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  1. ArbitraryGuy

    ArbitraryGuy Rusty Shackleford?

    Jul 11, 2003
    Europa Europa 3: The European Empires Mod

    By: ArbitraryGuy
    Original Map: Arne

    Version 3.1 Patch is here. If you have previously installed EE3, just install EE3.1 over it.

    The Main Files:
    Download Europa Europa 3.1 here.
    *Thanks to Aussie_Lurker for uploading this.

    Requires Civ 4 Patch version 1.52!
    Works with 1.61. Not for Warlords.

    A note from the author (please read!)

    Other people's work based on EE3 (you need the main files):
    1380 AD Scenario by id52 :goodjob:
    EE3.1 on a smaller map by Crash757
    EE3:Expanded on a nicely revised version of the map by V. Soma (Change Log)
    The Much Anticipated Unique Units EE3 Add-On!!! by Gunner

    For those who have the white flag problem, do both of these: (1)White Flag Fix and (2) srdjann's New Color Vals. Thanks srdjann! :) and (3) the fixed Bzantine Flag to add to the flag files

    New Religions, New Civs, New Resources, New Civics, Colonial Wonders, World Exploration Techs, and Two Scenarios!
    Requires Civ 4 Patch v1.52. Supports multiplayer. Stay tuned for updates and patches.

    There are several ways to build your small kingdom into a mighty European empire. You may raise massive armies to crush your foes, which is pretty standard. Or, you may play as the British and try establishing a mighty overseas colonial empire. Or, you may be the Dutch and establish East Asian trade monopolies. Or, if religion is your game, play as the Pope and assert ecclesiastical control over secular kingdoms.

    Have fun and let me know your comments, complaints, questions or concerns. :)

    Installation and Play
    0. If you have earlier versions of the Europa Europa Mod, it is highly recommended that you delete the old folder and old WBS files before installing the new ones.
    1. Put the "EE3" folder in /Mods/ folder (not the one in My Games!!!)
    2. Put both *.Civ4WBS files in the /PublicMaps/ folder (not the one in My Games!!!)
    2. Boot up Civ4, go to advanced->loadmod->Europa Europa 3. Game will restart, after restart go play->load a scenario-> "Europa Europa 3 - Original" or "Europa Europa 3- Extended".Or, just start up a Europa Europa 3 Scenario and the mod should load automatically.
    3. Have fun!?!

    Note: Random maps are NOT recommended.

    EE3 -Original Scenario
    This scenario has the following 10 civilizations...
    British Empire
    Austrian Empire
    German Empire
    French Republic
    Spanish Empire
    Russian Empire
    Ottoman Empire
    Kingdom of Sweden
    Kingdom of Italy
    Kingdom of Poland

    EE3 - Extended Version
    This scenario has the following 18 civilizations...
    Kingdom of England
    Kingdom of Scotland
    Kingdom of Castile
    Kingdom of Aragon
    Kingdom of France
    Kingdom of Russia
    Dutch Republic
    Kingdom of Denmark
    Kingdom of Prussia
    Holy Roman Empire
    Papal States
    Republic of Venice
    Kingdom of Sweden
    Ottoman Empire
    Kingdom of Poland
    Grand Duchy of Lithuania
    Kingdom of Hungary
    Kingdom of Bohemia

    Colonial System
    Europe has very few luxury resources (chiefly wines, furs, and silver). In order to gain control of luxury resources you must establish either an overseas trading empire or vast colonial dominions. To do so, you must research the exploration techs (e.g. African Coast or East Asian Sea Route) and build Monopoly and Colonial Wonders before your European rivals do. These wonders provide the luxuries you need to placate your homeland and profit from other civilizations. Two resources will help you build these wonders faster. African Slaves allow one to establish most colonies quicker and Opium allows one to monopolize Asian trade routes faster.

    EE3's changes from previous versions:
    -Better rivers
    -Other map tweaks
    -A brand new scenario
    -Colonial System
    -New Resouces
    -Various tweaks and balances

    Troubleshooting FAQ
    Q: I can't change civics on the civics screen.
    A: Download and install the official CIV Patch 1.52.

