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Eleven Fantasy Technologies


Jan 12, 2005
Here is another graphics release for the upcoming Midgard mod (evidence that it is progressing well). Eleven technology graphics. Nothing special, but they can be useful for any fantasy mod. As some will guess they originate from an exceptional role-playing game, even slightly modified.

A couple of previews:

Download the fantasy technologies
Midgard. That sounds familiar. Can you refresh my memory on what that is?

P.S.- Those look nice btw.
Thanks. Midgard, the fantasy scenario from civ2 which I'm recreating for civ3. Until now I'm almost done with races, map, terrain and technology tree plus some additional art. I'll post a preview thread when I'm close to end.
I believe Midgard is what earth is referred to as in norse mythologies.
That is both the answers I needed. I remmeber it from Civ2 when I played it to death. Good luck with that project.
And I remember it in some of my studies on Norse culture and mythology.
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