Escape From Zombie Island 2: Go Timberwolves!

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Jun 14, 2004
Austin, Texas
Okay, Escape From Zombie Island's my favorite scenario in existence. I finally decided that I had to make a story about it. But, Because I feel liek it, I've decided that for this story, I'm gonna change the original characters and the original storyline of the scenario. I hope you like it! :goodjob:

Important announcement for anyone in the story!
Throughout teh story, many people, including myslef, do or say stuff that they never would in reality. This is for 4 reasons:
1. I'm trying to convert a video game into story format. Because of that, people are forced to do things that they wouldn't have in reality.
2. It's difficult converting the original storyline of this game into the new storyline.
3. I had to make you do it to advance the storyline.
4. I really don't care what you actually would do or say, since in reality, the only thing you'd probably do would be to hide under your bed, and the only thing you'd say would be your screams of terror as the zombies tear you apart.

Introduction, Part 1
Paradise Island Vs. Cedar Park

It's nearing the end of Summer, 2005. The Cedar Park High School Cross Country Team has so far won every meet, and are on their way to the state championship. Meanwhile, the city "Paradise Island" was created, thanks to generous funding by the mysterios "Company". Wanting publicity, the city invited the Cedar Park Team to race against their team. They offered apartments for the team, their families, and friends, along with free food, and free tours around their beatiful city. Cedar Park eagerly accepted, not realizing that the Company had plans of their own.....

Introduction, Part 2[/I]
They're coming.....

6:00 PM, Company Research Facility
Mysterious Man 1: "Is everything ready for the test?"
Mysterious Man 2: "Yes, we're just now beginning."
Strange and evil sounding noises come from inside, along with a glowy green light.
Mysterious Man 2: "Everything is going according to plan.... Wai! The substance is out of control! I repeat the substance is out of control!"
Mysterious Man 1: "We need to evacuate the building! We're all going to die if we stay!"
Mysterious Man 2: "Wait...... What's happening..... Oh my god..... We're all doomed...."
Screams are heard from inside the building. Soon, an eerie silence takes hold of the landscape. A single word is heard.

7:00 PM, Cedar Park CC Team Hotel
Parker: "Okay team, coach wants all of us to eat a good meal, and get plenty of rest before the meet tomarrow. That means no staying up or snacking. We're gonna make sure that we smash the other team tomarrow."
Sean: "Mein Fuhrer coach worries too much. There's no way we'll lose to some new team."
Michael: "Sean, you know that if coach hears you call him that, you'll be off the team."
Sean: "Vhat, cut me, ze greatest runner in ze history of Cross Country?" Sean strikes a dramatic pose.
Ryan: "Sean, you shouldn't get too cocky. Besides coach is probably right."
Garrett: "Meh, we've never listened to coach before, why should we start now?"
Jami: "Because since you're not Parker, Michael, Alek, or Sean, coach won't give a second thought to kicking you off the team."
Garrett shouts angrily. Everyone (Except Garret) starts laughing.
Alek: "Don't worry. You're doing really good. Besides, this school's teams only been practicing for a few weeks. I doubt any of us will lose to them.
Doug: "Yeah, but can anyone make any sense of the map that they gave us? I don't understand any of it...."
Dave: "Yeah, maybe Doug and I should go and check the course out."
Parker: "Okay, so the twins will map out the course. Anyone else want to volunteer?"
Everyone stares at Parker blankly.
Andrew: "I'll go. Maybe I can get some junk food from there, since coach won't let us have any here...."
They leave.

10:00 PM, Cedar Park CC Team Apartment
Parker: "Okay, it's time we should go to sleep. Everyone needs to be ready for tommarrow."
Sean: "But Dave, Doug, and Andrew haven't come back yet. What about them?"
Parker: "They'll be back. They know enough not to get into any trouble."
Suddenly, loudspeakers start blareing outside.
Loudspeaker: "Important announcement to all citizens of Paradise Island! We have recieved a notice from the Company that they're is a terrorist gang on the loose in the city! Please, everyone return to your homes! Do not let anyone in! Do not panic, since the police and SWAT will quickly take control of the situation!"
Sean: "What the.... Terrorists? That doesn't make sense.... They'res nothing important on this island for terrorists to attack...."
Parker: "That doesn't matter! We need to find out where the rest of the team is!"
Sean: "Well, the twins and Andrew are at the school, and the older kids and coach are somewhere else in teh city...."
Parker: "Okay, they should be back here soon. So we just have to sit tight, and everything will be fine."
Sean: "...."