    Patch 3.1
    -Nerf barbs in Italy
    -Gave Italy some Iron
    -New King for Hungary: Matthias the Just
    -Nerf barbs all over (no more longbowman barbs)
    -Fixed spelling errors and mistakes pointed out by posters (Hungarian citynames, Lithuanian leadername, etc)
    -Later Council of Nicea and Spread of Islam. They now require Writing.
    -Improved Carpathian Basin (thanks V. Soma!)
    -UN renamed to EU
    -Slowed spread of Catholicism from 150 to 100 to slow it down.
    -Slaves go obselete with Assembly Line
    -Replace Dutch Republic with Byzantium lead by Justinian
    -Rivers in Italy (thanks Sapon!)
    -Zurich renamed to Basel
    -Euro-ize the non-European wonders:
    Pyramid to The Magna Carta, requires Monarchy
    Great Library to Leonardo's Workshop, requires Engineering, gives 1 free engineer, artist, and scientist!
    Great Lighthouse to The Hanseatic Leauge, requires Guilds
    Angkor Wat to to St. Peter's Basilica, requires Construction
    Chichen Itza to Malbork Castle, requires Construction
    Spiral Minaret to The Roman Curia, requires Council of Nicea
    Taj Mahal renamed to The Leaning Tower
    Statue of Liberty to Mozart's Sonatas, requires Music
    Three Gorges Dam to Alqueva Dam, requirement unchanged
    Pentagon to NATO
    West Point renamed to Military Academy
    Mt. Rushmore renamed to National Monument
    Hanging Gardens removed
  2. ArbitraryGuy

    ArbitraryGuy Rusty Shackleford?

    Jul 11, 2003
    Screenies, v3.0

    Some exploration techs and the monopolies/colonies that they allow.

    The civs. Red dot means they're in the original scenario. Blue dot means they're in the Extended Scenario.

    The new resources (available via Colonies and Monopolies only). Opium, Chinaware, Tea, Tobacco, Cotton, and Slaves.

    The five religions of this mod.

    The missionaries of the Christian Religions are differentiable by the cross on their respective Bible and color of robe, too.

    The new civics!

    Only some civs can research and found some religions, here's a look at the Protestant Reformation techs

    I'm proud of the religion icons I ripped from EU2 :crazyeye:!
  3. userlain

    userlain Chieftain

    Oct 27, 2005
    This looks pretty kickin' rad. I'll have to give it a whirl.
  4. woodelf

    woodelf Bard Retired Moderator

    Jun 12, 2003
    I'm very interested to see how this plays. Good job.
  5. Head Serf

    Head Serf Emperor

    Aug 6, 2005
    Michigan, USA
    Wow, this looks fantastic. Now all I have to do is wait until Christmas to get Civ4...
  6. Yestin

    Yestin Chieftain

    Nov 30, 2005
    I'm downloading it now. I have a question though, why only let Russia be Orthodox and Ottomans as Islam? If Moses can be born in England, then why can't Mohammad found Islam in France? Maybe keep it the way you have it now?

    Well I'll play and post again after I've experienced the mod.
  7. DeathCyclops

    DeathCyclops Chieftain

    Nov 12, 2005
    In the tree, next to your house
    In the game, you have some funny moutains that have forests on them.:crazyeye: Was this intentional? Also, (im not sure if both sides need writing tech for open borders...if so i have another thing) Some asked for open borders with me before I got writing tech. Another mistake?(disregard this (and tell me too) if only one person/side needs writing tech for open borders)
  8. ArbitraryGuy

    ArbitraryGuy Rusty Shackleford?

    Jul 11, 2003
    Only one person needs writing for open borders, its from the normal game.
    I didn't do the map, Arne did... but where are the funny mountains?


    Yeah, I don't know if I'll even do this... that was just an idea to be thrown out. I will be changing great people names to only European people, though.

    Thanks for your interest. I hope you enjoy.
  9. kalif

    kalif am start

    Oct 31, 2005
    big up!!! :goodjob:
    all is working fine untill now. keep up the good work :)
  10. MrThing

    MrThing Warlord

    Nov 8, 2003
    This sounds like a great mod - it is like Civ4 meets Europa Universalis! Right up there with cheese and cholate meeting in cholate cheesecake.

    Thanks a lot!
  11. Yestin

    Yestin Chieftain

    Nov 30, 2005
    OK now I've played the mod.

    I was the Teutonic Order (I always liked playing them in Age of Empires 2), on Noble difficulty, with normal game time. Very fun! For me this mod is more fun then the regular game, but I think that is because you allow the game to focus on a less abstracted game area, while still allowing large amounts of diversity in the game experience.

