Enjoying the changes with BNW vs G+K


Sep 28, 2009
Long after the rest of you I have transitioned to BNW from G+K and I am using the Community Patch alone so I'm not sure how much of the difference I'm finding is due to the game itself or the mod. So far, VP is too overwhelming a change to take on. The InfoAddict mod is a big help, as it was in G+K.

The AI seems much more intelligent, not jumping into war and throwing everything down to the last unit into the fight. I notice that ships can no longer fight from within a city, that citadels can no longer be constructed one tile inside enemy territory and that hit points have been adjusted to be more realistic.

I've always preferred to fight rather than follow the other paths to victory and it appears so far that all of the changes involving non-military things can safely be ignored if the only goal is to battle to victory. In fact, the AI seems less eager to start wars than in G+K. The amount of processing is far greater than with G+K so gameplay is unavoidably slower.

In G+K happiness was almost impossible to maintain much above zero. No problem with BNW. Gold is a snap to get and I hardly need to think about keeping a big treasury even when in the late game I am without any trade routes.

Last but not least I notice that when playing as Iroquois the forested city connections are made without the need to own all the tiles as was the case in G+K.

All in all BNW makes the game more interesting, even if I am 9 years late getting to it.
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