10:00 PM, Paradise Island High School
Doug: "Did you hear the announcement? We'd better get back to the apartment!"
Dave: "Yeah, I'll get Andrew, and then we'll go."
Dave runs inside and gets Andrew. They start to leave, when they hear screams behind them. They turn to see a man being chased by a mob of strange looking people. The mob catches the man, and proceeds to tear him apart and eat him.
Andrew: "What the f***! (Sorry for insulting anyone with the language, but the real Andrew talks like that all the time....) We have to get inside that building right now!"
Thanks to their mad CC skills, they quickly make it back inside.
Dave: "What was that? They ate him!"
Doug: "I think they're chanting something...... Quiet down, so I can hear them...."
Everyone is quiet. They are soon able to make sense of the rythmatic changint.
Andrew: "Oh my god...."
Doug: "They can't really be...."
Dave: "Zombies...."

11:00 PM, Cedar Park Cross Country Team Apartment
Sean: ".... Why would terrorists attack this island?"
Jami: "Hey, you're still up?"
Sean: "Yeah, I just don't understand what's going on out there....... This city has nothing anyone would want to attack...."
Jami: "Don't worry. By tomarrow, it'll all be over, and then we'll go and win the meet."
Sean: ".... You're probably right...."
Screams are heard outside. Jami and Sean look out the window to see people being torn apart and eaten by a mob. The cry for "BRAINS!" is heard throughout the street.
Sean: "Everything will be fine, huh?"
Jami: "What the... What's going on?"
Sean: "I'm going to save those people."
Jami: "What? How?"
Sean heads back into his room, then comes out carrying two samuria swords, and instead of his CC uniform, dressed completely in black.
Jami: "You brought those too a meet?"
Sean: "I'm paranoid. Look like it paid off this time."
Sean rushes outside, and starts tearing the zombies apart with his dual blades. The thankful survivors rush into the apartment. When all the zombies are down, Sean comes back in.
Sean: "Wake up the rest of the team. Looks like we've been thrown in a cheap zombie horror movie."
Jami: "Zombies?"
Sean: "Just wake them up. We're gonna have to get off this island somehow."
Jami quickly wakes everyone up. They groggily gather in the lobby.
Sean: "Okay, this island is under attack by zombies. If you don't believe me, go outside. We'll see how long you last. We've gotta unite, and get off this island. I'm gonna try and contact the others, and.... Hey, where's Doug and Dave?"
Everyone looks around.
Alek: "Wait..... Aren't they still at teh school?"
A look of horror spreads across everyone's face.
Sean: "Darn it...... We're gonna need someone to go out and get them."
Jami: "I'll go."
Sean: "Okay, here." He hands her one of the swords. "Use this until you can find a better weapon."
Jami nods, and rushes out.
Sean: "Okay, we're gonna have to search this place from top to bottom to find weapons. I want everyone ready to fight. Someone get me the phone to the hotel the visitors are staying at."
Phone is gotten, and handed to Sean.
Sean: "Hello?"
Duc (Pronounced Duke): "Hello? Is that you, Sean?"
Sean: "Yeah. How is it there?"
Duc: "Well, we've been staying inside since the announcement, but we've been hearing screams from outside... What's going on?"
Sean: "Hate to tell you, but we're being attacked by zombies. Do you have any weapons there?"
Duc: "Zombies? Oh, great.... Weapons? No."
Sean: "Darn..... One problem after another..... Okay, I'm sending you my other sword. You're Asian-Powers should make you able to use it."
Duc: "Yes, sir!"

