Epic Unit Grouping Idea! EUGI!


May 5, 2010

I just came up with an idea for unit grouping that may be very awesome to include in a patch or expansion or something!

Maybe this is something we can mod into the game too possibly? if someone wants to help with that, would be really appreciated...

Basically my idea was to allow to create FORMATIONS! that way you can select units, put them on a map the way you want them (whether their Janissary, Knights, Trebuchet etc.) and then save it as a formation so that every time you want to move those group of units, you can in a group instead of just moving units singularly.

Now I can understand that sometimes the land will not be enough to carry all those units in that formation, in which case the AI could automatically move those units behind the others enough to continue through the small choke points. Once they have enough land, they can resume the original formation the user had set them to.

This would give it that nice war like feeling and help users move units quicker allowing the game pace to speed up. This would be helpful not only in single player but online as well.

That way if they have a # of units they want to send against a city, they can create a formation and use that to move the units to that city for attack. And if any changes need to be made, they should be able to quickly select single units to adjust the formation.

What do you guys think??
Well, now thinking that if I had used this kind of a feature in my first game yesterday, I would have probably lost all the wars. There is too much to consider on the new movement rules (zone of control, crossing rivers, city bombardment ranges) as well as terrain. It would be great on a large and even battlefield where the distances are long, but that is very rarely the case. If it was implemented, it would most likely be a feature I wouldn't use.
I totally agree with this idea. It would be great to use, specially on oceans.

Please, check the UI sugestion #25 (for multiple units movement), on this thread.

Best regards!
I totally agree. I had exactly the same enlightenment.

More elaborate idea: Please but please, let my AIR TRANSPORT MY UNITS.
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