Ecological ideas


Nov 26, 2014
1. Global ocean fish ecosystem uses trade-route like fishing fleets, wooden or modern (+1 food), resmbling trade routes. The fish population could be characterized by population size, growth rate and fishing rate. The fish population might be classified as abundant, diminished, scarce and threatened. Freshfater fish may behave separately. Oceans may be regional like continents in Civ VI.
1.1. Abundant +2 food
1.2. Diminished +2 food, +1 gold, reflecting the increased value
1.3 .Scarce +2 food, +3 gold, +1 luxury per 2 fishing fleets, reflecting fish as luxury resource
1.4. Fish reserves are unavailable for a few turns.

2. Some rare but nonessential resources could be in the form of units and could be hunted (Ivory and Whale could be good candidates and could be prerequisites for some works of art, buildings or quests instead of being luxury resources).

3. Agricultural resources could be introduced to other continents and these would become somewhat more common than some mined natural resources such as marble, gems and silver.

4. Different types of forests (conifer, broadleaf, jungle) and deserts (sand, clay and ones with cacti) would add to the visual appeal of the game, as would addition of savannah biome.

5. Pasture, Farm and Plantation resources could be able to be introduced to new areas and subject to theft technology trading and theft. I also wanted to say that I liked adding dog theme to Scout unit as a very nice touch.

6. Addition of rare species or biodiversity hotspots could appeal to those players that enjoy nature preservation aspects of the game, preservation of these species could add to the score of at least some victory modes.

7. Finally, pandemics that could halve populations of cities and technologies that can counteract these volatility causing problems might make for a more volatile and less predictable game that might be disliked by both warmonger and builder type gamers, which are main users of Civilization. However, volatile devastation of plagues might be suitable for a Grimdark scenario of Dark Ages or a moden pandemics scenario.
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