11:30 PM, Paradise Island High School
Jami: "Almost there..... Hey, those people don't look like zombies... Police!"
Police Officer: "Hey, what are you doing here? You're supposed to stay indoors!"
Jami: "I've got friend inside the school! I need to help them!"
Police Officer: "Well, we can't send you back alone, so you'll have to stick with us for awhile. We're trying to fight the terrorists near the school anyways, so you'll be able to see your friends."
Jami: "Thank you, sir!"
The police force and Jami walk to the school. The entire area outside of it is covered with zombies.
Police Officer: "D***.... I didn't realize that there were so many of them.... Okay men, prepare to fire!"
The zombies notice the police and begin to walk towards them.
Police Officer: "Open fire!"
The police begin to fire at teh zombies. The zombies charge. It's a bloody melee. Jami jumps in the fight, and somehow survives. When the dust clears, she's the only one standing.
Dieing Police Officer: "*Cough* I guess it's gonna be harder to get rid of those terrorists that I thought..... Here, take my gun. There's plenty of ammo in it......."
Police officer dies. Jami takes the gun, and enters the school.
Dave: "Jami! You're alive!"
Jami: "Yeah, I'm alive. Here, take this."
She gives Dave the sword.
Jami: "Well, now we just have to hope we live through the night...."

Midnight, Cedar Park CC Team Apartment
Sean: "It has begun...."

Sorry for the long post, but I had to set up the story. The game begins next post! :)

The Omega

Completely Insane
Jun 14, 2004
Austin, Texas
The nightmare has just begun....

Cedar Park CC Team Apartment
Sean is seen calling 911 on the phone.
Police: "This is the police. What do you want?"
Sean: "Hey, I'm one of the guys on the Cedar Park CC team. Can you tell me what happened to our coach and the rest of our team?"
Police: "Last we heard, they had been killed in a terrorist attack."
Sean: "Darn it.... Can you send me a gun and ammo? I want to try and defend the builidng I'm in."
Police: "Okay, but only if you allow senior citizens to travel to areas controlled by the Authorities."
Sean: "Deal."
Sean is quickly given the gun and ammo. He then "Upgrades" to Badass Hero.

Paradise Island High School
Jami: I'm gonna go out to try and link up with Sean. Can you defend this place while I'm gone?"
Dave: "Sure!"

The Omega

Completely Insane
Jun 14, 2004
Austin, Texas
2 AM
Is there any hope?

Cedar Park CC Team Apartment
Sean calls Duc.
Sean: "Hey, Duc, can you meet me up near the graveyard? I'm planning to launch an attack there."
Duc: "I'll try to, but only after we've found some weapons so we can defend this place."
Sean: "Okay, I'm heading out."
Sean takes his gun and heads out onto teh streets.

Streets of Paradise Island
Jami: "Hey, it's Sean! Sean! Over here!"
Jami runs over to Sean.
Sean: "What are you doing here? I thought you were supposed to dfend the school!"
Jami: "Dave should be able to handle it. I'm going with you."
Sean: "Fine, whatever. I'm heading towards the graveyard."

Retirment House
Police Officer: "Sir, you need to evacuate!"
Abe Peterson: "I ain't leavin this place! You can't make me leave!"
Police Officer: "Sir, you really need to...."
Abe: "No!"
Police Officer: "Fine, whatever...... Crazy old man...."
Abe walks back into his house. His phone rings.
Abe: "Hello?"
Person: "Abe! The cities being overrun by zombies!"
Abe: "What? Nazis? I knew this day would come!"
Person: "No, zombies! They're eating people!"
Abe: "I'll kill those stinkin Nazis! Good thing I saved my Thomspon gun from WW2!"

The Omega

Completely Insane
Jun 14, 2004
Austin, Texas
6 AM

Paradise Island High School
Doug: "Hey, look at this! It's a dog!"
Andrew: "Really? What's its name?"
Doug: "The name tag says 'Sparky'."
Andrew: "Can he kill zombies?"
Doug: "What?"
Andrew: "Think about it! A zombie-killing dog! That would be awesome!"
Doug: "Well,we could try...."
Andrew: "Great!"

Visitor Apartment
Duc: Okay, Alex, you got you're ax. You ready to kill some zombies?"
Alex: "Not really...."
Duc: "I know what you need!"
Duc hands Alex a Red Bull. Alex drinks Red Bull.
Alex: "Hyperhyperhyperhyper! Where's the zombies! Let me at them! Let me get those zombies!"
Duc: "Okay, good. I'm going to meet Sean."
Duc heads out.

Near teh Graveyard
Sean: "Hey, it's Duc!"
Jami: "...."
Duc runs up.
Duc: "Hi Sean!"
Sean: "Hey, Duc!"
Duc and Jami look at each other.
Duc: "...."
Jami: "...."
Sean: "Aren't you going to say hi?"
Duc and Jami: "No."
Sean: "Whatever. Lets go."

