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Enlightened Despotism???


May 5, 2002
Tantum religio potuit suadere malorum.
I was wondering if anyone had already, or has any intentions of making a patch which includes Enlightened Despotism as a system of government? By enlightened despotism I’m referring to the type of rule under Louis XIV of France, Fredrick II of Prussia, etc.

I would make one myself, and have; but I tend to make it overly powerful.

Isn't that what Monarchy is supposed to be?

Enlightened Despotism is the form in which absolutism appeared in the second half of the seventeenth century, which was marked by the acceptance into the practice of absolutism of the concepts or demands of the Enlightenment.

Enlightened Depotism strives toward a fundamental reform of the state and the society according to the principles of reason; wants to actualize freedom of belief and opinion, equality before the law, and the constitutionalization of the state; introduces the liberalization of the economy; advances the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the arts; seeks to re-organize the structure of education; and partakes of Natural Law's doctrine of the social contract in order to justify itself.

This connection of absolutism to the Enlightenment is, of course, only possible because of their common opposition to the organized and institutional church and to denominational statements of belief; thus, under the educational reforms of enlightened despotism, the study of Hebrew and Greek, and the study of theology, flourished, no longer constrained by the institutions; belief flowered, as rulers like Frederick the Great of Prussia welcomed French Huguenots, and German Pietists grew in number and influence. These Pietists and Huguenots, in turn, fueled the growth of science and literature.

(Note: the system of enlightened despotism is not exclusive to 17th century Europe, the Pharaonic system in Ancient Egypt also is more reflective of rule under enlightened despotism than a monarchy)
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