Era Buildings


Jul 23, 2013
Illinois, USA

  • This thread has gotten a little disjointed with feedback and other comments, so as opportunity permits I will be adding some navigation links to this opening post to where additional info will be made available, such as changes to the mod when Enlightenment Era is also active

For a more integrated gameplay experience, check out the No More TechTree Beelining mod: No More Tech Tree Beelining

What the Mod Does:
  1. Adds 9 Building-Lines to the Game
  2. A player can construct and use an individual building from within one of these lines of buildings in their cities during a specifc era or couple of eras, but when they progress to a next era they would have to build a 'better' version from the same line of buildings, and the previous building from the earlier era(s) will become obsolete (ie, not function anymore) at some point during that new era.
    • You can of course try to 'game' this obsolescence mechanic by tech tree beelining and thereby avoiding altogether the tech that makes the Ancient-Era 'Food' Building (for example) go obsolete, but this will be somewhat of a corner-case exploit because as soon as you beeline to a new era, you cannot build the old eras' buildings anyway. At most, you'd probably only get this extra benefit from an 'outdated' building in one or two cities if you use the usual tech tree beelining strategy.
  3. Buildings that become available with a new era are unlocked by a dummy tech that is given when the player advances to the next era.
  4. Buildings that are replaced by newer better versions go obsolete soon after a player enters the era that unlocks the new replacement building, but this obsoleting effect is tied to a specific tech within the new era, thereby giving a player a chance to upgrade to the new version of the building in cities where the old version exists before the effects of the old building dissipate via obsolescence.
  5. Having the older version of a building-line within an individual city allows the player a discount on the hammer and gold cost of constructing or buying the new version of the building-line within that same city so long as this upgrade is done during the Era in which the newer version is effective.
  6. As a player progresses through the game's Eras, the effects of the buildings are enhanced.
    • So, for the "City-Growth" line of buildings:
      • The Ancient Era Version of the "City-Growth" building (called a Storage Hut) gives +1 Food to the city, and modifies Total City Food Yield by +5%.
      • The Classical Era Version of the "City-Growth" building (called a Cold Cellars) gives +2 Food to the city, and modifies Total City Food Yield by +5%.
      • The Medieval Era Version of the "City-Growth" building (called a Farmer's Market) gives +3 Food to the city, and modifies Total City Food Yield by +5% (6% if Tradition has been adopted).
      • The Renaissance Era Version of the "City-Growth" building (called a Stock Yard) gives +3 Food to the city, and modifies Total City Food Yield by +5% (8% if Tradition has been adopted).
      • The Industrial Era Version of the "City-Growth" building (called a Cannery) gives +3 Food to the city, and modifies Total City Food Yield by +5% (10% if Tradition has been adopted).
      • The Modern Era Version of the "City-Growth" building (called a Refrigeration Facility) gives +3 Food to the city, and modifies Total City Food Yield by +5% (12% if Tradition has been adopted).
      • The Atomic Era Version of the "City-Growth" building (called a Hydroponics Plant) gives +4 Food to the city, and modifies Total City Food Yield by +5% (14% if Tradition has been adopted).
      • The Information Era Version of the "City-Growth" building (called a Food Replicator) gives +4 Food to the city, and modifies Total City Food Yield by +5% (16% if Tradition has been adopted).
  7. Old Versions of the same "Building-Line" go obsolete, as mentioned before, and although there is a slight overlap between when a new version from within the Building-Line becomes available and when the old version goes obsolete, as a general rule there is only ever one building from within a Building-Line active within one city at any one time.
    • The exception to this 'Obsoleting' of the buildings is the Happiness line of buildings. The outdated versions are no longer buildable, but they never actually become obsolete and stop functioning.
    • The exception for the happiness buildings was made because otherwise advancing into a new Era meant an instant and nearly irrecoverable happiness hit as soon as the new Era's tech that obsoleted the happiness buildings was researched.
      • This was especially true when using the happiness buildings in one's cities in order to expand and play a little wider than normal, or to grow cities larger earlier when following a 'tall' strategy
