Europa Europa SG


Jan 8, 2006
Seattle, WA
Runs on Europa Europa mod (expanded version)

Difficulty: Monarch

Victories: Any

Leader: Alexander VI of the Papal States (I chose him because I hadn't played him before)

Speed: Epic ((NOTE: Please open the Expanded EE Scenario (found in PublicMaps) and delete the MaxTurns line under "BeginGame")


1) hamtastic
2) vovan
3) ruff_hi
4) munterpipe
5) icelion
6) open
Yeah, Icelion, I really like the Europa Europa mod, so I figured I'd see if anyone else was interested. I just posted a notice in the mod's thread, so maybe that'll stir up some more interest. I'm definitely counting you in, though, so just wait for more notice...
I love Europa Europa....Iv have played a couple games on it already....what is this whole succesion game thing though, never heard of it.

Can someone explain....And in case I do end up playing after someone explains it, I'm Prussia:D
So, Cali_love, the way it works is that somebody (I guess me) would start up a game, play some number of turns (people usually start with something like 20 for the first round and then 10 for later rounds), and then upload the save to the forum. Then the next player plays that save and does the same. It's interesting because you get to see how other people play on your game and you get to work on a very limited set of turns to do well. You can check out a whole bunch of other examples here in the Succession Games forum...
Hamtastic, I'll play, as long as we set the game up to load a mod (as opposed to putting the mod into the CustomAssets directory), because I'm playing some games with no mods / no cheating, so yeah... :) Also, I've never played this mod, so if it's much different from the base game, expect me to make n00b mistakes. :)

(BTW, you mentioned in the other thread you were thinking of making this an Emperor game. I never tried emperor, so... see the n00b mistakes disclaimer again. :))

Vovan, not sure what you mean about setting the game up to load a mod... I just followed the directions from the mod page, which means putting the mod in the Mods folder and the scenarios in the Public Maps folder. It doesn't load up normally when I start Civ, though, so this is probably what you mean. I'm going to post a start today, though, and I'll probably use one of the civs I haven't used before so I'll be more likely to make mistakes too. :)
California Love said:
I love Europa Europa....Iv have played a couple games on it already....what is this whole succesion game thing though, never heard of it.

Can someone explain....And in case I do end up playing after someone explains it, I'm Prussia:D

A SG is where one player takes a set of turns, usually 10 and then posts the save and a synopsis of what happened during your turns. It's meant to be more like telling a story than just listing I did this here.. and then this here... oh and I also did this.

They are a lot of fun and you can learn a ton from the other players.

Well, so here goes.

I start and choose Papal States. I've played this mod a few times, but never as Papal States, so I figured it would be better for the others playing if I had to sort of work at it anew as well. Here we are in all our glory:


In this mod, we don't get to choose our starting city location - all cities are already settled. So I'm not going to get feedback on where to settle :( In any case, here is our shockingly lovely city of Rome.


Pretty good location: three resources within the fat cross, and a wine which we'll grab eventually. This is probably a good time to mention something about resources in this game. Luxuries are shockingly rare. I think the only ones that exist are silver, fur, wines, and 2-3 incenses somewhere. To get more luxes, you have to build :hammer: "colony" wonders which give you 5 of some type of resource. So we'll have to get on to that later... Anyway, for now we should be happy that we have two within close range.

While you feast your eyes :eek: on that, I'm going to go do some other work. My turnset will follow soon.
Great! A lurker! I agree, the mod is interesting - hope we give you some interesting stuff to read. Towards that goal, perhaps I should start with my turnset:

4000: Time dawns: As noted before, the town is already settled. I send our warrior northwest to explore.

3960: Choosing a tech to research. One thing about this mod is that the religion spread rate is a little crazy. So being the founder of Catholicism is very advantageous. We should (mostly) beeline for Catholicism and a great prophet to get the shrine running. Still, I research fishing first so we can work our water tiles, particularly that tasty fish to the southwest (anchovies?). Our people are skilled financially, so reaping the profits of the sea is one of our best plans.

