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Erebus Question

Discussion in 'Fall Further' started by allsirgarnet, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. allsirgarnet

    allsirgarnet Chieftain

    Oct 7, 2009

    First off, can I thank all concerned for a great Mod, its lots of fun to play! :goodjob:

    I have a question on the map options/setup. I often choose the custom map, Erebus, Erebus starting positions, end of winter, marathon, noble difficulty for a fun exploring game.

    In my current game I'm playing Falamar and because of the end of winter option, my expansion is quite slow. This I have found previously is often made worse by the general lack of resources in my usual starting areas, where I am lucky if there are one or two within a 10 area radius let alone two within a one city area location.

    With me so far? :)

    Now occasionally an opposing civ is near, aggressive and attacks even before winter is over, which is odd given that winter stifles production... you cant build much and locating the sparse resources is pure guesswork. Yet strangley these occasional attacks are overwhelming in numbers and today I did some reasearch as to why.

    I opened world builder and took a look at my opponants initial first city area. It had I found four resources (3 food, 1 other) within the city catchment area. I then checked the other civs and again each one had at least 3-4 resources in their first city radious (there may have been more in each as in a few there were still ice/tundra areas hiding the real terrain.

    Incredibly, one coastal city of a civ had six sea resources in its initial catchment area, 2 fish and four others!

    Now heres my question(s) ;)

    Is this resource boost for the other civs applicable to every Fall Further custom map I generate, or is it the Erebus map producing the effect, or the Erebus starting position option causing it, or some other effect please?

    In a way if slightly spoils the game, though not by giving the other civs extra advantage. Its iffy because 99% of the map and thus 99% of the potential other civ settlements you might capture, or cities you might build yourself, are all positioned on the same type of general map area. Yet in the case of these 'capital' civ cities, each has a very unbalanced resource catchment which doesnt in my opinion fit the real (and normally excellent) flavour of the map.


    In my current game, the Diovello civ had three deer all adjacent to the city and a copper ore source there too.

    Is there a way to turn of this 'capital' city boost and have a 100% even and hard to exploit map please?

    Many thanks


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