  8. The effects of old versions go obsolete when specific techs within the new era are discovered. The layout of the building-lines and their obsolescence within new eras is such that nearly all the "1st Row" technologies from within a new era will make one or other of these older-era building-versions go obsolete.
    • So, when you enter the Medieval Era, the following old versions of the Building-Lines go Obsolete from discovering the following Techs:
      Building-Line Tech
      Military Buildings Metal-Casting
      City-Growth Buildings Guilds
      City-Science Buildings Theology
      City-Production/Building-Production Buildings Civil Service
      Naval Unit-Production Buildings Metal-Casting
    • Tables showing all the Era-Building-Tech 'Obsoletings':
      Spoiler :
      Remember this is a listing of which buildings go obsolete in which era and with which technology
      Classical Era
      Techs Optics Horseback Riding Mathematics Construction
      Buildings Storage Huts (Food) -------- Alchemist's Hall (Science) Ropemaker (Naval)
      Medieval Era
      Techs Theology Civil Service Guilds Metal Casting
      Buildings Apothacary (Science) Mudworks (Bldg-Prod) Cold Cellars (Food) CableMaker (Naval)
      Buildings -------- -------- -------- Warrior's School (Mil)
      Renaissance Era
      Techs Astronomy Acoustics Banking Printing Press Gunpowder
      Buildings Archive (Science) Seminary (Faith) Farmer's Market (Food) City Kiln (Bldg-Prod) --------
      Buildings Sailmaker (Naval) -------- -------- -------- --------
      Industrial Era
      Techs Archaeology Scientific Theory Industrialization Rifling Military Science Fertilization
      Buildings Lecture Hall (Science) Mandir (Faith) Brickworks (Bldg-Prod) Tactical School (Mil) Shipyard (Naval) Stock Yard (Food)
      Modern Era
      Techs Refrigeration Radio Replaceable Parts Flight Railroad
      Buildings Cannery (Food) Synagogue (Faith) Boilermaker (Naval) City Academy (Science) --------
      Atomic Era
      Techs Penicilin Atomic Theory Radar Combined Arms
      Buildings Refrigeration Facility (Food) Assembly Plant (Prod) Tech Institute (Science) Church (Faith)
      Information Era
      Techs Telecommunications Mobile Tactics Advanced Ballistics Satellites Robotics Lasers
      Buildings -------- -------- -------- Hydroponics Plant (Food) Automated Factory (Prod) Research Facility (Science)
  9. Each of the Building-Lines 'synergizes' with one of the game's Policy Branches
    • The Synergy between a policy branch and a building-line is of two basic kinds:
      1. Faster Construction of the Buildings within the Building-Line:
        • Opening the policy branch allows generally 15-20% faster production of the building-line within a city
        • Adopting the policies within the branch bumps the construction by an additional 5% for each policy in the branch
        • Finishing the policy branch bumps the construction by an additional 20%
        • The primary exception is the science line of buildings, which are only speeded when the Rationalism Policy Branch has been completed.
      2. Adopting and Finishing the Policy-Branch grant extra yields to a city with the building, or modify total city yields similar to the way a University is enhanced by adopting the Free Thought Policy within Rationalism.
    • Where the Policy Branch is not unlocked until a later era, the 'synergy' only takes effect on those versions of the Building-Line that can be built in or after the Era that unlocks the Policy Branch.
    • Building-Lines and Policy-Branch Synergy
      Building-Line Policy Branch Minimum Era Requirement
      Military Buildings Honor Ancient
      Equestrian / Armor Buildings --- ---
      City-Faith Buildings Piety Medieval
      City-Growth Buildings Tradition Ancient
      City-Production/Production Buildings Commerce Modern
      City-Happiness Buildings Aesthetics Medieval
      City-Science Buildings Rationalism Renaissance
      City-Production/Building-Production Buildings Commerce Medieval
      Naval Unit-Production Buildings Exploration Renaissance
    • When you enter a new era, and a new version of a building becomes available, each city will have one of two options for each of the building-lines:
      • If the city has the previous-era's version of the building, then in that city you build an Upgrade version of the building at a reduced-hammers-cost. You can also elect to purchase the Upgrade version of the building, and the gold costs will be reduced.
      • If the city does not have the previous-era's version of the building, then in that city you build the Basic version of the building. You can also elect to purchase the Basic version of the building.
      • As an example, here is the city Washington after using IGE top progress to the Medieval Era. In this image my choice in the city of Washington for the Military line of buildings is the Basic version of the Tactical School because Washington does not already have the Ancient Era's Warrior's School building:
        Spoiler :

