eastern roman empire map


Oct 15, 2003
The Dream
currently working on a map of the eastern roman empire. This is 162x162 (coincidental), and the old part of it was already made by me for the byzantine empire map.


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Don´t worry, I´ll send you a few pics on Friday or Saturday
Its definately a cool map. I'm not sure if I have much use for it, though ;)
I have almost finished it.
Does anyone know if the cappadocian wasteland is better to be depicted as desert, and if i have put enough?

As it is it looks a bit strange there, so i may fill it with a lot more desert if it is realistic.


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I know Turkey is very hilled, but it's not THAT hilled, it's not very good on gameplay either.
Take my HTS map for an example of Anatolia, Lower and Middle Egypt, etc. if you want.
It´s freeware, but I wouldn´t mind your depositing some money for me at Dad´s account.
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