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Jan 31, 2008
I'm experiencing relentless CTDs and MAFs when playing as Egypt. I'm familiar with these errors and even wrote a post once with tips to mitigate them. At some point I was almost completely free of these errors at least up to 1700, playing without modules aside from applying all the other remedies. I completed the Portuguese UHV without experiencing any. So why, when playing Egypt, an early game civ, the errors are back? I'm playing the exact same version of the mod as before and didn't do any updates in the meantime. This really eludes me. Attached is the most recent autosave I could find. Any help is appreciated.


  • AutoSave_BC-0490 Turn 108.CivBeyondSwordSave
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How do you know this isn't related to your ntdll issues?
Forgot to mention that part. After running System File Checker I didn't have any ntdll-related crashes anymore (at least from what the crash reports said). I did have "App Stalls" and even MAFs which I hadn't seen in a while. And there was this, a number of times:
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The fact that you are alone in experiencing these issues at a stage of the game where memory issues are unlikely still points to there being some issue with how your system is set up.
That explanation doesn't explain the fact that I wasn't experiencing these issues when playing as Indonesia (didn't play on beyond the end of the 1600s), Portugal and Harappa though.
I think you are looking for connections that don't exist. Your system is clearly unstable so it is a waste of time to consider other, additional reasons for crashes.
Okay, spent some time thinking about this and realized that the only thing that changed between playing those other civs and Egypt was the amount of free disk space. So had a look at that and realized it was quite little. I read online that you need about 10-15% free disk space for optimal performance. Deleted a bunch of stuff to get to this margin and everything went back to normal. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Aaaand ntdll errors are back in force, this time playing Polynesia. Will dig deeper into that issue.
Okay, after trying several things suggested online, I feel like I'm getting a grip on the ntdll issue. The thing that seems to have done it, is enabling the Administrator account and playing from there. I read that ntdll errors can be caused by a corrupted user account, which is quite possible as I bought this laptop from a shady second hand shop. First, on the user account, I loaded up a Vikings game from scratch, waited for the autoplay to finish, then began moving around the camera leading to an immediate crash. Then, on the administrator account, I first set up the game settings the exact same way as on the user account, including the 4GB patch and stuff, windowed mode, etc., started another Viking game, playing for a while. Up to this point nothing extraordinary. But when I saved the game, quit civ, then loaded the game up right from the file (normally a sure fire way to get a crash), and immediately began moving the camera around frantically (normally a suicidal move) and... nothing happened. But there was another interesting phenomenon. Where the camera normally either moves smoothly or gets stuck and crashes, on the admin account the camera did neither. Instead, moving the camera around created a kind of "wavy" effect, as if layers of digital pictures were moving over one another. The only other time I had seen this wavy effect was about 12 or 13 years ago, watching a friend play civ on his graphically limited computer. So apparently that is the normal way civ handles camera movement on graphically weak computers. While my computer is able to run vanilla civ 4 smoothly, this is not the case for the much more demanding DoC. I suspect that the ntdll file was somehow involved in producing the wavy effect, and, this file not working properly on a possibly corrupted user account, the game was unable to produce it in order to facilitate camera movement, leading to the crashes.
You need a lot heavier computer in case of processor/ram to run it. Friend of mine with a 2009 computer can't run it as it crashes after a while.

I usually totally reinstall, Civ when I get such issues, in case your computer can run it.
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