        If I then use IGE to give Washington the Warrior's school building, my city choice for the Tactical School changes to the Upgrade version of the Tactical School (and note that between the two images the Upgrade version is less expensive in terms of hammers):
        Spoiler :
  10. The lines of Buildings:
    1. Military Buildings
      • Used to enhance the production speed, combat power, and XP of Melee and Gunpowder units.
      Spoiler :
      Era Building Replaced By ObsoleteTech Combat Strength Free XP Unit Production Speeds
      Ancient,Classical Warrior's School Tactical School Metal Casting +5% Melee +5 Melee +25% Melee
      Medieval,Renaissance Tactical School War College Military Science +10% Melee, Gun +10 Melee, Gun +15% Melee, Gun
      Industrial+ War College --- --- ---- +20 Gun +25% Gun*
      * does not apply to the AA Guns, Anti-Tank Guns, or Mobile Sams.
    2. Equestrian / Armor Buildings
      • Used to enhance the production speed and combat power of mounted and armor units.
      Spoiler :
      Era Building Replaced By Prerequisite Tech Combat Strength
      Classical to Industrial Equestrian School Armored Warfare School Horseback Riding +10% Mounted
      Modern+ Armored Warfare School --- --- +15% Armored
    3. City-Faith Buildings
      • Used to increase a city's Faith generation, and also gives small boosts to local happiness and city culture. The city must already have a Temple-Class building in order to construct any of these.
      Spoiler :
      Era Building Replaced By Faith Culture Happiness Maint. Cost ObsoleteTech PreReqBuilding
      Medieval Seminary Mandir 1 (+1*) 0 (+1*) 2 150 Acoustics BUILDINGCLASS_TEMPLE
      Renaissance Mandir Synagogue 1 (+1*/+1**) 1 (+1*) 2 200 Scientific Theory BUILDINGCLASS_TEMPLE
      Industrial Synagogue Church 1 (+1*/+1**) 1 (+1*) (+1*) 3 250 Radio BUILDINGCLASS_TEMPLE
      Modern Church Stupa 1 (+2*/+1**) 1 (+1*) (+1*) 3 300 Combined Arms BUILDINGCLASS_TEMPLE
      Atomic+ Stupa --- 1 (+2*/+1**) 1 (+2*) (+1*) 3 450 --- BUILDINGCLASS_TEMPLE
      * with Piety Branch adopted
      ** with Piety Branch completed
    4. City-Growth Buildings
      • Used to increase a city's food generation.
      Spoiler :
      'Food' = Direct Food Added, 'ModFood' = % Modification of total city food
      Era Building Replaced By Food ModFood Maint. Cost ObsoleteTech
      Ancient Storage Huts Cold Cellars 1 5 0 50 Optics
      Classical Cold Cellars Farmer's Market 2 5 0 100 Guilds
      Medieval Farmer's Market Stock Yard 3 5 (+1*) 0 150 Banking
      Renaissance Stock Yard Cannery 3 5 (+3*) 0 200 Fertilizer
      Industrial Cannery Refridgeration Facility 3 5 (+5*) 0 250 Refrigeration
      Modern Refrigeration Facility Hydroponics Plant 3 5 (+7*) 0 300 Penicilin
      Atomic Hydroponics Plant Food Replicators 4 5 (+9*) 0 350 Satellites
      Information Food Replicators --- 4 5 (+11*) 0 400 ---
      * with Tradition Branch adopted
    5. City-Production/Production Buildings
      • Increases a city's Production. A Factory-Class building is required to construct any of these buildings
      Spoiler :
      'CityProd' = Direct Hammers added to the city, 'ProdMod' = % Modification of total city produciton
      Era Building Replaced By CityProd ProdMod Maint. Cost ObsoleteTech PreReqBuilding
      Modern Assembly Plant Automated Factory 3 5 (+5*) 2 300 Atomic Theory BUILDINGCLASS_FACTORY
      Atomic Automated Factory Intelligent Manufactory 3 (+1*) 5 (+5*) 2 400 Robotics BUILDINGCLASS_FACTORY
      Information Intelligent Manufactory --- 3 (+2*) 5 (+5*/+5**) 3 550 --- BUILDINGCLASS_FACTORY
      * with Commerce Branch adopted
      * with Commerce Branch completed
    6. City-Happiness Buildings
      • Used to increase a City's Happiness. Primary Happiness Effects are local to the city, but if the Aesthetics Branch is completed, Global Happiness will be added. If the player adopts the Aesthetics Policy Branch, small culture boosts are added from having these buildings in a city.
      Spoiler :
      "L" = local happiness, "G" = global happiness

