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EFZI2 Complete - December 22, 2012


Dedicated to Excellence
Nov 14, 2001
Greetings Zombie Fans!
Welcome to Escape From Zombie Island 2 Complete
by Vuldacon

They're back with a vengeance and they intend to stay!


Including Special Guest Star Appearances from resident Civfanatics. :cool:

Oscar Acceptance Speech ;)
I thank all of the individuals who have contributed to the development of this Game since its beginning along with those of you who have played the past versions and waited patiently for me to finish this one.

Extra Special Thanks to civforum.de for providing the Server and Forum for me to Upload the Game and to goethe and Civinator for their assistance.

List of Previous Credits as stated by King Arthur for our EFZI2 The Remake 2007:
"Ed O'War for the original Escape From Zombie Island scenario; The Music is an Original composition by Stefan Gagne arranged for the scenario by Yorgos; The Testers at various stages of development: bkwrm79, Bluemofia, cloner4000, cubsfan6506, Fe3333au, Juul, Lord Malbeth, Miles Teg, Nwoll, odintheking, Spacer One, The Omega, Virote Considon, Wolfhart, Yorgos. The Unit Makers: especially Vuldacon who remade, adjusted or made almost every unit in the game. aaglo, Plotinus, MoscaTnT, odintheking and NavyDawg who made key units for the game. All unit makers are credited in the readmes found in each unit folder. The additional Writers who contributed to the Civilopedia: Ed O'War, Fe3333au, Goblin Fanatic, Plotinus."

List of Credits:
This game has required thousands of hours of work to develop and complete. I want to express my Appreciation and Thanks to King Arthur who worked with me on EFZI2 The Remake and the individuals who contributed their time and talents on all earlier versions of this game to help improve it. They helped make it a real pleasure for me to continue working another 7 and 1/2 years to develop this New Game Version. Credit goes to Firaxis for the Great Civilization Games that made this MOD/Scenario possible. Each Unit and Game folder has a "Read Me" File with credits.

Special Thanks and Appreciation goes to Plotinus, aaglo and odintheking for personally working with me to create some wonderful units that remain in the Game from EFZI2 The Remake...Thanks Guys, Fantastic work and very much appreciated. It was a pleasure working with you and your unit contributions for this game.

Special Thanks goes to Rob Riley for working with me to make a New Farmer Leaderhead for Game.

Special Thanks to Lionic for Game Testing this December, 2014 Updated Version.

Special Thanks to the Testers of the past for their Time, Thoughts and Opinions: AnthonyBoscia, Balthasar, classical hero, egroen, General 666, Nwoll, rhodie, Sasebo, Smirnoff, Takhisis, Tank Guy#3, Tarus Bulba, WonderGrunion.

Extra Special Thanks goes to my Wife, Elizabeth, for her Loving Support, Patience and Understanding.

I wish you all the Best experience in your game play and hope you Enjoy Escape From Zombie Island 2 Complete :)

* D O W N L O A D & I N F O *

New Improved Version
New Upload December 23-2014

*Special Thanks to civforum.de for Hosting EFZI2 Complete
Download Game with Biq and Update List on the Bottom of Post #1:

September 20, 2015... New Update... This Update has all Game Files up to date since the Entire Game was Uploaded last December 23, 2014
The Zip file is on Post #306 and you can download it


Requirements: This is a MOD/Scenario for Civilization III v129f, Conquests, v 1.22 and Play the World v1.27f.
These all are now collectively together as Sid Meier's Civilization III Complete.

Download the Zip File and extract the Escape From Zombie Island 2 Complete Folder and Biq to: Civilization III/Conquests/Scenarios

To Play:
Start Civ III Conquests and select "Civ-Content", then select "Escape From Zombie Island 2 Complete" Scenario.

