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Event Horizon - Improved Game Experience for Rising Tide

Discussion in 'CivBE - Released Mods' started by Gaia_, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. Gaia_

    Gaia_ Chieftain

    Mar 30, 2016
    This mod is essentially a completion and extension of work started with Tidal Balance as discussed in this thread. Other notable discussions that have influenced this mod are the rising tide blance megathread as well as the megathread on rebalancing the virtue trees (to mention just a few). The main motivation for this work however was my personal dissatisfaction with what was supposed to be my favorite game.

    Steam link for the Mod

    For a more readable version I recommend the attached PDF file: View attachment EventHorizonModV42.pdf

    Acknowledgments: I had no prior experience nor knowledge of modding and I want to give my special thanks to Lilgamefreek, Machiavelli, Monocer, Polycrates, Ryika and WHoward who have wittingly and sometimes unwittingly guided me in this process.

    This is not a conversion mod and its aims are:
    1. Fix inherent bugs/flaws or provide a workaround
    2. Extend the game so that more of what it has to offer can be enjoyed before victory is achieved
    3. Address imbalances that reduce the impact of choices made and tend to flatten the game experience
    4. Add some flavor items which otherwise won’t impact the pace of a regular game whilst increasing the overall “fun” factor (I am aware that this point is quite dangerous since it leaves the door open for scope creep … for this reason, I will try to keep these items in a separate mod)

    Issues to be addressed

    I. Outright Flaws:
    1. Resource-independent Improvements can be built on resources preserving the resource and yield
    2. Strategic Resources from Trading “create” new resources and allow resource-dependent buildings to be built in every city
    3. Client Crashes when entering Orbital View once a sufficiently large number of satellites are in orbit
    4. Advanced Options: even on a Massive Map the UI won’t allow selecting more than 10 Sponsors
    5. Transcendence Victory: it is necessary to wipe the enemy that build the Mind Flower to prevent victory

    II. Game Pace:
    1. Affinity Victory Requirements should be maximum level and Contact Victory needs to be reworked
    2. Tech Cost Growth Rate needs to be increased and outer Techs should yield relatively more Affinity pts
    3. Exploration Affinity Rewards need to be reworked or removed since there has been a huge increase in sites not to mention the additional Artifact rewards
    4. Science and Tech from Covert Ops can have a huge impact on game peace but as an exclusive strategy it should really only be viable for ARC and Chungsu whilst maintaining its function to augment and complement game play for the other sponsors
    5. City Development is too strong and shouldn’t be the best use of Hammers unless you’re Al Falah
    6. Insightful Agreement can easily double your early Science output
    7. Health – too easy to get this up high relatively quickly resulting in a near constant boost of +20% Growth, Science, Culture and Production (+30% with Resurrection Device)
    8. Free Techs and Affinity Levels from Virtues (2 Techs and 3 Affinity Levels), Memetworks (free Affinity) and Institute (free Tech); most of it is fine and involves meaningful Strategic choice except for the free Affinity from Might (a no-brain game finisher for affinity victories) and the free Tech/Affinities from Virtue Synergies that usually come late enough to have a big impact without much planning.
    9. Perk stacking from Virtues, Personality Traits, Diplomatic Agreements, Health + Artifact Rewards can create huge inflation of a particular focus item. Whilst the addition of new perks and the ability to stack these is welcome some adjustments should be made that take this into account. Example: you can have several perks that reduce the cost of a Tech simultaneously (-10% from Metaresearch Methods, -15% from Machine-Assisted Free Will, -20% from Skunkworks; -10% from Scientific Grant Program = -55%); and several perks that increase the Science output (+20% from Virtues +30% potentially from Health , +10% from Building if at war, +5% from Augmentary, +15% from Lasercom Satellites, etc.); in other words, you can easily quadruple your game progression speed without Growth/Expansion or other significant Trade-offs.

    III. Game Balance and Relative Value Considerations:
    1. Sponsors are quite unbalanced and in my opinion each one should have distinct strengths that force strategy differentiation for efficient play
    2. Wonders: some are great whilst many others are just there as a Hammer sink providing little more than a bit of Diplomatic Capital
    3. Specialist Yields are underwhelming compared to terrain yields
    4. Max Hybrid Affinity Units can be obtained much earlier as opposed to their pure Affinity counterparts
    5. Energy Consumption doesn’t scale properly causing an ever increasing Energy surplus mid/late game
    6. Biome Marvels are a great addition but they also reduce the number of improvable tiles
    7. Improvements: Nodes provide the same Energy yield as generators and yet they also provide a strong defensive bonus making the latter redundant; Titanium Mine yields +5 Production (+9 once you build the Alloy Foundry) – seems like an oversight since it says +3 in the code but it also adds +2 Production from the generic Mine improvement; Vertical Farming Tech provides +1 Energy and +1 Food to Farms (already the best early improvement) … that extra Energy just exacerbates the Energy inflation problem.
    8. Patrol Boats start with move 4 which gives a great advantage to Aquatic sponsors for early exploration
    9. Staggered Start invariably penalizes late arrivers on the highest difficulty levels
    10. Satellites: Fabricator and Phasal Transport come a bit too late to come into play meaningfully; Fabricators/Weather Controllers usage needs to be “gamed” to be used optimally.
    To mention just a few as the rest can be induced from the proposed changes contained in the Mod.