      Era Building Replaced By Happiness Culture Maint. Cost
      Ancient Ball Court Odeon 1L 0 1 40
      Classical Odeon Fairgrounds 2L 0 1 80
      Medieval Fairgrounds Haberdashery 2L (+1*) 1 150
      Renaissance Haberdashery Millinery 2L (+1G**) (+1*) 1 200
      Industrial Millinery HorseTrack 2L (+1G**) (+2*) 1 250
      Modern HorseTrack TV Station 3L (+1G**) (+2*) 2 300
      Atomic TV Station VR Projector 3L (+2G**) (+2*) 2 400
      Information VR Projector --- 3L (+3G**) (+2*) 3 500
      * with Aesthetics Branch adopted
      ** with Aesthetics Branch completed
    7. City-Science Buildings
      • Increaes the city's science. The buildings add small direct amounts of science to the city, and % increases to overall city science output. If the player has completed the Rationalism Policy Branch, these buildings will make additional percentage modifcation to total city Science Yields.
      Spoiler :
      "Sci" = Direct Extra Beakers, "SciMod" = % Total City Science Change

      Era Building Replaced By Sci SciMod Maint. Cost ObsoleteTech
      Ancient Alchemist's Hall Apothacary 1 0 1 40 Mathematics
      Classical Apothacary Archive 2 0 1 90 Theology
      Medieval Archive Lecture Hall 2 5 1 200 Astronomy
      Renaissance Lecture Hall City Academy 2 (+1*) 5 1 300 Archaeology
      Industrial City Academy Tech Institute 2 (+1*) 5 (+5*) 1 450 Flight
      Modern Tech Institute Research Facility 2 (+2*) 5 (+5*) 2 600 Radar
      Atomic Research Facility Virtual University 2 (+2*) 10 (+5*) 2 800 Lasers
      Information Virtual University --- 2 (+2*) 10 (+10*) 3 1000 ---
      * with Rationalism Branch completed
    8. City-Production/Building-Production Buildings
      • Adds a production percentage increase to constructing buildings in the city, and adds a small number of hammers. If the Commerce Policy Branch is Adopted, these buildings will add an additional small number of hammers directly to the city's base production. Finishing the Commerce policy branch adds additional small numbers of hammers to the city.
      Spoiler :
      Era Building Replaced By Bldg/Won Modifier CityProd Maint. Cost ObsoleteTech TerrainReq
      Ancient,Classical Mudworks City Kiln 5 % 2 1 80 Civil Service river
      Medieval City Kiln Brickworks 8 % 2 (+1*/+1**) 1 200 Printing Press ---
      Renaissance Brickworks Cement Factory 12 % 2 (+2*/+1**) 1 250 Industrialization ---
      Industrial+ Cement Factory --- 15 % (Sp +5%) 2 (+2*/+1**) 2 350 --- ---
      * with Commerce Branch adopted
      ** with Commerce Branch completed
      'Sp' = Spaceship Production
    9. Coastal City/Naval Unit-Production Buildings
      • Increases the Production-Rate of Naval Units in the city, and adds a few hammers directly to city production yields. If the Exploration Policy Branch is adopted, the rate of naval-unit-production is increased further, and newly-created naval units will also be 'born' with more experience. The buildings allowed in the later Eras allow more unit-XP based on which policies within Exploration the player has adopted, and which of the later Eras the building fits-into.
      Spoiler :
      "CityProd" = Direct Extra Hammers, "NavalMod" = % Faster Naval Combat Unit Production, 'Navy+5XP WithPolicyX' = +5 XP added to naval combat units for each policy adopted

