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Enhancing historical civ flavour

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by Basileus Rhomaion, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. Basileus Rhomaion

    Basileus Rhomaion Chieftain

    Aug 14, 2017
    I was thinking of some way to make each civ a bit more asymmetric and distinct and I made a list of possible things that could be done to add some flavour to their style and gameplay:

    Modified UI: That's an idea I got from the Ennorath Civilizations mod. Each of the factions in that mod gets its own unique UI to reflect on its art style and theme which I think would be great to have for the base game as well. It's also kind of similar to how the UI differs a bit for each general civ category in Age of Empires II.

    Historical names: Each civ can be represented by its historical native name for either its people or the state they represented. I have constructed a list out of possible names for all civs and currently known new civs from the upcoming expansion:

    Spoiler List :
    France - France
    England - England
    America - America
    Brazil - Brasil
    Australia - Australia
    Germany - Deutschland
    Sumeria - Sag-gig-ga/Ki-en-gi
    India - Bharat
    Greece - Hellas
    Macedon - Macedon(ia)
    Persia - Pars/Iran
    Scythia - Saka Rauka
    Rome - Imperium Romanorum/SQPR (Senatus Populusque Romanus)
    Russia - Rossija
    China - Zhongguo
    Japan - Nippon/Nihon
    Khmer - Khmer/Angkor
    Indonesia - Nusantara
    Egypt - Kemet
    Nubia - Medjay
    Arabia - Arabiyya/Ayyubiyun (for Saladin)
    Aztec - Mexica
    Kongo - Kongo
    Spain - EspaƱa
    Norway - Norge
    Poland - Polska
    Netherlands - Nederland
    Korea - Hanguk/Choson/Silla (for Seondeok)
    Mongolia - Mongol Uls

    Starting techs and civics: That's one feature that I believe should be brought back from Civ IV. Each civ can have 1-2 starting techs and/or civics that are unique to it that correspond to the historic niche of each civ. For example, Sumeria could start with the Wheel tech, Greece with Sailing etc.

    Ethnic make-up, minorities and culture: Aside from distinguishing the religious make-up of each city, there could be an ethnic make-up of each city listing the amount of inhabitants from each civ that participates in the match. That could set a main culture representing said city and its discrepancy with the main culture of the civ controlling it could act as friction and decreasing loyalty which will be a major theme with the new expansion.

    This could also have a dynamic impact on amenities and diplomacy based on minorities within a certain empire. For example, low amenities in a city with a majority culture of a civ with which you have issues negative relations and possibly a new type of casus belli with low warmongering penalties for "saving" your people. Perhaps even some espionage options to speed up that process in your favour or block attempts from some hostile civ.

    There are plenty of other possibilities: Cultural assimilation mechanics, migration events, repercussions of razing cities based on the ethnic groups there such as negative amenities in your empire if you raze a city where there were people of your culture etc.

    Laying claims on territory: Aside from the rather nebulous concept of forward-settling the AI (it seems rather inconsistent), there could be a mechanic where you can lay claims on territory not yet settled, but that's within a certain distance of your own empire. That way you can gain a legitimate casus belli against civs who disrespect your claims and counter forward-settling with a reason, avoiding being labelled a warmonger if you dare attack them for it.

    State religions: Another feature I'd love to have back from Civ IV since it adds a similar dynamic to the ethnic make-up idea. Religious minorities could be affected by it similarly, but as an upside having a state religion could greatly enhance faith yields, your chosen beliefs and the influence exerted on your cities and claimed territory. It would also act as a good way to enhance religious warfare or smooth relations between civs who choose the same state religion.

    That's all I have for now, but any further ideas from the rest of the community would be welcome.

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