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Jan 2, 2023
Hi all,

first of all thank you so much @bc1 for your amazing job on EUI.
I'm a CivV (very) occasional player and I came across your mod while trying to learn how to beat Deity.

I was impressed by the amount of useful features you provide with EUI so I decided to translate it to Italian 🇮🇹
You can find the xml attached.

It might not be perfect, I just finished it and had no time to thoroughly test it, but I translated everything that I saw in there.
It's surely ready for some beta testing. I'm open to any suggestion people might come up when playing with it.

While waiting for your reply I take the opportunity to wish you a very Happy 2023. 😄
I'll now put the installation instructions in Italian.

Come installare la traduzione:

Scaricare il file EUI_text_it_it.xml in allegato a questo messaggio, e piazzarlo nella cartella <nome utente>\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\Text\.

Per qualsiasi suggerimento scrivete qui o in messaggio privato. Buon divertimento!


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