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Enable achievements with mods


Aug 12, 2017
I recently figured out how to enable achievements with mods in Civ 5. On a whim, I tried the same approach for Beyond Earth and it worked, so I thought I would share it in case anyone's interested:

He seems deciphered some binary of BE.exe
Maybe he can do similar for BE closed CvGameCoreDLL_Expansion1FinalRelease.dll?
I wish! If you look at the "patch" it's just replacing a single character in a database query that happens to be stored as a string in the binary :)

Similar mods could possibly be made since there are a lot of database queries stored as-is in the binary files, but modifying binaries is always tricky. Typically the modified text has to be no longer than the existing text, and even then the binary may not work if it does any kind of checksumming to prevent modifications. I think it's pretty lucky what I did even works.
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