Editor bug crap is out of hand need some help!!


Feb 16, 2002
S.C., U.S.yesA. (A true constitutional republic)
OK this is the problem: After getting the 17 patch(second one) I noticed that the stats on my slightly moded units changed back. So I change them. Now...... My files cannot be loaded nor can I start a new game or do anything else meaingful for that matter. I tried getting the new editor however it appears to be too late. Can anyone explain what to do? If at all possible avoiding reinstalling an patching would be good.
By the way..... I have already tried to undo all editor activity such as set back to default and use defaulted rules however to no avail at all....... It says something like "cannot locate default rules reinstall Civ 3." Just reinstalling probally won't fix the problem though.
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