      Era Building Replaced By NavalMod CityProd Navy+5XP WithPolicyX Maint. Cost ObsoleteTech TerrainReq
      Ancient Ropemaker Cablemaker 10 1 ---- 0 100 Construction Coastal City
      Classical Cablemaker Sailmaker 10 2 ---- 1 125 Metal Casting Coastal City
      Medieval Sailmaker Shipyard 10 3 ---- 1 175 Astronomy Coastal City
      Renaissance Shipyard Boilermaker 10 (+10*) 3 Maritime Inf. 2 200 Military Science Coastal City
      Industrial Boilermaker Naval Yard 10 (+10*) 3 Maritime Inf., Naval Trad. 3 300 Replaceable Parts Coastal City
      Modern+ Naval Yard --- 10 (+10*) 3 Maritime Inf., Naval Trad., Explore Finisher 4 400 --- Coastal City
      * with Exploration Branch adopted


AI Balancing Issues:
  1. City-Staes and Barbarians are never able to construct any of the buildings introduced by this mod.
  2. The AI is not able to rationaly determine whether or not Building-X will become obsolete soon after it is completed. Nor is the AI able to understand that soon it will advance into the next era, and the Building-X it is currently about to finish in City-X will have to be upgraded to a newer and better version of Building-X within a matter of two or three turns of completing Building-X in City-X. The AI simply has no code written to "think ahead". The result is that the AI gets itself 'stuck' constructing and re-constructing Building-X, then Building-X1, then Building-X2, especially in expand cities with essentially no production.
    • This creates an exploit for and in favor of the human player.
    • To address this issue, when the AI player advances to a new Era, the mod inspects all of the AI player's cities. If the AI city has one of this mod's buildings, then a RNG dice-roll is made to determine whether the AI city should get the Next-Better-Version of Building-X in that individual city for free.
      • Each such building in each AI-player city makes its own individual RNG 'dice-roll'.
      • Each Era is given its own "percentage chance" requirement such that when the AI advances to the Classical Era, they have a 95% chance that each upgradable building within a city will be upgraded, but by the time they advance into the Future Era, the chance is 65%.
        Era AI Chance %
        Ancient N/A
        Classical 95
        Medieval 90
        Renaissance 85
        Industrial 80
        Modern 75
        Atomic 70
        Information 65
    • BTW, this here is in miniature a capsule summary of the whole cheating cheating AI bonuses issue. I used to be a member of that club -- not so much any more after running into essentially the same issues. We as a mod-making and mod-using community just have to hold out hope that if there ever is a CIV6 they'll try to build a better AI.


Advancing to New Eras:
  1. When you advance to a new era, you are given a dummy technology that does not show within the tech tree.
    • This era-specific dummy technology acts as the 'unlocker' for that era's buildings
    • As soon as you advance to the new era, the mod inspects the city-production qeues of all cities in your empire, and rebuilds them if necessary to replace the previous-era's building with the new era's building if any of the previous-era's buildings are in an individual-city's production qeue. Any hammers towards any of these buildings are preserved and applied directly to the production needed for the new-era's building. This occurs both for human and AI players.
    • Since the buildings introduced by this mod are generally unlocked by these era-specific dummy technologies, the buildings do not show in the tech tree. The buildings do show in the civilopedia.
  2. Dummy Era-Specific Techs:
    • Classical Era:
      Spoiler :
    • Medieval Era:
      Spoiler :
    • Renaissance Era:
      Spoiler :
    • Industrial Era:
      Spoiler :
    • Modern Era:
      Spoiler :
    • Atomic Era:
      Spoiler :
    • Information Era:
      Spoiler :


