Economic victory concept


Jan 1, 2005
This victory type is based around the establishment of corporations. Corporations have HQs and Subsidiaries. You achieve economic victory once you have established one corporation which is a) established in every other civilization and b) for each of those civilization, has more HQs and Subsidiaries than all other corporation established there combined.

Establishing a corporation
This becomes possible after researching Capitalism. A special project ("Establish Corporation") is unlocked and can be run in a city with a Stock Exchange (possible alternatives include: minimal gold yield from the commercial district/Stock Exchange or require a fully-powered Stock Exchange). This project has similar costs and properties to a wonder: you can run it in only one city at a time, and it costs a lot. Later on, you cannot run Establish Corporation while you have another corporate or establishment project running.

Gold is, obviously, a key requirement for establishing a corporation. Either the cost of the project is paid in Gold instead of Production, or completion of the project requires payment of a lump sum of gold on that turn. The Gold cost is calculated based off difficulty level, current number of civs and corporations in the game, and current number of HQ/subsidiaries in your own cities.

There is a maximum number of possible corporation that can be established, equal to 1.5 times the number of civilizations in the game. Each corporation must be of a type, chosen when it is established. Only one corporation can exist of any given type except Generic Giants. These types are Copyright Giant, Agriculture Giant, R&D Giant, Holistic Giant, Extraction Giant, Tourism Giant, Investment Giant, HR Giant, PR Giant, Utilities Giant, Generic Giant. (There should be a civ/leader ability or a wonder that allows any number of corporations of any type.)

Establishing and using HQs and subsidiaries
Establishing a corporation unlocks additional establishment projects: Establish HQ and Establish Subsidiary. Like Establish Corporation, these projects must be run in a city with a Stock Exchange, and have variable cost, depending in this case on the number of corporations in the target civ, and HQs or Subsidiaries in the target city. A corporation can have either an HQ or a subsidiary in any given city, but not both.

When running an Establish project, one may choose to establish the HQ or Subsidiary in a different city. Any city within nine tiles of the city running the project or of an existing HQ of the same corporation in a valid target. While you can establish your first HQ in a foreign civ, this means you cannot use that first HQ to run other corporate projects until you establish one in a city you control.

Once an HQ or Subsidiary is established in a city, it drains a percentage of a specific yield depending on its corporation type each turn unless it is a generic corporation. HQs drain more resources than Subsidiaries. This amount may be reduced or increased by policies and great people. (The exact percentages and amount in the case of Loyalty are TBD)
  • Investment Giants affect Gold yields
  • Copyright Giants affect Culture yields
  • Agriculture Giants affect Food yields
    • Only residual food yield after population is affect.
  • R&D Giants affect Science yields
  • Extraction Giants affect Production yields
  • Holistic Giants affect Faith yields
  • Tourism Giants affect Tourism generation
  • HR Giants affect Great People points generation
  • PR Giants affect Loyalty generation
  • Utilities Giants affect Power generation
Corporate projects
Generally the concept of corporate projects (and corporation type) exists to make sure that corporations can also be used toward other victory types. Some of these projects may have to be unlocked by later civics or techs.

All corporate project other than establishment projects must be run in a city with an HQ or Subsidiary of that corporation. Subsidiaries cost less to establish than HQs, but the latter, in addition to allowing corporate projects, also grant a percentage discount on projects that are run there. While you can establish any number of corporation during a game, only one corporate or establishment project can be run at any time for each corporation, and none can be run while you are running Establish Corporation.

Some projects may target another city (usually a foreign city will be targeted), but only cities with HQs or Subsidiaries of the corporation can be targeted. Either this is always successful or one can pay extra to ensure success, otherwise the venture may fail, like an espionage mission (there is no penalty for failing, but success generates grievances). Not sure what the ideal length of effect is. I have it at 30 turns because then it matches trade agreements.

The possible corporate projects are:
  • Local projects, targeting a single city:
    • Upgrade Subsidiary/Downgrade HQ: Convert a Subsidiary into an HQ or vice-versa.
    • Export resource (Extraction or Agriculture Giant only): Acquire the exclusive use of a Luxury or Strategic resource found in the target Foreign city for 30 turns as long as the HQ or subsidiary is not sabotaged. This functions exactly like a Trade, except it gives nothing in exchange and the foreign civ cannot refuse.
    • Acquire exclusivity: Reduce the relevant yield the city generates by a further percentage for the next 30 turns.
      • This does not require that the resource be actually available. If it is not, the or a trade agreement at random that involves it will be cancelled.
    • Offshore riches: All yields drained by this corporation in target city are transferred to the city running this project for the next 30 turns.
    • Bribe governor: Pay money for a governor in this city to deactivate one of their promotion for the next 30 turns.
    • Ally with discontents: The city immediately loses 20 loyalty. Chance of partisans being recruited.
      • I.e. "Establish Banana Republic". Too strong? Probably.
    • Local investments: Bribe city officials in a foreign city to drastically reduce costs of establishing a HQ or Subsidiary there.
  • Global projects
    • Attempt hostile takeover: This targets a corporation, not a city, and requires spending a multiplier of all money already invested in projects by the target corporation. If successful (you cannot guarantee success of this project), your corporation will gain control of all subsidiary and HQs of the target corporation. Duplicates will be dissolved.
      • This cost includes any other past hostile takeover or nationalization attempts as well as ongoing ones, but excludes any dissolved HQ or Subsidiary
    • Nationalize Foreign Corporation: This is an establishment project. Like Establish Corporation, it cannot be run while any of your corporation is running another project. It targets a corporation and has similar costs to a hostile takeover, but based only on HQs and Subsidiaries in your territory. Upon completion, all of these Subsidiaries and HQs will be dissolved. Like Attempt Hostile takeover, you cannot guarantee the success of this project.
Corporate espionage
Spies gain 2 new possible missions and a new promotion. These missions are also available as corporate projects, and like the spy mission, cannot have guaranteed success (but you will not lose a spy).
  • Sabotage Corporation: Attempt to counter projects from a foreign corporation in the city. If successful, that corporation's current project is cancelled (if any) and it cannot initiate a new one here for the next 30 turns.
  • Expose Corporate Duplicity: Attempt to force a corporation to dissolve its HQ or Subsidiary in the city.
  • Corporate Espionage: Sabotage Corporation and Expose Corporate Duplicity as if 2 levels more experienced.
Corporations and war
When a city is captured, all HQs and Subsidiaries located there not controlled by the invading Civ are dissolved. Unlike the dissolutions forced by nationalization or exposition, these can be reactivated at half the cost of their original establishment (so reestablishment will ignore any establishment that happened in the meantime).

New policy cards
  • State Interventionism: Double the costs for projects of foreign corporations.
  • State-owned enterprises: TBD percentage discount on your own corporate projects in cities you control.
  • Regulatory Agencies: No corporation can drain more than a percentage of any yield in cities you control.
    • Yes, this will counters Acquire Exclusivity
New wonder
  • Hudson Bay Company (Mercantilism): You may immediately establish a corporation if you have none regardless of whether you have researched capitalism. You get a 50% discount on the payment to establish that corporation, or on the next corporation, HQ, or Subsidiary you establish if you already have a corporation. This city can run the Prepare Corporate Takeover project, which generates +3 Great Merchant point per turn and allows a Hostile Takeover Attempt at a percentage discount on the turn it's completed. Must be built on flat land next to a Commercial District with a Bank.
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