Escape From Zombie Island 0: The Prequel


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Jul 12, 2004
Stickin it to the man

Yes, every popular franchise needs a sequel. But for it to be legendary, it needs a pointless, campy, hard-to-follow prequel that tries and fails to make a bold statement about the world we live in. Which brings us to Escape From Zombie Island 0: The Prequel.


It's Halloween, 1998 in Paradise City. The Company (a heartless multinational company bent on world domination for no particular reason) is growing larger, and is hoping to take over Paradise City to make it the secret capital for their evildoing deeds! And warm the globe a little bit too! Their secret "Teambuilding Plan of the Month(C)" is to summon ancient magic found in the Ultrasecret Magic Egyptian Death Book to take over the city. Their plan is to raise the dead to take over the city, for an army of brainless workers. (It's like HR, but easier!) Led by rapper-turned-corporate-sellout Michael Smithson, (and young CEO prospect Van Allen), Paradise City is about to get a whole lot brainless...

Meanwhile, track 7000 years back to Ancient Egypt. God-King Horus is on his deathbed. He uses his magic powers to summon himself back to life in exactly 7000 years, to October 31, 1998 A.D. Horus' mummy is in the Museum, ready to be reawakened; the Company is ignorant about this.

So the Company chooses to start their domination on October 31, coincidentally enough. By doing this, they have all these zombies, led by Test Subject Psi near the Research center, and at the same time have a bunch of zombies at the Museum, led by Horus. (This allows for a few fun units, like aaglo's undead chariots and stuff) Hilarity Horror ensues!


The Zombies

Led by Test Subject Psi
-The Zombies are pretty much the same as from the last EFZI scenario, but they have Horus now. They have like 2 capitals, making them really powerful. To balance this out, we can give like a crapload of hero units to all the other civs. Yay!

The Survivors

Led by Jack O' Lennturn (I know, name sucks, I can change it to something actiony-er if people don't like it, ;))
-Basically Survivors. Rag tag people in the city who fight zombies to stay alive.

The Company

Led by Michael Smithson (former rapper turned corporate sellout)
-Pretty much same as from EFZI2; try to cover up the incident as quickly as possible.

The Authorities

Led by General Louis Baptiste (foreign Frechie military leader working for U.S.)
-The Authorities' job is to clean up the mess left by the Company/Zombies, and at the same time deal with the Rebels (their enemies before the zombie apocalypse.) Led by General Louis Baptiste, a French general now working for the U.S.

The Rebels

Led by Resistor Santiago Castro
-A new faction, replacing the Farmers from EFZI2. They are a group of guerilla fighters bent on beating the Man! So they are already at war with the Authorities at the beginning of the game. They also converted Paradise City's working class farmers to join them in the glorious Revolucion!



Horus - The Pharoah that was on display in the Museum, resurrected by the Zombies! He's a magic, purely evil Zombie, resurrected from 4000 years ago! (Add some superstitious curse, that somehow relates to the Company polluting the environment, or some other B-movie plot)

Headless Horseman Harry - Hey, it's Halloween. A Zombie hero unit. It was the original Authorities general who was a little uneasy in the head, drinking way too often, especially on Halloween. (His slightly racist grandfather often told stories of "the good ol' days in the army", when he served under general Custer against the Native Americans). In the words of his dunken swagger, "I'll get those crazy In'juns!". He grabbed his grandfather's sword, and his trusty steed, "Little Big Horn" and made his last stand. The zombies ate his brains (and head), so now he is a headless zombie. Beware!!!!


Mr. Yotzu - Sensei of the Kick-Ass Dojo. Awesome at martial arts and ready to protect his family from the impending zombie apocalypse.

Henry Brenner - a postal worker who's sick of taking sh!t. From his boss, his customers, and also all that goddamn mail. Not to mention those zombies. Taking his trusty Bren LMG in hand, he gets ready for some payback. Time to deliver a package of vengeance, be-otch!

Teri Judo - A badass martial arts chick with attitude. She works at the Kick-Ass Dojo and is pissed off at the world because her parents didn't love her enough or whatever (add Hollywood sob story in civilopedia) and is using that as an excuse to fight zombies. Possibly a romantic interest for the hero ("every zombie movie should have a romantic interest, even if only to convince your own romantic interest to go with you to see the movie")


Arnold Swechanakwean - a European immigrant forced to leave his home because of many factors; including lack of power, warring factions, and a right to the crown (insert some story about him imposing himself in exile to avoid being king of Bavaria, etc...) Works with Castro to fight the Authorities, seeing as they killed his brother (!)