    Proposed Changes

    1. Sponsors
    Each Sponsor is now granted an ultimate perk when unlocking Character Trait Level 3.

    • African Union: +10/15/20% Growth when Healthy
    Ultimate: +1 Yield from Specialists.

    • Al Falah: +10/15/20% Conversion from City Developments.
    Ultimate: free Building Maintenance in the Capital.

    • ARC: +30/40/50% faster Covert Operation missions.
    Ultimate: Intrigue requirements reduced by one.

    • Brasilia: -10/15/20% Unit Maintenance
    Warscore Points increased by 30/40/50
    Gain 1/2/3 Diplomatic Capital for each unit killed.
    Ultimate: units fight at full strength even when damaged.

    • Chungsu: Start with a free Spy.
    Gain 10/15/30 Science from Covert Operations.
    Ultimate: Gain an additional Spy.

    • Franco-Iberia: +1 Culture in every City.
    Gain a free Virtue for every 10/9/8 Virtues earned with Culture.
    Ultimate: Virtue Synergy Bonus requirements reduced by one.

    • INTEGR: +3 Diplomatic Capital from Headquarters.
    Diplomatic Agreements cost 50/60/75% less.
    Purchases with Diplomatic Capital are reduced by 25/50/75%.
    Ultimate: Bonus Yields from Minor Biome Marvels.

    • Kavithan Protectorate: +10/15/20% Outpost Growth speed.
    -30/40/50% Culture and Energy cost to acquire new city plots.
    Ultimate: no Unhealth from Population in the Capital.

    • North Sea Alliance: +50/60/75% Strength for Aquatic cities.
    -50/60/75% move cost for Aquatic cities.
    Ultimate: +1 Movement for Naval units.

    • Pan-Asian Cooperative: +10/15/20% production for Wonders.
    Wonders provide +1/2/3 additional Diplomatic Capital.
    +20/35/50% speed for Worker actions.
    Ultimate: Roads and Magrails are maintenance free.

    • Polystralia: +1/2/3 Trade route slots in the Capital.
    +20/35/50% Yields from Trade routes.
    Ultimate: Trade units are free to build.

    • Slavic Federation: Satellite strategic resource requirements reduced by one.
    +4/6/8 Petroleum, Titanium and Geothermal resources.
    Ultimate: Satellites launched from the Capital may overlap by one.

    2. Loadout Options and Difficulty Levels
    • All Starship options unlocked but half of them have been replaced
    • Regular Colonists have been strengthened to provide +3 Yield (just like Specialists) except for Aristocrats that provide +4 Energy (as before) and +2 Diplomatic Capital per City
    • Mercenaries replaced with Incubators, a Satellite that provides +1 Culture +1 Production +1 Food and +1 Energy on affected tiles for 36 turns and spawns Strategic resources; any City in range also receives +10% Science overall. Colonists cost 2.5 times as much to build or buy.
    • Planetfall default range increased to 2 and Planetfall sight range increased to 5, i.e. the same as Retrograde Thrusters which now increase those ranges even further.
    • Biome Probe replaces Fusion Reactor (100 Energy) to provide sight of all Minor Marvels
    • Pod Scanner replaces Supply Module (2 pods near landing) to provide sight of all Pods
    • Hydroponics now provides a Clinic in addition to the extra Population
    • Laboratory now provides a Free Tech choice instead of just the Pioneering Tech
    • Raw Diplomacy replaces Raw Materials (Clinic) and grants a unique Building (Planetary Council) that provides +5 Diplomatic Capital per turn
    • Weapon Arsenal provides a Defense Perimeter in addition to a Combat Rover/Patrol Boat
    • Xeno Management provides an Ultrasonic Fence in addition to a Ultrasonic Emitter unit
    • AI Free Tech Engineering replaced with Ecology on Soyuz/Apollo difficulty so the AI actually starts with a defensive unit instead of rovers and also removes the Affinity bias
    • 3 New Difficulty Levels: Shenzhou (Soyuz/Apollo hybrid with an extra Worker, extra Tech: Chemistry and Affinities at Level1); Saturn (same as Apollo with one less Worker and without the extra Colonist); Jupiter (same as Apollo with an additional Worker and Colonist, all Affinities at Level 2 and 5% less Unhealth).
    • Default number of Sponsors increased to 12 by for Massive Maps; this can always be reduced but the UI is programmed so that you can’t increase the number again beyond 10
    • Descriptive names have been added to Exoplanets.
    • Some previously hidden options have been made visible: Permanent War/Peace; No Health; No Virtues.

