memphis (Spiral Minaret is being build):

pic. 22_Memphis_860 a.d..gif

Where are my pigeons!!!

Dear emperor,

Sorry that I forgot to mention, that the first test-pigeons are on the way to Memphis. Please do not respond to this message, because we are running out of truth-sayers.

Sincerely yours

The General

see you soon,

Since some turns, I’m facing the following problem:

I make a screenshot of the game via the "strg print" key as before, then go to the desktop by pressing the "microsoft key". But every time I return to the game to continue playing or making more screenshots, game crashes...

This is very, very, VERY annoying, because at this stage of the game, and with such a big map, it takes about 1 to 2 minutes to restart and reload the game (and I used to take up to 5 or 6 screenshots a round and pick the interesting ones later for the story)…

If somebody knows how to help please let me know (a new installation I´ve already tried and it didn´t help).

Thanks in advance
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