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Eliminate time limit?

Discussion in 'CivBE - General Modding Discussion' started by WarKitty, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. WarKitty

    WarKitty Chieftain

    Aug 19, 2013
    I'm a dedicated IV player and I always turn off the time victory so there's no time limit to the game. I don't like feeling like I'm racing the clock; I want the game to continue until a real victory is achieved by someone. I don't see an option to edit the victory conditions in beyond earth. Is there a mod to do this, or am I just missing something?

    Edit: I've seen stuff saying it's in advanced options but I don't seem to have any advanced options.
  2. Enkill_Eridos

    Enkill_Eridos Chieftain

    Feb 2, 2016

    This shows you how to make it selectable or turn it off by default.

    by default the <Permanent>true</Permanent> is on. If you change that to false it will make that victory condition selectable.


    As you can see where it is, is probably why it is set to <Permanent>true</Permanent> by default. As that is a decision I would make as a game dev as well. In multiplayer it shouldn't require people to do the same as long as you are hosting, and start the map it should be fine.
  3. Buridan

    Buridan Chieftain

    Aug 9, 2011
    uh.... hmm... did as suggested and changed it to "false" in CivBEVictories.xml
    but I wonder... why does the row for VICTORY_TIME has a <ID>0</ID> while the other victory types don't have an ID?
    I'm not that familiar with that, so anyone care to explain?
  4. Ryika

    Ryika likes cookies and milk.

    Aug 30, 2013
    The rest of the IDs are generated automatically.

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