Enhanced Naval Warfare for Vox Populi


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May 17, 2021
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Feb 4, 2018
Having been away for a bit and now finally getting back into the swing of having time to play some Civ V, this was one of the mods that I now sorely miss for gameplay addition. So a few questions before I download,

What is the status of this mod now? Is there continuation after Asterix' departure? If not, would there be anybody willing to continue it? I wish I could, I just don't have the time due to work to get up to speed from very basic lua/sql knowledge.

Is it up to date and compatible with VP 2.6? If not is anybody working towards updating?

Is there still talks of it being implemented at least in part to VP? If yes, what has been the outcome of those talks?

-Note, Copy and pasted as there will inevitably be people who will not look at the other Enhanced Warfare mod.


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Apr 23, 2017
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Should be compatible.

Guys from vp think of incorporation this mod, at least partially, into vp, but this is going very slowly.


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May 17, 2021
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A shame this hasn't been integrated yet. Is it still compatible with 3.0 ?
There has been talks about integrating it into VP,

Unit mods are still compatible with VP 3.0.


Mar 23, 2003
The names are a bit repetitive with the Melee line of ships: Destroyer > Modern Destroyer > Missile Destroyer > Advanced Destroyer > Adjective Destroyer

Missile Destroyer is also contemporaneous with the Missile Cruiser. Using the same descriptor for two units at the same time like that isn't great for clarity or uniqueness.

I have some suggestions for how to change this up:

Destroyer - rename to Torpedo Boat and change the unit model
currently uses a Wickes-Class destroyer model (American - active from 1918-1946)​
new model: A Schichau-class torpedo boat (Austrian - active from 1888-1940)​
Torpedo boats predate destroyers as the small, agile combat ship to counterbalance the big gun cruisers and capital ships​
In fact, Destroyers were invented to stop torpedo boats; the name "Destroyers" is a shortening of "Torpedo Boat Destroyer", or TPD.​
Provides a more elegant transition to Destroyers, and it cuts down on the repetitive naming​
side benefit is this also adds a bit of national diversity to the base units. There aren't any Austrian ships in the game yet, and the current Destroyer, modern destroyer, and missile destroyer are all American models.​

Rename Modern Destroyer to just Destroyer
With the destroyer replaced with Torpedo boat, the Atomic-Era melee unit can just be called a Destroyer again​
Rename the Missile Destroyer to Aegis Combat Ship
Current model is a Ticonderoga-class missile cruiser, it's technically a capital ship, and not a DDG (guided missile destroyer)​
The Aegis Combat System (ACS) is an integrated naval weapons system that has been used on 113 ships of 13 different designs and designations from 1981 to the present day​
The USS Ticonderoga is the first ship to have used this weapons system, and thus is synonymous with the ACS​

Remove the Advanced Destroyer
The Missile Destroyer/ACS is unlocked in information era, and the Advanced Destroyer (AD) is unlocked in the same era, so there are 2 units in this same line in a single era​
the AD is really, really late, unlocking on the last tech line. It unlocks after the GDR; I can't imagine how this unit ever gets to be used​
Since it's too late to be buildable or usable, and there is already another Naval Melee unit class unlocked in the same era, all the AD does is add clutter, both to the "Destroyer" naming scheme, and to the late era tech tree. I think this mod would be improved by simply trimming this bit of fat.​
With those changes, ENW would go from 4 Destroyers to 1.
I agree the four varieties of destroyer upgrades is difficult to track.

I support @pineappledan's proposed renaming's & refinements:
Ironclad > Torpedo boat > Destroyer > Aegis Combat Ship > Advanced Destroyer

At first I wasn't sure about the torpedo boat, but his follow-up historic rationale is tough to refute: close-in torpedo attach is, indeed, a gunpowder navy's melee combat.
@pineappledans arguments for scrapping Advanced Destroyer are irrefutable:
  • Violates the one-melee-ship-per-era concept and
  • Unlocks too late to change the course of the game.
However...since this is the "Enhance Naval Warfare" mod, consider this end-game naval melee replacement for the confusing Advanced Destroyer:
  1. Increase attack from Advanced Destroyer's 100 to 125 (mirroring GDR);
  2. Replace Advanced Destroyer's model to a futuristic/fantasy model, perhaps with railgun animation;
  3. Rename: perhaps Naval GDR?
  4. Advocates acknowledge that they just want to watch the world burn with this naval wrecking ball. 😉
Now that (2-22) Proposal: Integrate Enhanced Naval Warfare into VP (with modifications) is approved, next step is ratification, then subsequent refinements. The ideas above might be consdered during the subsequent refinement phase?
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