Ethnical cleanising ??

Mîtiu Ioan

Jan 30, 2002
Timisoara, Romania
Did somebody try the next :

- it's hard to keep a big enemy city because of cultural flipping;
- so I try the next - starve them until remain 1 or 2 citizen. After this join one of your warker to the city and change "ethnical configuration" - as a result - no more betray !!

Did somebody try this ?? Seems to work everytime even I was forced sometimes to regain the city !!

That is exactly what I do. Except I usually don't starve them down as far as you. I keep some nationals at the ready, sending them along with my invasion force. Also, I use workers from a vanquished civ.

Right now, I'm planning an invasion of Persia, to pick up a couple wonders they snagged while I was fighting the Chinese and Romans. Part of the invasion force will be two caravels filled w/ my workers and settlers (settlers add two pop).
Draft'em, make workers and rejoin city as my nationality, if Despot or Commie crack the whip. While starving them, if the city is productive, move some of the citizens to mined mountains and hills, pop reduces by one per turn regardless of how much food you withhold.
i usually transform all citizens into entertainers once i conquered a metropole. I keep it this way until all resisting has ended. By then i lost a couple of poppoints and hardly ever have culture-flipping-problems. (partially because i RAZE culturally-potent-cities nearby...:p )
I prefer an ethnically mixed civilization. I keep as many alive -- and happy -- as I can. I rarely have a flip against me, but I am willing to let people live their lives as they see fit. Using gentle persuation, most decide to stay within my culture.

Maybe that's why I hardly ever lose any cities to cultural reversion.
PS. I have never razed a city. But I once saw the Zulus razing American cities, so I sent my army to Washington to "liberate" it before it was destroyed. :)

Another time, the Germans were razing cities. I just followed behind founding new ones.
I usually raze the big, culturally-strong enemy cities, because they flip too easily. However if I do capture such a city (usually if it is strategically important, or has wonders, or has access to resources/luxuries) I fortify some weak, usually conscript, unit in it and surround it my stronger units, in this way, the city is still protected against counter-attacks but if it flips, I don't lose much and can recapture it straight away.

If the enemy city is not of any particular value, but the location is good, I sometimes raze the city and build my own city in the spot previously occupied by the destroyed city.

I usually have lots of workers left over from destroyed civs, so the new cities can pe repopulated with those workers - no danger of flipping, but you can get a quite productive city quickly.

I sometimes even name that new city the same as the city previously standing on that spot!
Taking Firaxis' explanation into account it doesn't help at all to add own nationals. I starve cities down or use the whip for temples and libraries once the resisters have been quelled. And I raze cities of limited strategic value.
Originally posted by Mapache
Taking Firaxis' explanation into account it doesn't help at all to add own nationals.

I know - but it really works !! I experienced flipping just 2 times when I use this technique !!

So I put this question to be sure if is just a random fact or other experimented the same ...

Here's my strategy:

No killing, no starving, no razing, no whipping...

Just move in a bunch of troops at first, then build temples, libraries and cathedrals as fast as I can. I also make sure they have a market place and are connected to my trade network so they get their fair share of luxuries.

Resistance will end within the first few turns, and before too long there will be smiles all over the place. Then I start gradually removing the troops, as their presence is no longer needed... :king:
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