  1. Mod Compatibility
  2. Credits and Thanks and Special-Mentions
  3. Enlightenment Era Compatibility
  4. Prehistoric Era Reborn Compatibility and Ultimate Eras Compatibility
Looks interesting LeeS. I haven't got any suggestions right now, but I will definitely follow this thread to see how the project progresses. :)
  1. Compatible with Ultimate Eras Mod
  2. Compatible with Pouakai's The Enlightenment Era Mod
  3. Compatible with Novu's Prehistoric Era Reborn (20,000BC) Mod
  4. Compatible with Bouncymischa's Future Worlds Mod
    • Note that while The Enlightenment Era mod, Ultimate Eras mod, and the Prehistoric Era Reborn mod are compatible to this mod, they are not compatible to each other.
  5. Mods that adjust the text displayed for various technologies might conflict with this mod to the extent that the text added by Era Buildings to techs in the tech tree might get wiped by the other mod, or vice versa.
    • This sort of conflict will not actually have a functional effect on either mod. You just will not get tooltips and text that mention the changes made by both mods.
  6. Mods that make substantial changes to the existing Social Policy System as provided in BNW by Firaxis will likely cause some conflict with this mod if the other mod does any of:
    • moves the placement of existing policies within a policy branch
    • eliminates a social policy or a social policy branch provided by Firaxis
    • substantially re-assigns the era in which a social policy branch is unlocked.
      • note that while the Enlightenment Era mod does this with a couple of the social policy branches the effect is minimal because the shifting is only from the Renaissance Era to the new Enlightenment Era.
  7. DLL Mods:
    • 'Stale' DLL mods will probably have a breaking effect on Era Buildings. Quite a few DLL mods are now essentially 'orphans', and have not been updated to conform to game patch version ~276. Any DLL mod that has not been updated since approximately Sept 2014 is probably not in conformance to game patch version ~276, and will kill this mod if both are run at the same time.
      • Civ4 Diplomatic Features. (non CP/CPB version: as I understand it there is a version rolled into CP/CPB that conforms)
    • W.Howard's Various Mods Components (VMC) mod should interact fine with Era Buildings so long as it is VMC version approx #62 or later. W.Howard is now up to V66 or V67 of VMC, so if you are still using an older version you should probably UpDate VMC Mod.
  8. EUI:
    • At this point I have no idea whether or not Era Builodings will clash with EUI or vice versa, but I cannot imagine why there would be such a conflict if one exists.

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  1. When playing with Era Buildings and either of Prehistoric Era Reborn or Ultimate Eras, the Era Buildings that are otherwise available at game start are unlocked by various technologies in the new Prehistoric Era introduced into the game by either of Prehistoric Era Reborn or Ultimate Eras.
  2. When playing with Era Buildings and either of Prehistoric Era Reborn or Ultimate Eras, the technologies that unlock the first set of Era Buildings are as follows:
    Era Building Prehistoric Era Reborn Ultimate Eras
    Storage Huts Hunting Preservation
    Warrior's School Warfare Warfare
    Ropemaker Harpooning Rafting
    Mudworks Cooperation Building
    Ball Court Leadership Hide Tending
    Alchemist's Hut Social Structure Fire Controlling
  3. The hammers cost of the first available set of Era Buildings are not adjusted when Prehistoric Era Reborn or Ultimate Eras are also enabled. This makes for a couple of slight de-synchs in the hammer-costs of buildings made available from researching one of the Prehistoric Era's Technologies, but I chose to preserve the flow of hammers costs for the Era Buildings intact rather than disturb this progression as would be required to bring the hammer-cost more in-line with other Prehistoric Era buildings being made available with the same technology.
  4. The intent for placing the first set of Era Buildings directly into the tech-tree of the Prehistoric Era is to provide a gradual introduction of this original set of Era Buildings and thereby preserve the design intents of not only Era Buildings, but also Prehistoric Era Reborn and Ultimate Eras as much as is possible rather than jarringly allowing the first set of Era Buildings to be constructed at the outset of the game in the Prehistoric Era.

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  1. The mod's Banner Image courtesy DoktorApplejuice. He also made all the icons for the coastal-city/naval buildings, as well as the icon for the Stupa, the Assembly Plant, the Church, and the Enlightenment Era Playhouse building. He also provided the thumbnail image for Steam Workshop.
  2. Calcul8or provided icons for the Seminary, the Chapel (Enlightenment Era), the Odeon, the TV Station, the VR Projector, the Tactical School, the Intelligent Manufactory, the Lecture Hall, the College (Enlightenment Era), the City Academy, the Tech Institute, the Research Facility, and the Virtual University
  3. Onmy6 provided icons for the Cannery and the Apothecary, and for suggestions based on playing the mod in its various stages of developement.
  4. I recieved much guidance from DoktorApplejuice on how to get icons into the proper files, and much assistance from him, Onmy6, and Calcul8or on this thread. They all contributed artwork and feedback in selecting which of a couple different icons to use. Especially see this post and this post. Those two posts also show you just how much they helped in getting usable custom icons made for this mod. Any remaining ugly icons used by the mod are entirely due to my artistic disability.
  5. W.Howard provided help and insight on
    • the SQL code for being able to dynamically conform to whether the Enlightenment Era Mod, Prehistoric Era Reborn Mod, or Ultimate Eras Mod are also enabled.
    • Better lua coding techniques, especially Data-Driven Coding discussed here, which vastly streamlined the lua-code needed by this mod
    • Also his suggestion of using the unused "Supermarket" icon from the game for the Refrigeration Facility.
  6. If I've missed anyone, I apologize. Please let me know.