    3. Tech Web
    • Tech cost has been increased progressively: Tier 2 Leafs and Tier 3 Branches +15%; Tier 3 Leafs and Tier 4 Branches +32%; Tier 4 Leafs +52%; Tier 5 Branches +75%; Tier 5 Leafs +101%
    • Some “Distractor” Techs have been removed and what they provided has been folded into a similar Tech with same cost: Planetary Survey -> Pioneering; Alien Biology -> Alien Lifeforms; Alien Hybridization -> Protogenetics; Industrial Ecology -> Bioengineering
    • Nanorobotics: +1 Health from Manufactories in addition to +1 Science
    • Surrogacy: Tooltip and perk fixed to grant +50% Worker Speed (was +10% AND +50%)

    4. Land and Sea
    • Embarkation move rate increased to 3 tiles; Colonists and Workers +1 Move rate (Land)
    • Orbital Automation Tech increases embarkation speed to 4
    • Drydocks can be built in Coastal cities also
    • Max Tier Rovers can Hover on Land (over Canyons) but need to embark to cross water; to compensate, they get an intrinsic +50% defense when embarked (to help out the AI mostly)
    • Gunboats can remove Satellites just like Siege units
    • Hover units can no longer enter ocean tiles (unless there is a Reef)

    5. Covert Operations
    • National Project effects strengthened to 2% per Agent (was 1% for most)
    • Steal Technology Mission removed
    • Intrigue requirements for Siphon Energy, Steal Science and Recruit Defectors increased by one; Propaganda Campaign is the new entry level mission and does not require any intrigue
    • Difficulty and Intrigue Generation adjusted so they increase in line with intrigue requirements; base intrigue generation increased by 25%.
    • Free Agent from CEL Cradle replaced with 20% reduced chance to die in an operation; this is actually an improvement for ARC/Chungsu; Food retained is a strong alternative for others.
    • Subtle (Personality Trait) increased Intrigue Generation by 20/40/60% (was -15/20/25% reduction in Cov Ops mission times) and -20/25/30% Agent risk modifier (same)
    • Special Ops (Foreign Policy): Cov Ops missions complete 15/20/25% faster (was 25/35/50%)
    • Affinity Operations (Dirty Bomb, Call Worm Strike, Sabotage) require Affinity 12 (was 10)

    6. City Spacing and Land Grab
    • Min City Range increased to 4 (was 3); Earthling Settlements still at 3 and Station/Aquatic City move to min range still at 2. Personally, I find that this improves the game experience a great deal both in terms of more land being taken as well as taking away some of the annoyance of having to take countless cities from AIs that simply won’t settle for peace.
    • Energy and Culture Tile Cost for later City plots reduced by 20%.
    • Thermohaline Rudder Quest now reduces move cost by an additional 20% (up from 10%)
    • Headquarters now provide +1 City Strike Range, +10 Defense (was +6) and +25HP since Capitals are more vulnerable with wider spacing; also helps against stronger Aliens.

    7. Resources and Improvements
    • Strategic Resources from International Trade have been removed since additional resources are “created” with each Trade Route not to mention the side effect that having one of these allows resource-dependent buildings (e.g. Observatory) to be built in all of your Cities
    • New Foreign Policy Agreement Space Pirates replaces Liquid Resources (additional Resources from Trade Routes) and provides +20/35/50% Plunder from Trade Routes.
    • Improvements that do not require a resource will remove the resource.
    • Geothermal visible with Ecology; Power Systems adds an extra resource instead of +1 Energy
    • Planetary Economics adds an extra resource to improved Floatstone and Firaxite
    • Minor Biome Marvels have yields: Abandoned Alien City (Arid) +1 Culture and +2 Science; Alien Structure (Frigid) +1 Energy +1 Culture +1 Science; Giant Hydracoral Brain (Aquatic) +1 Food +1 Production +1 Science; Meteorite Crater (Primordial) +2 Production +1 Energy; Alien Fungus (Fungal) +3 Food; Alien Remains (Lush) +1 Culture +1 Science +1 Production.
    • Node base yield reduced to +2 Energy (was 3); build time reduced by 33%
    • Vertical Farming Tech now only adds +1 Food to Farms (was +1 Food and +1 Energy)
    • Petroleum now yields +1 Production unimproved (and +4 Energy with Petroleum Well)
    • Titanium now yields +1 Production unimproved (+4 with Mine; so one less overall)
    • Floatstone Quarry now provides +2 Culture instead of +3 Energy
    • Academies and Biowells are restricted to land terrain (and can no longer be built on water)
    • New Thunder Dome Improvement: requires several Techs and two Affinities at 12 to shine