Santiago Castro - the leader of the Rebels. Castro left a life of oppression and hardship in Mother Cuba, and took his chances at Paradise Island. Little did he know the evil Authorities would be yearning to send him back to his floating Hell (i.e. Communist Cuba). He escaped deportation and now fights to keep the Authorities from getting too powerful. Viva la Revolucion!

Đurađ Obilić - A Serbian warrior joining Castro's insurrection against the Authorities. In the memory of his ancestors (and a but of insanity, too) he dresses in traditional Serbian garb.

The Authorities:

Jack Harley - Paradise City's biggest Harley collector and WWII veteran had a bit too much to drink the day of the zombie outbreak. Now, he takes his motorcycle on a crusade against "those Nazi zombies"! Only chaos can ensue...

Sampson Jones - A young aspiring soldier, using the zombie Armageddon as an opportunity to show his courage and become a war hero.

The Company

Michael Smithson -a former rapper turned heartless corporate sellout. He spends his days as a corporate bastard, and is using the zombie apocalypse as an excuse to take out his old Glock and relive his gangbanging days in the gangsta filled Malibu. Yo.



Zombie Mutated Lobster - it would be a good excuse to use this unit, and could control the waters for the zombies. A lobster from the boardwalk shops bitten by a mutant zombie that fell into the water.

Mummy - produced by the Museum wonder for the zombies evry 5 turns. These mummies are actually Horus' servants, buried with him to serve him in the after- (or in this case, undead) life.
Awesome [stolen] idea! I'd be willing to help out with it, if you wish. :D
5 factions?

I wonder how you are going to make this diplomatically work. (only 4 locked alliance nations. By the looks of it, Zombies, Authorities, Rebels, and Survivors. But then the company's out...)
Ooh. Going to tell us more about the units? Or are you still working on those?

I'm kind of winging it, but I'll have more updates about the units.

Ah! I keep forgetting about PMing you about this! :mischief:

Looking great!

I like your choice of LH's!

Thanks! I still need to darken a few of the leaderheads, though. It's really weird seeing them in daytime...

Definately interested...Should be called Paradise Island: Outbreak or something...

will later units be upgrading into zombies??

I'm not sure what you mean...

5 factions?

I wonder how you are going to make this diplomatically work. (only 4 locked alliance nations. By the looks of it, Zombies, Authorities, Rebels, and Survivors. But then the company's out...)

Well, it's pretty much a free for all. Everybody against the zombies of course, but the Rebels are against the Authorities, and the Survivors could declare war on the Company, etc. It's really who *you* want to fight with.

I thought it was virus that made zombies, not magic

Oh well, the point is that zombies are here and they will eat the unprepared. I am barricading my doors as we speak :shifty:

Well, it was a virus in EFZI2. I had to do something original, ;).
Well, it's pretty much a free for all. Everybody against the zombies of course, but the Rebels are against the Authorities, and the Survivors could declare war on the Company, etc. It's really who *you* want to fight with.

Well, the greatest problem you have is to make the factions remain at war.

You can only have 4 locked alliance nations. (much like EFZI2) But since the Rebels are fighting the Authorities, they, and the Authorities are locked in war. The Zombies naturally have to be in the locked alliance in war with both of them, and it's only natural to have the survivors locked in war with the zombies.

Then the Company's free to act as the farmers in EFZI2, basically declaring war on the zombies only when it suits them. (which isn't exactly what I had in mind)
Well, then they can not possibly be in any locked alliance whatsoever if you wish to work it that way. And then they won't start out in a locked war with the authorities.

The only way to encourage them to declare war on the authorities is have the authority controlled cities be the only ones that are capable of giving them victory in some way or another. (space race, resource for VP, etc.)
I think the Rebels were supposed to be in a temporary Cease-Fire whilst they both addressed the Zombie situation, where they not? (Although the rebels should start with some HN units in and around the Authorities territory, just to be a nuisance!)

The Rebels, of course, wouldn't be against the Zombies to begin with, only having a loose Guerrilla force which is already trying to hold off against their enemies in the "state".

On the Zombie virus, wasn't it a predecessor to the one used in EFZI, which was weaker, and more easily combated (hence this being the prequel)?
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