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[BNW] Europe 2014 Mod Leader Icons Help

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Creation & Customization' started by nguyenforthewin13, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. nguyenforthewin13

    nguyenforthewin13 Chieftain

    Jul 5, 2017
    For the past two weeks, I have been making a Europe 2014 mod, based off of the famed Earth 2014 mod on Steam. I am very far along, and now because I'm leaving to France for two weeks, where modding will be impossible, I'm asking for some help.

    Basically, I've completed the vast majority of the new art for the additional civilizations I've made for the Europe 2014 mod - I've made 13 new civs to accompany the 9 original ones from Earth 2014. All the new Civs have loading maps and leaderscreens, which I made using Gimp, and I also made Civ Symbol Atlases (although I may modify a number because some of them have seemed to come out blurry). I didn't know how to make DoM screens, so I'm just going to use the same one, an oilified image of the European Parliament, for all the Civs. Below I've included some of the Civ maps I made to show what I've done.

    Spoiler Netherlands :


    Spoiler Sweden :


    Spoiler Serbia :


    Spoiler Syria :


    Spoiler European Parliament :


    Spoiler Viktor Orban :


    Spoiler Matteo Renzi :


    Spoiler Abdullah II :


    However, while I am done with all that, I still need to do Leader Icons. I think that I could figure out how to do the Leader Icons, but it seems somewhat more difficult to do and more time-consuming than the other tasks I've done. Since I'm going to be gone for an extended amount of time, I figured that it might be prudent of me to ask for help on these forums.

    These are the Civs that I would want Leader Icons done for:

    Italy - Matteo Renzi
    Spain - Mariano Rajoy
    Netherlands - Mark Rutte
    Sweden - Fredrik Reinfeldt
    Poland - Donald Tusk
    Greece - Antonis Samaras
    Iraq - Nouri al-Maliki
    Hungary - Viktor Orban
    Morocco - Mohammed VI
    Ukraine - Petro Poroshenko
    Syria - Bashar al-Assad
    Serbia - Ivica Dacic
    Jordan - Abdullah II

    I would really prefer if the Leader Icons were done in a similar style to the ones in the Earth 2014 mod, with the rippling flag background.

    As for the other parts of my mod, I'm almost done. Basically everything is done except my map (which I need to add the new City-States I made to - it's pretty big, being the Europe South map on Steam Workshop), the new unique units for the new Civs, and the new Islamism ideology I plan on making as a replacement for Order for Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

    If I could get some help to push this project to completion, that would be amazing. Thanks for reading this!

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