3920: We meet our first neighbor, the Venetian Leonardo Loredano and give him peace.

3800: A forest grows near Rome. Woo hoo and stuff! ;)

3760: Our warrior spots marble and wheat. Looks like a great city location, especially since it blocks Leonardo's path to the west.

3680: Our brilliant people discover fishing, and decide to research round rolling things we call the wheel. Once we get that, pottery, and writing, we can research Council of Nicaea, which grants Catholicism. (and we probably will get it since our starting techs were two needed for it)

3640: Rome finsihes building a warrior. I start a work boat and switch our worked tile to the silverf mountain north of Rome. It drops time for the workboat by 6 turns and adds 7 to growth, but once the boat is done, our cities will eat all the fish and grow much faster. (also didn't want to work any of the other tiles so as to not add to research time). The massive culture of Rome increases our borders, and we spot a barbarian city to the southest.

3600: Our warrior, exploring near the barbarian city of Basel (to the northwest), is ambushed by a barbarian archer. Fortunately, his excellent position on a forested mountain allows him to defeat the archer. :thumbsup:

3440: Our warrior finishes healing from his battle with the barbarian archers and continues his explorations.

3360: We meet Barbarossa, of the Holy Roman Empire. For some reason, I am unable to capture images of Barbarossa, so I cannot convey his majestic appearance.

The rest of the time of my rule goes uneventfully, and the next ruler is ready to take over.

Some comments for the next might ruler, hereby called Vovan:

I have manually set the tile we're working right now, might want to pay attention to that.

We should most likely continue on our path to Catholicism. Obviously, mining and bronze working could be nice, but I feel they can wait - we need religion! :worship: (sorry, I don't want to be too much telling you what to do :( , but this one seems important to me. After we play a little more, I'll run out of demands :) )

Another city would be great for us - there are a few different spots that could all work ok, but I think I'm most fond of 5 west of Venice. That way we get some resources and block Leonardo's expansion. If it were me, I would probably just move the mighty Papal warrior back to the future city site to help keep the settler safe.

And I suppose Stonehenge would be great to help us get a great prophet for the shrine. Lots of stuff to do, and some decisions coming up. I figured 20 turns for everyone through the first round.
I'd love to join, but I'm not at all familiar with the Europa Europa mod, (or any mods for that matter.) So if that's a problem I'll lurk instead.
Munterpipe, that's fine. As far as I know, I'm the only one who's agreed to play who's familiar with this mod. I really like it though. Here is a link to the original mod thread so you can get the mod and instructions on it. (Oh, and by the way, I would suggest to everyone that after you've got the mod in the right place, you just double click on this game to load it. That way you don't have to load up civ and then restart it to load the mod...)
Heh, feel absolutely free to tell me what to do, Hamtastic. :) I like when people do that, because if I know what to do myself, I can easily ignore advice, but if I don't, and nobody said anything, then I make a random choice, and there is distinct possibility of :smoke:.

Any way, I see it and will play in a couple hours.

count me in (if I am in time) - do MODs allow the running of custom assets (ie loggers?)
munterpipe, ruff_hi, I've added you to the roster and I bumped icelion to the end, since I know he's been quite busy and has a few different SGs to post to anyway.

I would imagine the MOD allows you to run the custom assets, but I'm not completely sure, since I don't really try to very much. Maybe you could tell me? :)
Alright, playing now, though the report will be sort of brief, as I am sort of in a hurry and would otherwise have to postpone till tomorrow or monday.

Also, just got the mod - we are talking EE v3.1, correct?

Vovan, Yep, version 3.1. I don't know if it will be a problem, but I recommend doing the fix I placed up in the first post (removing the max turns so we can actually play on Epic length - otherwise it ends in 1800 on epic). A brief report is certainly fine - I look forward to it.
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