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Energy Industry as a late game concept (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Creation & Customization' started by Akinaba, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. Akinaba

    Akinaba Warlord

    Aug 16, 2012
    First, I'd like to excuse for such a long post, but I couldn't do nothing with it.

    While thinking of extending late era experience (which I consider have a potential) I came to this concept. Like Religion, or new coming Culture/Archaeology aspect of the game it (I believe) can be interesting to play, or at least discuss.

    So this are the thoughts about how Energy Industry could become fun. :D

    In modern world Power and Electricity are common and highly important factor of our life. Such important that if for some of us could not think of their life without it and let's be honest, it is quiet impossible.

    So, I decided to take Energy Industry as a key factor of this game aspect.

    While thinking of it I thought that Elictricity may be a new aspect of the game, as Religion and Espionage(GnK) and Tourism/WorldCongress(BNW) are separate aspects of the game in certain expantions.

    So I thought that it could be usefull to have a discussion about Elictricity and Power as a concept, however I fairly doubt that this could be implemented in game by a mod.

    Cornerstone of the whole conception is Power (Pw).
    Power here is consuming unit (like Food, Production, Science, Culture and Religion) that is generated by Power Plants and that is vital to the population of your cities. It increases city population's happiness and city yield in huge variety of ways (we'll see it further).

    There is also a new Natural Gas bonus resource.

    City Power Management:
    After the first Power Plant in your city is built it generates a set amount of Power (say 10 Pw). This power must supply your city's population and/or buildings. It's not necessary to provide all your population or/and all your buildings with Power immediately, because it have no penalties when it enters the game. You can freely redistribute power between your population and your buildings the way you want it if you have a shortage of Power on the first steps.

    Power consuming by Population:
    After the first city PP is built each Citizen consume certain amount of Power if it is available (if it's not consumed by Building or other Citizen).

    Each 1 citizens consume 0.5 Power and generates +0.34 of Happiness (all numbers are discussible).

    If there will be no more production yield from plants (though it's not quiet necessary to remove that kind of yield from it) you can always outplay it by adding a production bonus for 0.5 Production per citizen (or more).

    Hence each citizen generates extra 0.34 happiness and 0.5 production when provided with electricity (0.5 per Citizen)

    Power consuming by Buildings:
    Each building gains slot (simply like a specialist slot) to switching on/off it's power supply after the first PP in a city is built.

    When a building is Powered it increases it's yield in a certain way i.e.
    Monument -- +2 Culture when Powered (yes.. electrical illumination);
    Granary -- +2 Food when Powered;
    Coal Plant -- +2 Production and no longer consumes Coal when Powered;
    Public School -- +1 Science more Per Citizen (total +2) when Powered
    ... etc.

    Each building of a certain era consume various but defined amount of Power:
    Aincient Era Buildings consume 0.20 Power per Building;
    Classical Era Buildings consume 0.25 Pw per Building;
    Medieval Era Buildings consume 0.34 Pw per Building;
    Renaissance Era Buildings consume 0.5 Pw per Building;
    Industrial Era Buildings consume 0.75 Pw per Building;
    Modern Era Buildings consume 1 Pw per Building;
    Atomic Era Buildings consume 2 Pw per Building;
    Information Era Buildings consume 4 Pw per Building;

    Population has priority in a city power distribution before Buildings by default. However, user can switch Power Supply focus on buildings, or set it to manual control (like he can do it with specialists).

    Power Plants yields and requirements:
    Primary source of energy, as I already tolled you, are your Power Plants:

    PP's that consume a certain resource (1 resource per building):
    Natural Resource PP's:
    - Coal PP (consumes Coal) becomes avaliable with the Electricity, yield: 10 Pw;
    - Natural Gas PP (consumes Natural Gas) -- Refrigeration, 10 Pw;
    - Diesel-Electric PP (consumes Oil) -- Combustion, 10pw;
    - Nuclear PP (consumes nothing Uranium) -- Nuclear Fission, 20Pw;

    Alternative energy PP's:
    - Hydro PP (city must be build on a river, consumes nothing) -- Plastics, 15Pw;
    - Solar PP (city must be build nex to desert, consumes nothing) -- Ecology, 15Pw;
    - Wind PP (city must be build on a hill, consumes nothing) -- Electronics, 15Pw;
    - Tidal PP (city must be build on a shore, consumes nothing) -- Penicilin, 15Pw.

    Only one of each type of PP can be built in a city.

    Empire Power Distribution:
    Though not necesery, but there can be even Empire Power Management list so you could redistribute your exesses of power to other cities.

    Going further one can even build Power Transmission Lines as an improvement in road-like way between your cities to redistribute energy and you'll have to build PTL to your neighbours to be able to trade your electricity abroad.

    There obviously should be increasing penalties for not-providing enough Power to population and certain buildings in Modern and later eras, but I yet haven't figured out what exactly.

    On the other hand, not having bonuses is already a penalty, so considering that such bonuses have a tendency to accumulate having bad Power support may obviously have bad affects on the development of your civilization isn't it?

    Possible international relationship and Diplomacy changing:
    Use Power as a trade option in Diplomacy menu.

    There even can be changes to Espionage:
    Spies can for example try to sabotage Power Generating Buildings to cause another civilization to suffer from unhappiness or not being able to trade their energy anymore.
  2. Pouakai

    Pouakai It belongs in a museum. Moderator

    Jun 16, 2010
    Maybe this would be better suited in the Ideas & Suggestions forum?

    As for the idea in general, I agree that electricity is something glaring that's missing from Civ. I reckon it would be easy enough to do as a strategic resource - have buildings like the solar plant provide it, and have other buildings like the broadcast tower require it. It doesn't provide the same level of micro as yours, nor does it have the extra yields from earlier buildings, but I reckon it would still be a good enough way to represent electricity
  3. whoward69

    whoward69 DLL Minion

    May 30, 2011
    Near Portsmouth, UK
  4. Akinaba

    Akinaba Warlord

    Aug 16, 2012
    Agreed. One can move thread there.

    I also, thought about it, but have not managed to invent a good solution for this, so I decided to post it here for discussion. :)

    Thanks for the link! Mods, please, merge threads if it's considered appropriate.

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