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Jul 4, 2012

In an effort to keep this game interesting (and improve my "games finished" to "games started" ratio a bit) I'm about to embark on a silly experiment to see how hard I can go all-in on Emissaries in a game, and see how much of a difference it makes.

I plan on playing through peacefully with Tamar (who has one of the best methods of getting lots of emissaries) and with Pericles (who has one of the best ways of getting the most out of them) in fairly peaceful scenarios (or at least defensive.

Later, if this is still interesting to me, I will try Matthias Corvinus for greater comparison. Obviously, that game is unlikely to be peaceful.

I'll be playing on Emperor for a couple of reasons. 1.) Because Deity strategies leave less wiggle room for doing nonsense like I'll be trying here, and 2.) because I'm simply not that a top-tier player.

So I'm starting this thread to get thoughts, suggestions, wild ideas, etc. And I'd greatly appreciate any input.

Be sure to get Kilwa Kisiwani and Apadana. Apadana usually gets built by the AI super quick on deity but on emperor it might be possible.

I've always liked spamming city state improvements even if they aren't optimal but as Georgia, the faith improvements can be quite useful. Nazca Lines in a Petra city can be super fun.
Contrary to Pericles' Greece or Georgia, Hungary do not have bonus toward Envoys, but just a way to further assure it suzerainty.

Hungary needs to make sure to become suzerain the earliest in the game. Basicly, a lot of Exploration and a bigger focus on Gold. His first Governor should be Amani. Basicly, you want to move her to a City-State with 1 Envoy, wait 5 turns, gain Suzerainty, levy the unit, gain +2 Envoys, move out Amani to the next city-state... and you repeat the process.

From there, you snowball. Levied unit is useful for further exploration and discover the other city state (+2 Movement for levied units really helps). You could optimise it further by killing the levied units, so the city-state will ask for less gold for the next levy. Once the 30 turns of levy is over, you can levy and gain an other extra 2 Envoys. Basicly, you want to save your Envoy in case you lost Suzerainty over a city-state, so you could grab it the next turn and increase the gap with a levy. But if there is no competition yet, just do a quest and move Amani there.

If you did it early, you are basicly assured to gain suzerain to all city-state for the while game, without relying too much on Apadana. The only limitation is Gold*, and pray the city state do not train too much unit.

Oh. I forgot a minuscule side detail: you might conquer your neighbooring civilizations more easily in the process.

Edit: * Gold can or cannot be an issue. Once started, you will gain 1 Diplomatic Favor per suzerainty, roughly equivalent to 5-6 flat Gold per turn (or 0.3 GPT per turn (yeah, confusing?)), doubled to 10-12 if there is an "diplomatic" civilization (USA, Georgia, Canada, Sweden...).
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