Ethnic Artstyles (graphics mod)


Jul 7, 2020
Hello everyone! I created this modmod so that different ethnic groups would have their respective city and improvement artstyles from Ancient to Modern eras.

To install copy "Assets" folder and paste and overwrite in AdvCiv mod folder.

This mod includes the previously made Ethnic Units Extended mod.

Classical Middle East

Medieval African

Industrial South America

Thanks to Civ4 Reimagined!


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Thanks a lot for assembling and sharing this. I guess now AdvCiv has a full community art pack, that's great, looks great! I sort of tried to coax someone into doing that a few years ago to no avail (old post).

I've given it a quick try and got a slew of failed assertions upon launching a game on account of unknown info/ enum types, e.g. ARTSTYLE_ANGLO_AMERICA. Those strings occur in a lot of places in the LSystem files. Don't know if it's just a matter of adding them to GlobalTypes.xml. No problem with the actual in-game graphics was apparent.
I believe the best policy is to add the rest of the artstyles' lines in the GlobalTypes.xml which I just did. Also my understanding is that the CIV4Civilizationinfos.xml doesn't interact with the TrueStarts files. If I'm wrong please correct me.
The TrueStarts XML files refer to the Civ/LeaderHead files, but not vice versa. So long as no civs, leaders or art styles are removed, there should be no problem. And True Starts has its own assignment of civs to art styles (which has no impact on graphics; I was just too lazy to introduce a new global type for geographical groupings of civs), so new art styles should have no impact.
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