    8. Satellites
    • Tech requirements for Fabricator and Phasal Transporters reduced: Planetary Engineering / Cybernetics (Tier 5 Branch Techs) instead of Autogyros / Geoscaping (Tier 5 Leaf Techs).
    • Weather Controllers spawn up to 3 Basic Resources but without guarantee
    • Orbital Fabricators spawn up to 4 Strategic Resources but without guarantee
    • New Plant Forest Improvement added: removes any resource and improvement; unlocks with the Protogenetics Tech; requires Plains/Grassland/Tundra; allowed outside borders.
    • New Foreign Policy Agreement Orbital Kaleidoscopes replaces Orbital Defense Network (increased City anti-orbital strike) and provides 2/3/5 Culture per deployed Satellite.
    • Anti-Orbital Strike Range for units reduced to zero (must be on same tile)
    • Solar Collector increases City Energy yield by 15% (was 20%)
    • Resource requirements: all Satellites that didn’t require any resource now cost 1 Petroleum resource, except for the Paean (costs 2 Petroleum) and the TacNet Hub (requires none). This greatly reduces the overall number of deployed satellites and thus the occurrence of late game client crashes when entering orbital view on larger maps.
    • Deep-Space Telescope: +25% Science for City in range and +1 Science on affected tiles
    • All-Seeing Eye: removes all intrigue and has 30 Sight Range

    9. Stations
    • Station despawn timer quadrupled to 180 turns.
    • Station Strength increased to 20 +20 per tier (was 16 and 8).
    • Newly Added Stations: Base Alpha (Science/Prod), Outpost 31 (Prod), Thule Station (Food)
    • Station Sentinel Sight Range increased to three
    • Profiteering Personality Trait: Station Trade Yields increased by 20/30/45% (was 30/40/60%)

    10. Units
    • Ultimate Hybrid Upgrades require two additional Affinity levels: 8/8 for Soldiers and Patrol Boats; 9/9 for Rangers and Gunboats; 10/10 for Combat Rovers (was 6/6, 7/7 and 8/8).
    • Hybrid Unit Upgrade Requirements changed to: 5/9, 6/11, 7/13 (was 4/10, 5/12, 6/14).
    • Rocktopus: +1 Orbital Sight; +30/46 Def Strength (won't come into play whilst in Orbit); manual deorbit inherent to all upgrades; Prime Rocktopus (H14/S6) new upgrade: +1 Range.
    • LEV Destroyer: No-setup inherent to all upgrades; new upgrade choice: Indirect Fire
    • Nanohive new perk choice: reveal invisible in a 2 tile range (replaces AoE damage on death)
    • Autosled provides Orbital Coverage in a one tile radius.
    • SABR swaps position with CARVR on the Tech Web for tier consistency.
    • Drone Cage swaps position with the Battlesuit and has its passive heal doubled to 10HP
    • AEGIS is now unlocked with Civil Service instead of Surrogacy which now unlocks the Golem.
    • Throne and Architect move 3 (was 2) and have the ability to remove satellites at range one; Throne unlocks with Exotic Matter instead of Human Idealism.
    • Carriers: base cargo increased to two (three when upgraded); extra cargo upgrade choice replaced with one of the other three useful options
    • Aquilon: extra cargo inherent to all upgrades; extra movement replaces extra cargo choice.

    11. Energy and Diplomatic Capital
    • Building Maintenance increase with build cost: 2E >149P; 3E > 299P; 4E > 449P.
    • Trade Depot and Alien Preserve Quests provide +2 Diplomatic Capital instead of +2 Energy
    • Energy quests for non-energy buildings replaced with free maintenance (except Gene Gard.)
    • Field Reactor Energy yield removed (was +2) and now only provides a City % Energy increase
    • Biofuel Plant: adds +1 Energy to Algae (was +2); 2 Trader specialists moved to Gaian Well
    • Hands Never Idle Virtue: +1 Energy and +1 Diplo Capital to Specialists (not +2 Energy)
    • Alternative Markets Virtue: +4 Energy and +2 Diplo Capital per tier (instead of +6 Energy)
    • Diplo Capital removed from Holosuite and Civil Crèche and reduced to +2 for the Gene Garden and Feedsite Hub (all at +3 before changes)
    • Diplo Capital Purchases increased to 200% (was 150%)
    • Diplomatic Capital and Energy Alerts have been added (pops up on clicking the EPT icon)

    12. Specialists and Buildings
    • Specialist Yields increase by one (except for Scientists which were already at 3)
    • Entrepreneurial Spaceflight Virtue: +1 Production from all Specialists
    • Gaian Well: +2 Traders Specialists; +2 Energy (was +3) and +2 Energy from Geothermal; production choice quest has been changed to add +2 Production to Geothermal globally
    • Petroleum Well Trader has become an Engineer and the Command Center also gains an Engineer; so we now have exactly 8 Specialists of each type from all buildings.
    • Building Quests trigger instantly (too much luck dependent otherwise)
    • Quest Choices added to building help text so its immediately visible what the options are
    • Node Bank provides a teleport link to other cities with a Node Bank (land tile to land tile)
    • Neoplanetarium adds an additional Air Fighter slot to Cities
    • Repair Facility +1 Production (since Drydocks can have +3)
    • Launch Complex now also boosts Air unit production by 15%
    • Biofactory requires local Chitin instead of Petroleum (which is the resource that it boosts)
    • LEV Plant and Skycrane cost one less Floatstone

