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Elder Scrolls Fantasy Units (Fantasy Wishlist)

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Requests & Ideas' started by kingchris20, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. kingchris20

    kingchris20 Wisdom Seeker

    Jul 30, 2012
    Resident of Heaven; Currently in the Waiting Room
    Production on the Elder Scrolls Civ 6 Mod is underway.

    I realize I'm asking for the moon here, but if I don't ask I'll never know, right :).

    It will include the following Civs:
    1. Skyrim
    2. Valenwood
    3. Morrowind
    4. Summerset Isles
    5. Cyrodiil
    6. Hammerfell
    7. High Rock
    8. Orsinium
    9. Argonia (Black Marsh)
    10. Elsweyr
    11. Oblivion
    12. Dwemereth
    13. Ayleids
    That being said, I have a wishlist for custom unit models.

    My plan is to keep the current tech tree, but rename technologies and replace ballistic and motorized units with Elder Scrolls themed units....Of course this is a wishlist, and I will be absolutely grateful for anything :)

    Globals. (Settlers, builders, combat units, a great person or two or three, etc...)
    1. High Elves, Dwemer, Ayleids, and Wood Elves can pass with the same skin tone, though height difference would be ideal. Main thing would be pointy ears and chin.
    2. Dark Elves (grey skin tone, and red eyes, with the same overall build as the above elves)
    3. Orcs (Meatier Elf with orc tusks, darkish green skin tone, pointy ears)
    4. Khajiit (Cat folk)
    5. Argonians (Lizard Folk)
    6. Daedra (reddish demon looking things)
    Global Specific Units
    1. Fire Mages (Casts fireball spell) Casts and holds Ward Spell for Fortify action would be cool
    2. Restoration Mages (Casts AOE to 1 tile surrounding with a restoration type effect)
    3. Lightning Mage (Casts Lightning spell)
    Barbarian Type units
    1. Dragon (hover stationary or circle glide stationary and flight movement, fire-breathing attack would be ideal...but anything will do) :)
    2. Spiders
    3. Bears
    4. Draugrs
    5. Skeltons
    6. Falmer

    I currently have access to wolves and 4 legged felines with the Wild Animals pack already :)

    Unique Units.
    1. Dwemer Centurian (Steam-Breath attack)
    2. Dremora (Daedric armor, with longswords)
    3. Alik'r Warrior (Curved Swords. Curved Swords. :))
    4. Thalmor (Glass armor or Thalmor robes...maybe a combination with a high elf in thalmor robes and two more high elves in glass armor casting fire spells)

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