    A few comments:

    Catholicism becomes the dominant religion rapidly which is fine, but it comes so early in history that by getting the founding technology, I had the holy city of every civilization's religion for 3000 years. Only Orthodox Russia and Islam France were not part of my religion, funny how my example of Islam in France actually happened in my game! This allowed me to negotiate peace whenever it was beneficial to me, but I imagine the game would be quite a bit harder if I didn't get the founding technology first. With the Shrine, all the economic buildings, and Wall Street, my holy city produced 400 gold with 10% taxes:king: . Unfortunately I have no real solution to this problem, as a later founding would mean that the entire ancient era would be without religion, and a pre-Christian religion would be too dominant to really reflect the later Europa game. I like alternative history, but it's hard to imagine Europe without the influence of Christianity on it's politics and culture (I don't want to start a flame war about this though!).

    I was thinking that potentially it could be coded that there are pre-Christian religions either Paganism as a catch-all or the specific ancient European religions like druidism and that Norse one. These religions would act regularly except when a form of Christianity or Islam spreads into a city, it would displace (eliminate) all the old religions, this could also destroy the old temples, but I don't know if that would be balanced. This way, ancient Europe would get to have religion, but you wouldn't have to make catholicism appear so early.

    The main pitfall of this plan is that the time difference between catholicism and the later ones would be too small, perhaps the number of beakers required for the medieval and renaissance technologies could be increased, with the years-per-turn decreased to preserve the later game. This would give catholicism enough turns to spread in-game, without it taking 3,000 years to spread across Europe.

    Despite this, I do like the dynamics of the appearance of Protestantism and such. I did not experience the increased unhappiness of non-state religions though, or at least the display didn't show that as separate from the normal "We are crowded" complaint.
  12. Arne

    Arne King

    Apr 24, 2001
    Rostock (GER)
    Great idea. :)
    How about making them a little more differentiable by using colours? For example using a grey, brown, black/white, red or purple coat skin for the different missionars.

    Yes, it was. ;) If you want to have a look into the original map, here is the CFC map-thread.
  13. onedreamer

    onedreamer Dragon

    Oct 21, 2004
    Torino - Italia
    Nice concept I'm gonna test it soon :)
    please change the name of the italian "empire" leader to Victor Emmanuel II when you get the chance to.
  14. JamieCiv4Files

    JamieCiv4Files Chieftain

    Oct 22, 2005
  15. ArbitraryGuy

    ArbitraryGuy Rusty Shackleford?

    Jul 11, 2003
    Thanks, Arne... and thanks for letting me use your map. Yeah, I think I will differentiate the missionaries a bit more for the next version. Thanks for the feedback.

    It'll be in the next version. I hope you enjoy my work.

    Thanks for the feedback, Yestin. I'm trying to produce a quality mod here, and everyone's input helps. :goodjob:

    As for the religions... I can think of two ways right now to solve the problem you described.

    1) Events spawning some religions randomly (like a Reformation event and a John Calvin event).

    2) What I like better: only one religion per city. Upon conversion, the old religion gets wiped out... I think it'd add importance to missionaries and the negative happiness bonus for nonstate religion would mean more. Wouldn't apply to holy cities. Anyone know how to do the python for this... should be pretty easy.

    Also, it's wierd that you didn't get negative due to nonstate religion in your cities... what was your civic when you checked? (Negative should only work with the first 3 civics - Pagan through Theocracy).

    Thanks... there will be new versions in the future (esp. over the holidays).

    Thanks for your input everyone!
  16. Shqype

    Shqype Shqyptar

    Nov 15, 2005
    New York + Shqypni
    Where does your Catholic cross come from?
  17. Yestin

    Yestin Chieftain

    Nov 30, 2005
    I was Pacifism so that explains the lack of unrest, great work on the map man, keep it up.
  18. Bill3000

    Bill3000 OOOH NOOOOOOO! Supporter

    Oct 31, 2005
    How did you get non-state religions to cause unhappiness?
  19. V. Soma

    V. Soma long time civ fan

    Apr 13, 2004
    What about Hungary?

    Couldn't at least Austria be Austria-Hungary?

    HUngary was from the Middle Ages on until 1918
    an important power in Eastern-Central Europe
  20. Gladi

    Gladi The ignored thread killer

    Dec 24, 2003
    EU- Czechia, City of Hundred Spires
    Bright day
    What about Bohemia? Byzantines, Bulgars, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese...
    There are too many viable candidates.

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