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Uncle Cam
Feb 4, 2004
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Empire Swordsman

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[size=-2]* preview runs faster than flics do in game[/size]

Notes: The Empire's swordsmen are expert fencers. They are regarded as romantic and dashing figures, often bravely enaging the best enemy regiments. Their great ability with the sword makes them a tough challenge for even the most skilled opponents.
- this unit was created for the Warhammer Mod.

Credits: Many thanks to Kinboat for his paperdoll figures along with his clothing models. Thanks also are due to Cyber Dreyk and Steph for their wonderful programs.

Enjoy, :)
Wow, CamJH is back at it again! Woo hoo! Looks awesome, could double as a kind of Renaissance dude too, I guess...
The animations on this are some of the best I've seen, the attacks are especially flamboyant and dynamic. Most impressive. :goodjob:

I wish I could crowbar it into my mod...
Beautiful unit with perfect animations.:goodjob: :)
Mithadan said:
...Looks awesome, could double as a kind of Renaissance dude too, I guess...
Of course it could. It's made for the Empire in Warhammer, which is a rip off of the Holy Roman Empire. :)
Maybe you could use this as an Italian Mercenary, for example?

Thanks Cam! :thumbsup:
thank you for the unit. can you add sounds to this like some of the other units have? Custom sounds complete a unit. Otherwise they all sort of seem like the same guy in a different suit of clothes.
Stormrage said:
It IS the same guy in a different suit of clothes ;)

The incredible paper-doll man! :D
The paper doll man? What does that man?
My comment was not a complaint, I just noticed that most units use the same sounds the orginal units that cam with the game all used different sounds. I prefer the different sounds. Makes them seem well... different.
the PDM is a base male human model alot of people use in Poser, the 3d application used be alot of people to make units.
The "Paperdoll" is a human model that Kinboat made for Poser specifically for creating Civ III units. It's much simpler than most other human models available for Poser, and has slightly cartoonish bodily proportions to match the usual Civ III unit look. I don't know why it is called the "Paperdoll". But most people who make human units for Civ III now use it in preference to more standard human figures. This is one of them.

I was thinking that it would be quite funny to make a unit that really was just the Paperdoll, with no outfit or props. But perhaps it wouldn't really be very funny or useful!

[EDIT] Cross-posted with Quinzy.

I agree that custom sounds are nice, although there's probably not a whole lot of point when it's a chap with a sword (would custom sounds be noticeably different from the default?). Of course, not everyone can do them. You need to be able to edit the sounds so that they match the animation, and that's not always easy.
Paperdoll is a figure used as a base by lots of unit creators on the Froum. It has the right proportions etc and saves the creator the headache of starting completely from scratch.
So, you ,see you and Stormrage are right. It is the same guy in different clothes.

@CamJH, it really is a great unit. Well done and thanks.

EDIT; cross post with Quinzy and Plot
Wow, i'm impressed. It looks so fluid and natural ...
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