Escape From Zombie Island 2: The Remake


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Jan 21, 2003
Welcome Zombie Fans!

To Escape From Zombie Island 2: The Remake. This Time, they're staying for Dinner!

Produced and Directed by Vuldacon and King Arthur.


Hannibal Smith, Hero of The Survivors

Van Allen, Director of The Company

General Fullbright, Leader of The Authorities

Zeb, Head of The Farmers

Test Subject Alpha of The Zombies

Including Special Guest Star Appearances from resident Civfanatics. :cool:

Oscar Acceptance Speech ;)
I would like to thank all the people who made this scenario possible. Special Honour goes to Vuldacon for whom this scenario in its current form would never exist. This remake is entirely due to him and the tremendous effort and talent he put into improving every aspect of the scenario: units, sounds, graphics and gameplay. Really, this scenario is down to him. Of course we had lots of help from other folks most of whom I've listed (hopefully) below.

List of credits :goodjob:
Ed O'War for the original Escape From Zombie Island scenario; The Music is an Original composition by Stefan Gagne arranged for the scenario by Yorgos; The Testers at various stages of development: bkwrm79, Bluemofia, cloner4000, cubsfan6506, Fe3333au, Juul, Lord Malbeth, Miles Teg, Nwoll, odintheking, Spacer One, The Omega, Virote Considon, Wolfhart, Yorgos. The Unit Makers: especially Vuldacon who remade, adjusted or made almost every unit in the game. aaglo, Plotinus, MoscaTnT, odintheking and NavyDawg who made key units for the game. All unit makers are credited in the readmes found in each unit folder. The additional Writers who contributed to the Civilopedia: Ed O'War, Fe3333au, Goblin Fanatic, Plotinus.

* D O W N L O A D & I N F O *

Requirements: This is a scenario for Civilization III Conquests, v 1.22.

This download replaces all previous Escape From Zombie Island installations. It's highly recommended that you delete your old version of the scenario to save space. Or if you want to keep the older version rename its folder and biq file.

1) Download the File and extract it to your ..\civ3\conquests\scenarios\ folder.
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Download can be found here:
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The Authorities Take Control. Screenshot courtesy of Bluemofia
Spoiler :

Brave Defenders of The Airport. Screenshot courtesy of Bluemofia
Spoiler :

The Zombie Techs
Spoiler :

The Company Techs
Spoiler :

The Survivors Techs
Spoiler :

The Authorities Techs
Spoiler :

The Wisdom of Vuldacon The Ninja

Consult the Civilopedia to gain needed game and unit information.

*Try and build all Sewer Accesses before the end of day one.

*Check Research each turn because that changes as your Faction develops and you will want to save supplies by adjusting the amount you need to spend to get a Tech.

*IF you need more supplies you can set two or three buildings producing supplies.

*Try to make your Faction Happy even if you need to set supplies for them because you will fair better in many ways.

*Before the end of Turn One, negotiate with all other Human Factions and Get all of their Supplies (50) plus as much as they will pay you per turn to ally with them against the Zombies and right of passage and Mutual Protection. This will help you be able to set Research to gain Techs as fast as possible.

*It is very helpful to get the Farmers in the War against the Zombies because the Zombies that are Fighting them, will not be after you. This also provides a way for you to gain the Wild Boar Inn. Note that the Zombies can Raze the Wild Boar Inn during the early game because the Booze Imports cannot be built until there is a fridge in the building that is needed to build Booze Imports. This Key Location will Greatly Help all Human Factions.

*Everything you do in the first few turns will make all the difference in your game.

*As you become aware of more things from playing this game, you will be better able to anticipate many things that you can prepare for from the start and with each turn in the game.

*Give some thought to what you can do with different units and your particular strategies to play the game Your Way for more Fun. Giant Squids are not a big problem for the Authorities if you use "Search and Destroy" Tactics. This type thinking is what you need to do in this game to have an easier time and Win. Another example is using your skills as to when to have the Farmers ally with you against the Zombies and what Order you Research Techs.

*Make each Turn count and you will be able to have more control and a Fun Game. When all becomes too easy later, play a higher level.

*Build the Supply Drop Point, Pick up the stray Supply Drops and gain more supplies by trading with the other Human Factions.

*It is better to save a Great Leader to Rush Build a Sewer Access in a building just after capturing it in order to be able to send Special Units to help. Machine Shops and Auto Defense Systems are the next most important improvements.

