[BTS] Enter the Calusa, Kingdom of the Everglades. Flavor Set


Arbiter of the Sword
Dec 21, 2003
New England, USA

Top Row: Archer, Spear Thrower, Warrior
Second Row: Archer, Javelineer, Horseman, Light Cavalry
Third Row: Swordsman, Axeman, Spearman, Musketman
Bottom Row: Heavy Swordsman, Maceman, Pikeman

These guys are going to be very new to most of you so Ill explain briefly. The Calusa were a powerful native kingdom that existed in the Everglades in Florida. They had a central city, with temples and construction, and also villages around the area, built in the same way as the later Seminole. An example of one of many lost civilizations and kingdoms of North America.

I did not spend as much work reskinning on these as I did with the Northwest Coast set, but I thought I'd share anyway. With a couple of these, only the shield was changed for example.

Download the RAR file with the graphics below:


  • CalusaFlavor.rar
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Really like the bright colors, will stand out well and nice eye candy is always good! What's the story behind the ?dolphin button for the civ?
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