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Events Discussion

Discussion in 'Civ4 Fallout: Tame The Waste (FTTW)' started by Lib.Spi't, May 24, 2016.

  1. Lib.Spi't

    Lib.Spi't Overlord of the Wasteland

    Feb 12, 2009
  2. sir_blaze

    sir_blaze Chieftain

    May 21, 2016
    I still want Dogmeat a controlable unique gives 1 happiness in the location he's at cos he's awesome, maybe adds 0.5 security as well since he's a guard dog.

    event wandering the wastes you come up against a hungry dog do you
    shoot and eat it ( adds 10 food to your stores)
    feed it costs 10 food from your stores it follows you home and becomes a 1str 2 move non upgradeable dog that can't leave your territory adds 1 happiness and .5 security


    Fallout companions series 1 (all turn into unique units that can add something to the city the help govern only 1 companion per series can be had at a time)

    Ian - a wounded caravan guard stumbles into your town do you
    take him in and heal his wounds costs 50 gold he joins your city to help protect it in +1 security per turn.
    or put him out of his missery and sell his gear for 50 gold

    Katja ( must have library or equivalent built) whilst visiting the town library you happen apon katja the scavenger for a price she'll give you some information.
    for 50 gold she'll give you some documents she found adding a random amount of research to your civ,
    or she'll join you to help increase scavager camps output ( 1-2 hammers per turn to the pool)

    Tycho the desert ranger rolls into town and likes what you're doing with the place and offers to join you.
    he can offer you to help your people in 1 of 2 areas he can either help teach your workers to get the most out of the land ( adds 1 or 2 food per turn to the city production)
    or he can help train your police force in the ways of a texas ranger ( adds 1-2 safety per turn)

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