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Jan 23, 2014
In a constant brainstorm...
I start this thread to replace the old 256x256 event images with new, bigger, nicer and more atmospheric ones.

Everyone is welcome to suggest pictures from the net. Actually this is the biggest part of the job: Finding good pics. You don't need to resize/crop/convert the images, I will do that - but of course you can also do it, if you want.

General goals/rules:
  • Quality: I want to avoid low quality pics but use nice artwork instead.
  • Size: The maximum width of event images can be 400 pixels. Landscape pics look better, so I will aim for 400x300 in size.
  • No frames: The new pics won't have the frames as the old ones did. What was the purpose of it anyway? Other than further reducing the real size of the picture?
On this link you can browse all the images. In "Old - jpg" folder you find the old ones (obviously) and "New - DDS" will contain the new ones collected here.

I specifically invite @MatteM , @Sword_Of_Geddon and @keldath to this thread, thinking that they may be interested in such a project, but anyone can join. Feel free to invite any other modder or player :)
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