    13. Aliens
    • Non-sentient Hydracorals will now grow and re-spawn properly; they are 50% stronger and have double defense; in addition they cause 1/2/3 HP damage in a 2-taile radius (stacking)
    • 3HP Autoheal granted to Colonists/Workers/TradeUnits/Explorers to cope with this effect
    • Ultrasonic Fences Repel Strength increased to 60 (was 15) to make them more effective
    • Alien Nests provide +30% defense on same tile; nest spawn rate increased by 50% and the number of aliens from nests has been increased by 25%
    • Aliens are stronger (but not necessarily more hostile/sensitive) and spawn more frequently even towards the end game; Planet Biome differences apply as before
    • The ratio of Colossal Aliens to regular Aliens has been doubled, they will appear a bit later (turn 42 instead of turn 36), and hang around for longer (turn 360 instead of turn 125)
    • Virtues that benefit from killing Aliens and AI Alien Combat have been adjusted accordingly
    • Leash Aliens moved to Alien Adaptation (was Alien Lifeforms) and now requires Harmony Affinity 5 (was 3); Leash Colossal Affinity requirement increased to Harmony 12 (was 9).
    • Ultrasonic Emitter unlocks with Alien Lifeforms with a build cost of 95 Production

    14. Exploration

    • Explorer move rate and vision increased by one; ignores ZOC and cannot attack
    • Arrival Stagger window reduced to 12 turns (was 40)
    • Patrol Boats start with move 3; gets +1 move at any affinity level 1
    • Chance for a Research reward (20% of current research) from Resource Pods halved
    • Hurry Cost for Colonists, Trade units, Workers and Explorers increased by 25%
    • Dark Networks Tech reveals the entire map

    Artifacts reworked to make rewards more easily available while toning down their strength
    • Artifacts are awarded to human players only (since they are unique and the pool is limited)
    • Artifact Helper: preferred Reward Name added to Artifact description for convenience
    • New Category: 10 Pod Artifacts (25% Base Chance; 25% Rate Change); only drop from Resource Pods and can be combined to grant: Xenoanthropology (+30% Chance Increase to discover Artifacts – was +20%); LIDAR (+100% Expedition Speed and +1 Expedition Module); Zygotic Engineering (+100% Outpost Growth).
    • 22 Old Earth Artifacts (40% Base Chance, 20% Rate Change - was 20/10); no longer drops from resource pods but can also drop from Crashed Satellites and Sunken Vehicles; all reward buildings cost the same 100 Production: Drone Command (1 tile worked for free – was 2); Old Voice Archive (+5% to all yields when at war – was +10%); others unchanged.
    • 18 Alien Artifacts (55% Base Chance, 15% Rate Change – was 38/7); now also drop from Kraken Nests, and can be combined to grant: Sky Chitin (+30% Air unit Strength and +2 Range – was +50%/3); Tidal Navigation (+50% Ranged defense for Naval units – was +100%); new Psionic Mind-Link Project, costs 200 Production and grants a unique Avatar drone (see Additional Features for details– replaces Counter-Battery Fire); others unchanged.
    • 22 Progenitor Artifacts (70% Base Chance, 10% Rate Change – was 55/3); now also drops from Sunken Spacecrafts; all reward wonders cost the same 400 Production: Dimension Folding Complex (-25% Unhealth from Pop – was -50%); Machine-Assisted Free Will (-10% Cost for Leaf Techs – was -15%); Quantum Politics (-10% Cost for new Virtues – was -15%); others unchanged except for build cost.
    • Mixed Artifact Rewards: Soul-Discerner Training (+15% Cov Ops Mission speed – was +25%); others unchanged.

    Expedition Sites
    • Number of Expedition sites increased by 50%; Field Research Virtue adjusted accordingly
    • Science/Culture/Energy/Production/Food Yields from Artifacts (and Quests) reduced by 25%
    • Crashed Satellites and Sunken Spacecraft spawn throughout the game (5% chance per turn)
    • Far Tech and Affinity rewards from Expeditions replaced with a current Research reward

    15. Virtues

    • Survivalism (+25% vs. Aliens) is the new tree opener Virtue
    • Scavenging: earn 80% of Alien strength as Science + 40 Science from Nests (was 100/60)
    • Joint Operations (now tier 1): +2 Orbital Range and +1Culture per Tier from Station Trade
    • Martial Meditations: Earn 40% of an enemy's strength as Culture and Energy after killing it
    • Liberation Army: Can capture Outposts and Conquered Cities gain a Clinic
    • Military Infrastructure (replaces Special Service): -20% Energy cost to buy buildings.
    • Adaptive Sciences: +15% Affinity earned from researching Technologies (was +20%)
    • Democratized Quartering: -25% Unit Maintenance (was -50%)

