End game bug (easily fixable I think)


Sep 10, 2014
In my last game (turned off points victory), the final ambition (the 10th) was revealed to be the one where you have to achieve the cognomen "the Great" before you die. I didn't achieve it, so the ambition was lost. When my heir took over, she was offered as the final ambition the one where you destroy your rival. I declined. Then, I think five turns later, instead of being offered a final ambition, the old ambition screen popped up (the one where you pick between three regular ambitions, without any story/flavor text) - not the very hard final ambition that was recently patched in. This made achieving the 10th ambition super easy. I'm pretty sure that's a bug (and that the old ambition screen shouldn't exist anymore anyway).
So to confirm, you failed a capping ambition, declined the next leader's capping ambition, and then got offered between 3 easy ambitions?
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