*Use Bold Play and remember that each unit is stronger in a stack of many units, especially so when you achieve a stronger game position. In other words, overwhelm the Zombies with many units when you attack.

*Aggressive play that bombards the Zombie buildings will prevent their growth and limit their unit numbers. The sooner, the better lol.

*Select the "Best" buildings to capture that will help your Faction and or hurt the Zombies the most as you decide your game strategy...Read about Key Locations in the Civilopedia.

*Block access to your buildings with fortified units. If the Zombies have any access at all they will go for your buildings.

*Block the Streets with Visible Units if you do not want other Human Transports to drive through.

*If you place invisible Land Mines on the streets, add a Visible unit with them to prevent Wars with the other Human Factions who may otherwise run into them with transports.

*Guard workers with stronger units and remember that King Units are the last to fight. King Units are stated in the Civilopedia Unit entries in their "Bonuses".

*Population and Building improvements increase the Defense of a building and the units inside are stronger so build improvements and increase your population.

*Especially just after capturing a building with resistors, slide the supplies up, located on the top of Domestic Advisor Screen, as high as you can manage to make the Resistors content faster.

*Offense is the Best Defense.

*When out numbered, First shoot the strongest units as well those that can move more and have Blitz Attack.

*Free Units such as Chainsaw Maniac, Strippers and Dockers can all be used to help guard/block access to your buildings. They are stronger in groups and fortified on Sky Scrapers where they will attack Zombies that try to pass them.

*Try to Keep all Buildings that you capture for more supplies and stronger game position.
WOOHOO! Downloading now! And first one to do that! :woohoo:

Edit: I love the description on the download page! :goodjob:

Edit 2: Done downloading (that's a good site you've chosen for the download, really fast!). Packing up now! :D
I downloaded this before you publicly released it, because I saw it on 3ddownloads. :blush: Anyways, I played it for about 2 hours yesterday, and it was really fun, but I tried playing it around 2 AM last night, and I got scared.

Many congratulations to both of you for finally getting it done. I've no doubt that this will become one of the most popular scenarios on the site: the amount of work that's gone into it means that it's not only original and distinctive but extremely well balanced and playable. Great work!
Thank You Plotinus...Your Units were Great Fun to work with when adding them to the Game and they Really make a profound difference to their key positions.

I would like to Thank everyone who has helped to complete this Scenario with various contributions as it was developed. Special Thanks goes to King Arthur for giving his time and effort in working with me on a constant basis this past Year as we developed this game. I especially want to Thank our Wives for putting up with our time consuming endeavor :)
Very Special Thanks goes to Sid Meier's and Firixas for their Great CIV III/Conquest Games that made this Scenario Game possible.

...There will be an Update in the not too distant future to replace some of the Units with Units that are especially and specifically made for their positions to further improve the game. To name a few, The Monster Zombie, Flamin' Hero and Pyromaniac Units are planned for the Update.

King Arthur and I Hope you will enjoy playing Escape From Zombie Island 2.

This is the Corrected Game Civilopedia Text:
Unzip it to the Text Folder located in Conquests\Scenarios\Escape From Zombie Island 2\Text Folder and overwrite the old file.

Here are Disorder and Civil Disorder Fires for the game. These have three smaller fires added. The Fire has 20% more color and the flc speed was increased to improve the animations.
Place the Animation Folder Directly into your Conquests\Scenarios\Escape From Zombie Island 2 Folder.
Okay, continued my game as the survivors. So far, I've gotten 2 Sniper units (King Arthur and the Leader) and I've been picking off any zombies I can trying to get to the radio station to take down those Horrors. Great re-make guys, everything is perfect! :thumbsup:

EDIT: BTW, it's 10 PM on Day 3, so not too far in.
Nice, I'll give it a try, when my exams are over... :suicide:

Thank you so much for this awesome B-day present!! :D
Is the civilian not supposed to upgrade into a Badass? And instead to a Pyromaniac?
I DL it and it took forever...I guess it was the time of day or something (50:00 minutes at 37kb a second is SLOW!). I am going to start a game now :)
Haha....exam's over...downloading now can't wait to see what other think of it. This is by far the most interesting scenario I've ever play...require a fair amount of managing and brain-juice but not super micromanaging. XD
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