    • Workforce Initiative: Free Worker and +1 Production in the Capital
    • Homesteading: +30% Outpost Growth and +1 Food in the Capital
    • Pathfinders: Free Explorer and +2 Expedition Modules
    • Settler Clans: +1 Food in every City.
    • Community Medicine: +1 Health every 7 Population (Replaces Mind Over Matter)
    • Joy from Variety: +0.75 Health for each Type of Basic Resource that is improved (was +1)
    • Hands Never Idle: +1 Energy and +1 Diplo Capital from Specialist (was +2 Energy)
    • Eudaimonia: 10% less negative Health (was 15%)

    • Foresight: +1 Science in the Capital; +10% Science in all Cities when Healthy
    • Field Research: 20 Science from Expeditions (was 30) and +1 Expedition Module
    • Creative Class: Earn Culture equal to 40% of net positive Health (was 30%)
    • Cohesive Class: -10% Virtue cost and +2 Culture in the Capital
    • Applied Aesthetics: Earn 0.25 Energy for every Pop (Replaces Applied Metasociology)
    • Mind Over Matter: +6 Health (Replaces Community Medicine)
    • Learning Centers: +1S from Academies, +1 Culture from Domes, +1 Food from Biowells
    • Special Service: +40% Intrigue from Covert Operations (Replaces Metaresearch Methods)
    • Monomyth: +6 Culture for every great Wonder (was +7)

    • Entrepreneurial Spaceflight: +1 Production from Specialist
    • Alternative Markets: Station Trade Routes grant +4 Energy and +2 Diplo Capital per Tier
    • Social Investment: +2P from Manufactories and +1 Production from Petroleum Wells
    • Superior Engineering: +50% Duration and +25% Production for Orbital units
    • Magnasanti: Each City generates 0.15 Health for every Building (was 0.17)

    Tier Synergy Bonuses
    • Tier 2.1: Free Virtue +10% Food in the Capital (extra Spy removed)
    • Tier 2.2: +10% Science and Culture in Capital (replaces Free Affinity)

    16. Conversion (City Development Projects)
    • Base Conversion from City Development Projects reduced to 20% (was 25%)
    • Ambitious Personality Trait adds 5/10/15% to the base conversion rate (was 10/20/30%)
    • Al Falah Character Trait adds 10/15/20% to the conversion rate (was 12.5/18.75/25%)

    17. Wonders
    All modifications are additions to the current effect unless explicitly stated.
    • Ansible: Prereq Tech Field Theory (was Exotic Matter); +20% Affinity XP (was +25%)
    • Archimedes Lever: +15% Production in this City.
    • Armasail: Movement Speed on Roads and Magrails increased by 50%.
    • Cynosure: City gains +1S for every 2 Citizens; adds +1S to Strategic Resources globally.
    • Crawler: +20% Wonder Production in every City; can also be built in Aquatic Cities.
    • Deep Memory: City gains +1C for every 2 Citizens; adds +1C to Strategic Resources globally.
    • Ectogenesis Pod: City gains +1F for every 3 Citizens; adds +1F to Strategic Resources globally.
    • Euphotic Strand: +10% Science in this City.
    • Faraday Gyre: +1E from Coast terrain worked by this City (replaces maintenance reduction).
    • Gene Vault: Gain a free Worker unit immediately.
    • Holon Chamber: Gain Science equal to 15% of Energy; can also be built in Aquatic Cities.
    • Mass Driver: Military units produced in this City start with +20XP.
    • Nanothermite: +10% Production in this City; adds +1P to Strategic Resources globally.
    • New Terran Myth: +3 Trade slots in this City; adds +2C from Trade Routes to every City.
    • Panopticon: City gains +1P for every 4 Citizens (replaces anti-orbital strike range increase).
    • Quantum Computer: Strategic resource requirements for Orbitals reduced by one.
    • Stellar Codex: Gain +1 Xenomass, Floatstone and Firaxite.
    • Xenomalleum: Adds +1 Energy to Strategic Resources globally.
    • Xenonova: 5 tiles worked for free; +1 Yield for Specialists (no unhealth penalty reduction).

