Embracing Destruction

Mar 23, 2006
Adelaide, Australia
So walking around various real life ruins of places it struck me that buildings....get rebuilt....multiple times.....even in peacetime.....
But in civ buildings are forever

In order to make the game more dynamic and less "the winner is decided in the first 10% of the game"
1) The maintenance cost of a building actually increases over time. An older building is harder to maintain than a newer one
2) Buildings can be razed by the city owner to provide instant production. Similar to chopping trees.
3) Buildings can become obsoleted by other buildings. As in, they stop providing any bonus.
4) Pillaging completely destroys improvements and buildings. It provides the pillager with gold.
5) Pillaging an enemy wonder gives you enough production for your own wonder.
6) Floods/eruptions can spawn artefacts.
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