The Omega

Completely Insane
Jun 14, 2004
Austin, Texas
8 AM
The human counterattack begins

Cedar Park CC Team Apartment
Parker: "Hey, what's that?"
Ryan: "Looks like a dog!"
Parker: "Well, let him in."
Micheal: "His names... Sparky."

The Graveyard
Sean: "Okay, everyone, move in!"
Jami rushes in first. She fires a few quick bursts from her gun, and kills a zombie. Duc rushes in and decapitates another. It looks like everything's clear, and Sean moves forward, when something grabs his leg. He fires his gun straight down into teh ground, and hears a shreak.
Sean: "Okay, the graveyards ours!"


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Aug 26, 2002
Aw well, I liked this scenario too. Good story so far.

The Omega

Completely Insane
Jun 14, 2004
Austin, Texas
10 AM
Sparky! NOOOOOOOO!!! :cry:

Cedar Park Cross Country Team Apartment
Parker: "There's another zombie...... This place if crawling with them...."
Sparky starts to bark, then rushes after them. He starts to fight, but is torn apart.... :(

Sean: "Another zombie. I'm taking it down."
Sean rushes after it, and shoots it down.

The Omega

Completely Insane
Jun 14, 2004
Austin, Texas
2 PM

Cedar Park CC Team Aparment
Parker: "A zombies trying to break in! I'm going after it!"
Parker and the zombie get into a fight, where Parker comes out on top.
Michael: "Good job. You should rest. I'll take over guard duty now."

Sean: "Everyone okay?"
Jami: "Yeah, I'm fine. You?"
Sean: "Okay. Duc?"
Duc: Tired. I'm gonna rest."
Duc rolls out a sleeping bag and goes to sleep.
Jami: "YOu gonna sleep?"
Sean: "Can't. I'm gonna keep up guard duty."
Jami: "But you're injured!"
Sean: "I'll get to that eventually. You should also sleep."
Jami shrugs, but goes to sleep.
Sean: "Have to stay awake.... Can't let them in...."

Dave: "Andrew, you found an ax?"
Andrew: "Yup. Now to kill some zombies!"
Dave: "Well, you're going to get a good chance for that, since there's a huge group of them heading our way...."
Andrew: "S***!"


Apr 1, 2004
Fern Tree, Tassie
If you want flavour pictures use the ones I have in the pbem ... see link ... they are all stored here :

so use the square bracketted img

Goodluck ... they are tough ;)

The Omega

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Jun 14, 2004
Austin, Texas
fe3333au said:
If you want flavour pictures use the ones I have in the pbem ... see link ... they are all stored here :

so use the square bracketted img

Goodluck ... they are tough ;)
Those pictures might help a bit more if I could see a preview of them before I do anything with them. ;)

The Omega

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Jun 14, 2004
Austin, Texas
4 PM
There's no stopping them....

Sean: "Hey Alek."
Alek: "Hey Sean. Why'd you call me here?"
Sean: "Me, Jami, and Duc are moving out. We need you to watch the Graveyard."
Alek: "Can do, sir."

Retirment Home
Abe: "Man, that Nazis still wandering around outside..... But I can't risk losing this position by attacking him....."
Person: "Hey, Abe!"
Abe: "Wah! What are you doing here? The Nazi's could have gotten you!"
Person: "I was worried that you might try something stupid, so I grabbed an ax, and headed over here."
Abe: "Good, but we'll still need to contact more people if we want to defeat those Nazis."

Visitor Apartment
Alex: "Killzombieskillzombieskillzombies kill zombies kill zombies......kill.......zombies......... Woah...... I need another Red Bull....."
Max: "Hey, Alex, I found some more weapons!"
Alex: "Good, we need everything we can get. You grab them and take up a guard position over there."
Max: "Sorry, but I'm worried about Sean. I'm gonna go looking for him."

Some Guy had been hiding out in the garage since the beginning of the zombie attack. So far, everything had seemed quite, but then, he spotted some zombies chasing a guy..... But the zombies were no match for the guys speed, and he quickly lost them.
Some Guy: "Woah! I've never seen anyone run that fast! Who are you?"
Mika: "I'm Mika, from the Cedar Park CC team. Do you have any weapons I can use?"
Some Guy: "Well, I've got this spare shotgun...."
Mika: "I'll take it."