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Excellent reminds me abit of Total War graduated build system, brilliant idea and quite unique for civ5 too I think, nice job I look forward to trying it out after I finish my current game :goodjob:
Glad someone is interested in trying it in its test-state :).

I updated the attachment in the OP to the latest version as I am currently using. Main differences bewtween V3 and the threads OP:
  1. Because the AI are stupid when an AI "ups" to the next era, they get all the "upgrade" buildings for free in cities where they have already constructed the "outdated" version of a building.
  2. AI flavorings on the buildings has been reworked to assign more flavor "value". This tends to make the AI want the buildings more.
  3. The cost in both hammers and gold has been greatly reduced for upgrading to a new and better version of the buildings. This is the human's "balance-point" for the AI getting the "upgrades" for free.
  4. The happiness line has been reworked quite a bit.
    • The end effects are the same (as far as I know) as shown in the OP.
    • The happiness buildings never expire through obsoleting. This is to keep you from going into crazy high unhappiness the instant you would have researched the obsolescence technology in previous versions of the mod.
Started playing Era Buildings LeeS so far I have to say I love it. It's a great concept it really is
and very unique, if it all goes well as I progress I would even go so far as saying this is "A MUST HAVE" mod, nice job so far, anyway I'll keep ya posted on my progress Is there any particular thing you want me to keep an eye on as I progress?
Started playing Era Buildings LeeS so far I have to say I love it. It's a great concept it really is
and very unique, if it all goes well as I progress I would even go so far as saying this is "A MUST HAVE" mod, nice job so far, anyway I'll keep ya posted on my progress Is there any particular thing you want me to keep an eye on as I progress?
I already found and fixed several confusing oopses in the tooltips, for example, where I copy-pasted incorrectly. That sort of thing may still be in the mod.

Beyond bad or confusing tooltip info, anything that seems like it is not correct based on the way the rest of the buildings-system operates. I found and fixed one case for example where the upgrade-from-A-to-B was broken and the game was ignoring the fact I had the Medieval Era version of a building in my cities and the game was requiring me to construct the Renaissance Era version "from scratch" in those cities.

Any thoughts on balance or concept based on your play-use are always appreciated. As in:
  1. One of my thoughts for the social policy branch "synergies" is to make the extra benefits from merely opening a social policy smaller, and to make the 'synergy' either require the player to finish the policy branch in order to get the greater "extras", or to perhaps break up the "extras" more, so that a player would get more benefit from the buildings or be able to construct the buildings more cheaply based on having adopted more policies within a social policy branch.
    • So adopting for example Commerce would allow 25% faster construction, and finishing Commerce would allow a total of 50% faster construction. Or,
    • Adopting Commerce would instead allow 15% faster construction, adopting each policy within Commerce would allow 10% additional faster construction, and finishing Commerce would allow 20% faster construction. So if you merely adopted Commerce, you could construct Building-X 15% faster, but adopting one more policy within Commerce would allow 25% faster construction, etc., etc., until at the point where you finich Commerce you can construct Building-X a total of 85% faster.
Ok well so far I've run to a few problems although I don't think it is your mod so to speak but some conflict with my mod and your mod. I have "policy plus" incorporated into my mod so this maybe the problem :think:
However with that said I'm not get past the first level of build class for example I'm still getting "ball court" and I've just entered the industrial era to show you what I mean I've attached a jpg below


and yet "Ropemaker" will disappear as it should but nothing replaces it hence first tier only
If you are using Era Buildings V3, then it is a mod conflict. Does your tech tree look correct, or is it a confusing hash when you open it? If you have hash, some other mod is making sufficient changes to the tech tree to clash with my mod. When you advance to a new era you should also see an additional pop-up telling you that you have "researched" the dummy tech for the new era.

