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Emperor Diplomatic Victory

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Stories & Tales' started by shumble, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. shumble

    shumble Emperor

    Jun 7, 2005
    Everybody says this is the easiest kind of victory, but I needed this one and a Military Victory to get the 5 different types of wins on Emperor level.

    This game actually ended up being very simple, and I'm not sure why. I had already gained tech equality by the time we entered the Medeival Age.

    I believe the game changed at 3100 BC when my Iroquois(Purple) Scout found a Settler in a hut near my capital city. You can see in the picture above that by 2710 BC, I already have 3 cities before any of the other civilizations and Salamanca has already been turned into a Settler farm with a settler coming out every 6 turns.

    If you look in the lower left hand corner, you can see where the Americans(Light Blue) started. There was a small narrow neck of land from which they could pass onto the regular continent. Right at the beginning, I took a Scout and a Warrior and blocked up that neck so that they had nowhere to go. They never recovered; they would also be the first casualty.

    As we go from BC to AD, I have already started my crusade against the Americans and I joined forces with the Zulus(black) and the Persians(blue) against the Aztecs(Green). The Aztecs had expanded very fast and I couldn't give them time to consolidate. Persia(Blue) to the east of me looks big, but their land was full of Jungle and Mountains that they had to cross to get to me and I was prepared in case they did leaving some Swordsmen there in case I saw them massing a force there.

    By 130 AD, the Americans were destroyed and in 280 AD, the Aztecs followed in their footsteps. Somewhere between the time the Americans and Aztecs were vanquished, one of my suicide galleys finally made it to the other continent and discovered the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians. This time I made sure that the Persians and Zulus did not meet the other 3 civilizations. Wheeling and dealing, I got a huge tech lead on the Persians and Zulus and stayed even with the Egyptains and Greeks right into the Industrial Age.

    In another game, I joined forces and didn't take advantage by expanding rapidly. In this game, I had joined with the Zulus, but I made sure that I got the important cities. Even though I had an MA with the Zulus as soon as it expired, I wasted no time going after them. I had knights now since I got Chivalry from the Egyptains. I signed an MA with the Persians, gave them Chivalry and we sandwiched the Zulus(Black) in the Eastern part of the continent.

    We finished off the Zulus in 580 AD and while I really dislike the Persians(unless I am them) I waited 300 years while I built some Marketplaces and libraries. I didn't want my Economy to suffer too much since I had to keep buying techs off the Greeks and Egyptians for 900 to 1000 Gold. It only took me about 8-9 turns to get this much gold though so it wasn't a bad deal. And since the Persians still didn't know about the Egyptians(and never would as this game turned out), I didn't have to worry about the Persians catching up. In this game though, it was just massive size that won out. I started my last war crusade in 880 AD against the Persians. First I just attacked a little city and got all the Immortals to pour out at me. I severed roads behind me, drew them into a valley and then poured Mounted Warriors and Knights out at them. At the same time, I attacked from the north; I also attacked them on their Western flank. The computer didn't seem to do too well defending on two sides and the northern flank just collapsed on them. By 1000 AD, the entire continent was mine. Now it was just a matter of racing to Fission, building the United Nations and getting the Romans and Greeks to vote for me.

    The only problem was the Egyptians were getting too strong. I started trying to give techs away to the Greeks and Romans to keep them in the game

    You can see from this shot that the Romans are basically gone. I gave them Military Tradition, but I got it too late for it to help them. When the Egyptians started a war later on against the Greeks, I gave the Greeks Replaceable parts and it seemed to keep them in the game. For some reason, the AI seriously slowed down getting techs at this point. I ignored all the optional techs in the Medieval Age and went straight to the Industrial Age. It appears that the AI continues to finish off things like Democracy and Free Artistry before starting the Industrial Age techs. By this time, I had the Scientific Method, two free advances and I was off.

    There is really nothing else to tell. I built banks and universities in all the good cities and was getting tech advances at a rate of 1 tech every 3-6 turns. I did lose a lot of gold 200-300 per turn when I researched at 100%, but then I kept playing with the slider and never really went down too far. I already had over 6000 gold at this point.

    In 1705, the UN voted and the Greeks gave me the victory. I probably should have gone for a Military Victory since I had tanks and Egypt didn't even have Replaceable parts yet, but I didn't feel like building Transports and Battleships and moving them all over there.

    Here is the final shot of what my end game looked like.

  2. Nobody

    Nobody Gangster

    Sep 14, 2001
    Wellington New Zealand
    cool, nice inland lake
  3. CoolioVonHoolio

    CoolioVonHoolio Quit WoW, back to Civ.

    Feb 28, 2005
    mmmm i love those
  4. Ansar

    Ansar Détente avec l'été

    May 20, 2005
    Ithaca, NY (soon)
    Rivers are better

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