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Erebus Map help please

Discussion in 'FfH2 Modmods, Scenarios, and Maps' started by Victorvanwavere, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Victorvanwavere

    Victorvanwavere Chieftain

    Apr 6, 2002
    O.C. California
    I was hoping someone can please help me,
    On the last posting of the Creation Map script, EnButtetSkude added a small bit of code to make islands.
    I tried it with the Creation script and it worked, but when I do the same thing to the Erebus map script it does not work.
    Could someone please try it out and see why it does not work.

    I’d like to increase the size of the “standard map” slightly, but whenever I change the values it does not work.

    The current size is WorldSizeTypes.WORLDSIZE_STANDARD: (13,13),
    Erebus is slightly different from the above, I don’t have a copy at the moment.
    When I change the 13 to a 14, it does not work….


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