Hmmm...I looked through the Policy Plus mod. I can't see where anything going on in that mod would cause the problem. What is in your Database.log?
Hmm interesting, No the tech tree is fine, the buildings homepage is fine says all the buildings are there and when I advance to a new era it tells me building X and Y are no longer available but I never had them in the first place :crazyeye:

edit: for example I'm play the game right now and I've just research fertilizer and I have the message in red the says verbatim "slaughter yards become obsolete"

edit 2: just had a quick look at the database log there nothing out of the ordinary there just the usual firaxis strategic error

edit 3: I just had another look at the tech tree and I noticed there are "era classes" in red below the actual tech tree with a padlock image in front of them, could have sworn they weren't there before going all the way from classical up to information
here another screen shot to show you what I mean
The text telling you that building-x is no longer available is normal because the mod adjusts the text associated with the technologies in question. The in-game text is not generally all that adaptive to 'realtime' conditions, and is not so to any degree with the text adjustments the Era Buildings mod makes. So it is telling you that Building-x is no longer available or has become obsolete, but it does not matter whether or not you have ever actually constructed a copy of Building-X in your cities.

In the tech tree for me the dummy techs do not show. Are you running any of the balance-patch mods (or similar mods), and have you updated your game to the latest version ( ?

The method I am using to give the dummy era techs uses (Hook) GameEvents.TeamSetEra(teamId, eEra); which was added to the game in update According to whoward's chart here the TeamSetEra GameEvent should be valid for all expansion levels assuming the game is updated to the most recent.

My game shows version but on this thread Pouakai refers to it as patch to game version #
Woohoo :dance: You're a legend my friend I just updated my game and everything seems to be working again, didn't realise the oct and dec updates where all that important, I thought they were cosmetic only, my bad, anyways

Couple of screens
Tech Tree

Build index through IGE
Hi LeeS

Well so far mate it's all pretty good really I'm lovin it
No bugs to report, your coding is solid, I checked through the lua logs and nothing in error
a lot of code in the logs related to your mod but not one error

To call this an alpha or beta doesn't do it justice it is definitely a RC for sure

I'm in the industrial era, so far and its been working perfectly mate

I think your concept for:

b.Adopting Commerce would instead allow 15% faster construction, adopting each policy within Commerce would allow 5% additional faster construction, and finishing Commerce would allow 20% faster construction. So if you merely adopted Commerce, you could construct Building-X 15% faster, but adopting one more policy within Commerce would allow 25% faster construction, etc., etc., until at the point where you finich Commerce you can construct Building-X a total of 85% faster.

colour code red I think needs changing which of course changes the flow on percentages also
colour code green perfect
Well I finished my first game with era's. No errors or problems to report, I like it that much I might port it into my mod if it's ok with you of course, if it isn't ok that's fine though
First time through I played on Warlord to get the feel of it, now I'm playing on King to see how it all plays out on that level and if it there are any differences strategically between the levels
so we'll see how that goes balance wise
Well I'm in the Reni era now on king and Good God warring is difficult.

I invaded Russia (thought I'd take them out while they were still running around with swords n shield while I have muskets etc) and they just about slaughtered me If it wasn't for the fact I had accumulated a stack of cash so as to be able to buy extra units to hold them until a peace deal was reach I would have been history well not quite but you know what I mean.

I think with them instantly getting the upgrades is making things very interesting. swords n scandal troops taking out muskets, mercs and skirmishers easily

hmm I hate to think what might happen when I come up against civ's way more advanced than me with the instant upgrades

Is there anyway to tone them down getting instant upgrades?
I could remove the military buildings from the list of buildings that are auto-upgraded for the AI.

One of my intentions with the military line was to try to make ranged units a bit less supreme especially on the early battlefield. Is this what you are seeing?

[edit]another possibility would be to make the melee and gunpowder unit extra strength promotion only be a defensive strength or be only a friendly-lands strength increase.

[edit][edit]The other side of me just wants to just gleefully go: Har Har Har! Me Works Done Here....Domination much more harder....Har Har Har! MwaHaHa ! :)
Ah yes that is pretty close to what's happening eg 1 longswords men taking out 2 musket men with ease over 2 turns while I'm obviously going little damage to him over those 2 turns
ie SWM has 20 combat and muskets have 30 combat roughly not including promo's or other factors of course

edit: I'll continue as is and see if it balances out as I progress

edit2: lol you're an evil man LeeS :devil: lol. we'll see how a war of attrition plays out could be quite interesting :ar15:
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