Please Review and Consult the Civilopedia for Game Information.
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Key Location Example

Elmo's Farm Trucks

More Examples

Spoiler :

*****These are a few more examples of the 84 Key Locations in the Game*****

Police Department:

Chemical Factory

Detective's Office

Chainsaw Club

Security System

Paratrooper Academy

Mike's Auto Shop

Acme Hazardous Transports

Movie Theater

Machine Gun Facility

Survivors Think Tank
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Screen Shot

Kill Giant Squids

More Screen Shots

Spoiler :

Zeb's Farm

Detective's Office Screen

Company Spaceship

Company Launches Spaceship... Escape Victory

HazMat Office

Bull Barn

Kitty Shack

Zombies Offer Zeb Peace
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Congratulations on finishing it! I really look forward to playing. Many thanks to everyone involved in this.
My contribution to this as a game tester was minimal; I got to the party late. By the time I arrived, I could only point out the obvious: this is a magnificent creation. The artwork is superb, and the interface and text, even the super model advisors, are perfectly campy, and sure to please fans of the genre. The gameplay is appropriately frantic and challenging; even experienced players will find this mod hard to beat. I haven't won a game yet, and haven't even faced "Zombiegeddon" yet, but I haven't enjoyed losing so much in a long time, and can't wait to try again.

The mechanics of the gameplay have been meticulously worked out by Vuldacon, and include alot of innovations that I'll be studying for a long time. The next time someone asks me to define 'modding' I'm going to use this mod as example A, because there isn't a detail that hasn't been touched by Vuldy's talented hand, from exotic terrain to a slew of amazing units. Just wait until Zombie caskets start rising from the ground around you, and you'll see what I mean..

A true tour-de-force, my friend; this is a monumental achievement that will be honored and admired for as long as there is still a single C3C disc in existence.
Hell yeah!

I'm looking forward playing this one. I had a blast with previous incarnations.

I still have both versions installed, the original and the remake, and I intend to put the Complete edition alongside them.
Playing as the survivors. Wow! The difficulty is ramped up from even the last version I played. It used to be fairly easy to win as survivors or authorities on the 4th level (12a? Or mature?). I'm struggling a bit right now. I can't imagine playing as the company. They were already so hard and with my allies getting two less buildings at the start (tokagawa's house and coastguard) it looks to be a real challenge.

The good news right now as the survivors is that I'm drawing all the zombie attention right now which should forestall quick takeovers of my allies. Farmers got into the fight a little sooner than I wanted. (I like keeping them out as long as possible so they can irrigate and build roads around their cities and stock up on units)

The early Colosses are scary, trying to fight those and Putrid zombies right off the bat is insane!

Scraps is still awesome! My favorite unit for the survivor and a big key to their early survival..
Technically the Authorities do start with the CoastGuard, it's just similar to the hospital in that unless the human player is playing as them(as I am), reinforcements cannot be send to protect the undefended city in time to prevent it from being taken over.

That many of the zombie units have 2+ movement points early in the game is probably the most challenging addition so far...and the Paradise Morticians are also quite dangerous, popping up against your least defended city. Browsing throught the civilopedia makes me realize that this is onlythe beginning, though.

My only question is about why SWAT Teams upgrade to National Guard(who are weaker, slower, and have no ranged attack) in the very next tech?
Thanks for your comments guys :)

Nwoll... Yes, Scraps is the first Unit I Move as the Survivors. I usually gain 2 more Infected Dogs the 1st turn by killing the Zombie on the road by the retirement Home then the Sewer Guard there.

You can then Run Vuldacon to the House by the Coast Guard and one of the Infected Dogs toward it and use them to Capture the Coast Guard the next turn.

Bengal Tigar... The reason SWAT "Upgrade" (They Don't) is simply to limit the number of them a Human player can build. Rather than Upgrading, they simply cannot be built then and the National Guard are much Stronger Defenders than SWAT concerning direct attacks. They just do not have Lethal Shooting ability. Get the District Central Garage and Police Department built... Each provides a 100% Defense Bonus besides the Units they produce.

Players will fair better when they understand the game and what to expect... Yes, the game will become extremely difficult as it progresses to the end and especially if the player has not gained enough power by then.