    18. Diplomacy

    Personality Traits
    • Insightful: +3/5/8 Science per Diplo Agreement (was 4/8/12)
    • Progressive: +1/2/3 Health per Diplo Agreement (was 2/3/4)
    • Ambitious, Subtle, Profiteering: as mentioned in Conversion, Covert Operations, Stations

    Foreign Policies
    • Smart Grid: +1/2/3% Energy yield from Energy reserves (was +3/4/5%)
    • Estate Tax: 0.25/0.5/0.75 Energy per owned tile (was 0.5/0.75/1)
    • Market Deregulation: -10/20/30% Trade Route Pop threshold reduction (was -30/40/50%)
    • Skunkworks: -6/8/10% cost of Techs that unlock a unit (was -10/15/20%)
    • Think Tanks: -8/12/15% cost of new Virtues (was -10/15/20%)
    • Tax Havens (extra TR in cap): cost increased to 150DC + 15DC per turn (was 75/9)
    • Engineering Corps (free Workers): cost increase to 75DC + 9DC per turn (was 25/3)
    • Special Ops, Liquid Resources/Space Pirates, Orbital Defense Network/Orbital Kaleidoscopes: as mentioned in Covert Operations, Resources and Improvements, Satellites
  2. Gaia_

    Gaia_ Chieftain

    Mar 30, 2016
    19. Victory Conditions
    • All Affinity Based Victories now require Affinity Level 18
    • Victory Timers for Contact and Transcendence reduced to 36 turns (was 45)
    • Mind Stem and Xenosanctuaries no longer reduce the victory timer for Transcendence (since it is bugged and destroying the Mind Flower won’t always stop the victory timer). Mind Stem removed and Xenosanctuaries no longer cost Xenomass to build.
    • Beacon requires Dark Network Tech to build and 36,000 Energy to activate (was 1,000).
    • Emancipation requires a total 1,200 Strength (was 1,000).
    • Promised Land Earthlings spawn automatically (most of the time).

    20. Health
    • Population Unhealth increased to 0.8 (was 0.75)
    • Aquatic Cities Population Unhealth: 0.6 (was 0.375 – reduced by 25% instead of 50%)

    21. Affinities

    Affinity Point Sources
    • Tier 1: 4/12; Tier 2: 5/15; Tier 3: 6/18; Tier 4: 7/21; Tier 5: 8/24 (was 7/21 for all).
    • Transgenics Tier 4 Branch: 4pts to all affinities; Protogenetics Tier 4 Leaf: 12pts to all.
    • Field Theory: 6pts Purity/Harmony; Exotic Matter: 18pts Purity/Harmony.
    • Bioengineering: 6pts Harmony/Supremacy; Biometallurgy: 18pts Harmony/Supremacy.
    • Augmentary: 6pts Supremacy/Purity; Surrogacy: 18pts Supremacy/Purity.
    • Affinity from early quests halved; later “investment” quests grant points based on current level and turn (half a level on turn 100 increasing to a full level on turn 300 and beyond).

    Pure Affinity Perks
    • Purity 4: +3 Health from the Spy Agency
    • Harmony 4: +3 Diplo Capital from the Spy Agency
    • Supremacy 4: +3 Production from the Spy Agency
    • Supremacy 6: +2 Orbital Coverage provided by Firaxite (was +1)
    • Purity 8: +2 Energy from Terrascapes (extra Health removed)
    • Supremacy 8: -15% Maintenance for units (was -25%)
    • Purity 15: +6 Floatstone resources
    • Harmony 15: +6 Xenomass resources
    • Supremacy 15: +6 Firaxite resources

    Hybrid Affinity Perks
    • Level 2 Purity-Harmony: +1 Culture from Trade Depots (was per Affinity Level)
    • Level 2 Harmony-Supremacy: +1 Science from Trade Depots (was per Affinity Level)
    • Level 2 Supremacy-Purity: +2 Energy from Trade Depots (was per Affinity Level)
    • Level 4 Purity-Harmony: +4 Geothermal resources
    • Level 4 Harmony-Supremacy: +4 Titanium resources
    • Level 4 Supremacy-Purity: +4 Petroleum resources
    • Level 6 Purity-Harmony: -15% Unhealth from Pop (was -25%)
    • Level 6 Supremacy-Purity: -15% Unhealth from Cities (was -25%)
    • Level 10 Harmony-Supremacy: +0.25 Health per Military unit (was +0.4)
    • Level 12 (any 2) Thunderscaping: +1 Energy +1 Science and +1 Culture from Thunder Domes
    • Level 15 (any 2) Planetary Atonement: +15% Food carried over and +0.25 Energy per tile
    • Level 17 (any 2) Santiago’s Legacy: +20% Combat Strength for all units

    Added Features

    I. Terrain Improvements

    1. Thunder Dome
    o Provides: +15City HP, +15% Defense on same tile; Unlocked with Transgenics Tech
    o Base Yield: +1 Production, +1 Science, +1 Culture, +1 Food; does not override terrain yields!
    o Tech: +1F(Vertical Farming), +1S(Collaborative Thought), +1C(Civil Support), +1E(Photosystems)
    o Virtue Upgrade: +2 Production (Social Investment)
    o Any two Affinities Level 12: +1 Energy, +1 Science, +1 Culture.
    o Maintenance: 5 Energy and 2 Unhealth
    o Restrictions: Grassland, Plains, Coast (or access to Water); cannot be built next to each other