Dave: "Here they come...."
A zombie rushes towards Dave. The zombie slashes Dave's arm, but Dave kills it. Another zombie comes up. Dave kills it before it can touch him. But another zombie sneaks up behind him, and knocks him to the ground. Dave is able to turn his sword and stab the zombie in the head.
Dave: "I can't fight much longer....."
Another zombie comes. Dave's arm is torn off by the zombie, but Dave is able to somehow kill it.
Andrew: "Dave, you stay back! I'll kill them!"
While Andrews shouting, another zombie sneaks up on him. Andrew is only able to cut off a leg before he dies.
Dave: "Andrew! NOOOOOOO!!!"
Dave charges. He kills two more zombies, but finally, is killed. The School has fallen. :(

The Omega

Completely Insane
Jun 14, 2004
Austin, Texas
6 PM
When will the nightmare end?

South of the Graveyard
Sean: "It looks like the zombies are gonna try to attack the Graveyard."
Jami: "Don't worry, Alek will take care of it."
Sean: "We can't risk that. I'm going to eliminate the threat."
Sean rushes off, and shoots the head off a zombie. He sees another farther north. He charges at that one, and beginss to fire. But then he runs out of ammo, and the zombie is almost at him. He uses his bayonet to stab the zombie, but it is able to bite his arm before it dies.
Duc: "Sean, you okay?"
Sean: "I'll be fine, you just go on without me!"

Between the Two Apartments
Jami: "Hey, is that Max?"
Max: "Duc! Jami! What are you doing here?"
Duc: "Killing zombies. We were with Sean, but he had to leave. We're heading to the school to meet Doug and Dave. Want to come with us?"
Max: "Sure!"

The Omega

Completely Insane
Jun 14, 2004
Austin, Texas
8 PM
Mourn for the lost heroes....

Cedar Park Apartment
Parker: "Okay, Garret, now that you've got an ax, you're joining us in guard duty. Everyone else, we've gotta start building barricades. We gotta keep those zombies out."

Outside of the Graveyard
Sean: "Darn.... Those zombies were tougher than I thought..... I'm gonna have to wait and heal before I can join up with everyone else...."

West of teh School
Jami: "Okay, there's the school. Dave, Doug, and Andrew should be inside."
Max: "Uhh.... There's people inside, but they don't look like Dave or Doug...."
Duc: "Oh no...... The zombies have taken the building.... That means that Dave and Doug are......"

The Omega

Completely Insane
Jun 14, 2004
Austin, Texas
10 PM
No zombie fool betta mess with us!

Mika: "Here they come!"
Mika fires his shotgun and blows the head off the first zombie he sees. Another comes up, and knocks the gun out of his hands. But Mika uses his supa speed, gets the gun and blasts the zombie. Some Guy rushes up to help, and decapitates a zombie. Another rushes up, and he kills it too. Mika begins to fire into teh mass of zombies, killing even more. Eventually, the zombies retreat.

Retirement Home
Abe: "The Nazis are attacking!"
Person rushes up, and a melee between the zombie and Person begins. It looks like Person's going to win, when teh zombie grabs his ax, and starts attacking Person with it. Person becomes motionless.
Abe: "Person! Why! Wait, he's moving! He's alive! Wait a second.... Person, are you okay? Oh no..... He's become a Nazi!"

Jami: "Okay, we all know that their's zombies in there. We all know that they were able to kill Dave, Doug and Andrew. But still, we've got to fight them. If we don't their sacrifice will have been in vain. So, lets move!"
Max charges at one of the zombies outside teh school. The zombie grabs Max and throws him against a wall. The zombie charges at Max, but Max quickly decapitates it.
Max: "I'm out of this fight. I'm heading into one of those buildings to heal!"
Jami rushes at another zombie outside the building, gun blazing. In seconds, the zombies motionless.
Jami: "Okay, Duc, it's up to you!"
Duc charges the building. He spots a zombie eating teh carcass of Andrew. Duc swings his sword, and kills the zombie before it knows he's there.
Duc: "Okay, everything looks clear, lets search the building!"
They look throughout the building, and then, in teh lockerroom, find something extremely unexpected.
Jami: "Doug! You're alive!"
Doug: "Yeah, I've been hiding here the whole time, hoping help would show up. Most of the zombies have already left, but I don't know where they're heading."
The School's mine again! :D
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