... If you think Zombiegeddon is difficult, wait until the Zombies reach The Omega, Deadly Evolution and the Domination :eek:

Read the "Game Tips from Vuldacon" in Game Concepts :)
I did read the tips, and I'm having a blast playing so far. Although I don't yet have the fire power to take any buildings, apart from one the zombies took from the Survivors early on.

SWAT teams become available with Lethal Force, and have 15 attack, 13 defense, and 2 movement points as well as a lethal ranged attack. National guards have 12 attack, 13 defense, 1 movement point, and no ranged attack whatsoever, and become available with Martial Law, which is right after in the tech tree. SWAT teams just seem better in every way, and there are essentially only 14 turns to allow the player to build them before becoming obsolete in favour of a weaker unit, which just seems strange to me.
Concerning SWAT...
Bengal Tiger... It is intentional :)

The Authorities have more power to start than any Human Faction and will have Extreme Power as the game is played.

National Guard have 6 Hit Points and are stronger defenders for Buildings than SWAT.

Allowing players to build hordes of SWAT early would ruin the game play.
Here is some additional Game Information
There are:
5 Playable Factions
86 Key Locations
4 Minor Locations
44 Improvements
52 Capabilities
54 Resources
Over 200 Units

All Units that can be Rescued or Captured:
Annihilator Project All Factions
Captain Spiff All Factions
Dr Lazar Company and Zombies Only
Elvis Putnam ALL Factions
Friar Thomas All Factions
Jake Stranded All Factions
Jeff Morris Survivors, Farmers and Zombies Only
M1 Mech Project Company Only
Mr T Drugged All Factions
Reverend Simmons Survivors Only
Sam Hammer ALL Factions
TARDIS All Factions

Units that will be Killed or Destroyed by other Factions.

Dr Lazar
Jeff Morris
M1 Mech Project
Reverend Simmons
UH34 Helicopter

IF you would like to print out the Zombie Capabilities and Turn Times to view as you play... here you go. NOTE that you can also use the "Capability Guides" I placed in Game Concepts.

Zombie Capability Turn Times:

Mmmm Brains........14 Turns
Damned Dogs.........28 Turns
The Mutation..........42 Turns
Species Jump..........56 Turns
Zombiegeddon........70 Turns
Horrible Things.......84 Turns
The Dreaded...........98 Turns
The Omega...........112 Turns
Deadly Evolution....126 Turns
Domination............140 Turns... or Earlier with Dark Sky IV
Must download. Both you and The Guardian have me betatesting, you evil cads.

It's a noice present.
Note to ALL... this game is indeed tough and I absolutely want you all to have Fun and Fair well with it.

That said, this game is not a game anyone can simply jump into and do well. You Must learn the factors and understand what to expect to have a chance.

Even when you think you have it made... you will be surprised.

...an end game where the Zombies have a hand full of buildings remaining will surprise you as to what they can do.

It is a "Chess Game", meaning your strategy and effectiveness matters more than you can know and right from the start.

Although this game is "programed", it is important that you all understand that Each of YOU are, in effect, programing your own games each time you play by way of what you do and do not do. The AI will take advantage of you so take your time and do not give up without a fight.. even when you Feel Overwhelmed... give your best effort rather than give up. You are on a Zombie infested Island that will show you no mercy so gain your power and Kick Butt :)

I know that all Human Factions can capture the Coast Guard their 2nd turn, which is needed for Cruisers. The Company requires a few more turns to get there but can do so within 4 turns.

Use your Skills to the best of your ability each turn and Do Not take anything for granted even when you think you are doing Great.

I did not make this game with any intention that it cannot be beaten... rather, I made it to test the best as a challenge and I hope despite the challenges you will all have some fun with it.

I have never lost a game but then I made it and know all :) You will too as you play and understand what to expect and prepare for.

I have faith in you all and know you will find your own ways concerning strategy and game play.