    2. Universal Gate
    o Can be built anywhere in friendly territory except Ocean tiles
    o Removes any resource, nullifies yields and cannot be pillaged
    o Heals allies in adjacent tiles for 10 HP per turn +10% defensive bonus on same tile
    o Damages enemies in adjacent tiles for 5 HP per turn
    o Maintenance: 1 Energy; Required Tech: Mechatronics

    II. Buildings

    3. Canyon Gorge Laboratory
    o Adds +2 Science to Canyon tiles
    o +3 Science from the Building +15% Science in this City
    o 600 Production Cost; 5 Energy Maintenance
    o Building Quest: Free Maintenance OR +3 Food from the Building
    o Requires Alien Ethics Tech and at least one Canyon within 2 tiles

    4. Marine Park
    o Requires Ballistic LEV Tech and an Aquatic or Coastal City
    o Provides: +1 Food (Building) AND +1 Food to Reef tiles
    o Building Quest: +1 Science OR +1 Culture from Marine Parks
    o Costs: 225 Production + 2 Petroleum; Maintenance: 2 Energy

    III. Units

    5. Arcadia Nautilus
    o Prereqs: Bioengineering Tech; all Affinities Level 8.
    o Cost: 400 Production, 1 Geothermal.
    o Combat: Strength 42, Ranged Strength 58, Range 3.
    o Other Attributes: Stealth, Moves 5 (more than any Submarine).
    o Restrictions: -50% vs. Cities; cannot pillage.

    6. Battleship Yamato
    o Prerequisites: Human Idealism Tech; all Affinities level 9.
    o Cost: 445 Production; 2 Firaxite, 2 Titanium. Mobility: moves 3.
    o Combat: Strength 54; Ranged Strength 62; Range 4 (more than any Naval unit).
    o Wave-Motion Gun: 10HP damage per turn to ALL units in a 3-tile radius (non-stacking).

    7. Battlestar/Deathstar
    o Battlestar Orbital Unit unlocked with: Astrodynamics Tech, Level 10 in all Affinities.
    o Cost: 1000 Production, 2 Floatstone, 2 Xenomass, 2 Firaxite; 60 Turns duration.
    o Effect (range 0 = same tile): Paradrop, +30% Strength, 10HP Heal; Sight Range 6.
    o Combat: Ranged Strength 92 (benefits from own buff), Range 4 (larger than any orbital).
    o Deathstar Upgrade at any two Affinities Level 17 (+500 Production):
     Inherent Upgrade Perks: +92 Ranged Strength; Extra Attack; +16 Range
     Purity/Harmony: +60% vs. Wounded OR +50% Strength in City
     Harmony/Supremacy: +50% Strength in City OR +50% Strength vs. Cities
     Supremacy/Purity: +50% Strength vs. Cities OR +60% vs. Wounded

    IV. National Projects

    8. Psionic Mind-Link
    o National Project unlocked via Alien Artifact Combo Reward; build cost: 200 Production
    o Grants a unique Avatar Drone unit
     Mobility: Move 5 Hover; Ignores Terrain Cost and ZOC
     Survival: Double Defense; Miasma Immune; Heals every turn
     Combat: Strength 18; Only Defensive; Cannot Pillage
     Exploration: +2 Visibility; +100% Expedition Speed; 9 Charges
     Passive Ability Life Drain: causes 20HP damage to adjacent Aliens each turn

    9. Prometheus Experiment
    o Prerequisites: Protogenetics Tech; Level 6 in All Affinities, Build cost: 750 Production
    o Can only be constructed in Aquatic/Coastal Cities; grants a unique Alien Monstrosity:
    o Mobility: Moves 4 on Water and 1 on Land; Ignores ZOC; Can Move after Attacking
    o Combat: Strength 48 Melee; +50% Defense; Shields nearby units (like a Golem); Autoheal
    o Other attributes: +1 Vision; cannot pillage and does not gain XP from Combat
    o Passive: 5HP damage each turn to enemies in a 3-tile radius
    o Comes with 6 Upgrades at Affinity Levels 11/11 Hybrid or 14 Pure:
     Inherent Perks: +48 Strength +30% when Attacking, +2 Move, +1 Extra Attack
     True Monstrosity: 15HP Splash Damage OR Reveal Invisible
     First Monstrosity: Reveal Invisible OR +50% vs. Cities
     Evolved Monstrosity: +50% vs. Cities OR +40% when not next to Friendly
     Elder Monstrosity: +40% when not next to Friendly OR +50% vs. Wounded
     Prime Monstrosity: +50% vs. Wounded OR 15HP Heal
     Master Monstrosity: 15HP Heal OR 15HP Splash Damage

    10. Doomsday Device
    o Requires: Orbital Automation Tech; all Affinities Level 18. Build cost: 1500 Production.
    o Doomsday Shroud: damages enemies in a 30 tile radius for 50HP per turn
    o Mobility/Vision: Moves 6 on Land, Ignores Terrain Cost and ZoC; Base Visibility 6
    o Combat/Survival: 171 Strength, Multiple Attacks per turn; Heals every turn

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