I do not raze buildings or Blow away streets, etc... no need. That said, I am certain many will exploit what ever is possible to gain power and win... that is up to you.
Regardless, I only hope you find it a fun game to play your way :)

It has many possibilities and lends itself to YOUR Strategies of how you want to play it. That said, there are some factors that you will need to address ... like going for the Coast Guard, North Shore Industry and Mr Tokugawa's Home with good timing.

IF you do not manage to gain Adventure Island before the Omega... you will endure double Hornet nests and Putrid Rooms for example. Many critical things to consider with your play.

Learn what you can and do read the Civilopedia for needed information.

I am looking forward to seeing how you all do with the game and I wish you all the best with it.
Great post Vuldacon. So far my strategy has been largely defensive, killing any zombies that come within my borders, although twice I sent in a blitz of a vehicle or two when Tokugawa's Home and the Furniture store were captured by zombies(the lack of Sated Alphas makes it a lot more appealing. Soon I will be able to build King Arthur's Sniper Academy, which will likely help. I've started a minor siege of Snorkel Beach simply because I saw that the number of Sated Alphas there isn't too bad, and I had troops near there anyways.

I also fought a pitched battle to keep the Docks, at one point only having 1 champion unit with one health left after an assault left in the building. Luckily I had just finished researching Keep Them Out, so I was able to quickly build fortifications to bolster the defenses of the subsequent Cops and Champions I sent to help out. I have to constantly be on my toes to make sure every unit with a ranged attack is killing the maximum number of zombies each turn.(although right now I have large stacks of Cops in every building that unfortunately can't help eliminate targets from a distance.

My short term goal is to try to contain the Zombies for as long as possible, stopping them from swallowing the other factions and maybe taking some of their more lightly defended buildings while I stockpile autoproduced vehicles and Highway Patrols while hopefully being able to hold out until I have the firepower to do some serious damage, as the colossal amount of Sated Alphas in most buildings makes taking them unfeasible right now.

One thing I've noticed is that while most of the units' combat values have been boosted from last time, a few have stayed the same.(such as Dockers and Marines) The Dockers usefulness is minimal now, as I can't even trust them to defeat a basic zombie whether attacking or defending. While I don't have Marines yet, I'd assume I'd continue primarily using them as long range attackers, so I don't think it would make too much of a difference.

I'm playing on the default setting(Mature), out of curiousity, how long do you find it takes for the Authorities to start making some progress against the Zombies?
I had the time to play a hour or two. Playing Survivors in Mature rating.

Spoiler :
I took over Tokugawa's House with Christain Bale, Fuji, Hannibal's Dog, Hannibal Smith, Infected Dog, King Arthur & Mr Tokugawa. Better safe than sorry !

A team of 4 Handy Men and 3 civilian are cleaning up the streets and building roads near the HQ.

Mike Rush, Britney, the newly upgraded Parker Diamond, Timmy and his dog manage to capture the Hospital after only one or two turns at the hands of the ennemy.

By 10 A.M., Day 1, I've got my fourth Champion (Spacer One!), thanks to two GL generated near Tokugawa's Home! One is Bale, one is with Rush. Two are teaming up to clean up around the Graveyard. Paradise Resort, the Graveyard and the Coast Guards are my next objectives with Bale's team. Rush's team will probably start to go down in order to clean up around the Graveyard too.

Reverend Simmons gets to the Hospital. Freddie too. Charlie is at the Garage. Miss Tokugawa is cleaning up around the Furniture Store.

I bring Vulcadon to the Graveyard only to discover the horrible number of Sated Zombies sitting there. 13! How the hell will I clean the place up ? Vulcadon destroys two of them, as well as the Nurse Station and the Tunnel ! Yes ! But I have to bring him back to the Hospital to heal him.

Day 1, 4 PM. A new GL is born in the Hospital but Freddie died. I transport the GL to the Garage, thanks to the car. I had to return with Mike's team to defend the building. Too many zombie paradrop.

Great scenario. Love every details.
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