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Every civfanatic should read...

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Dec 17, 2001
Philadelphia, PA
Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies

by Jared Diamond

I challenge you to read a whole chapter without running over to your computer, drooling to play some Civ. All the developers should read it, too.

Anyway, what other books should civfanatics read?
I was going to let some discussion keep it on topic...

Guns, Germs, and Steel provides some interesting insights into how a game like Civ should work. The basic premise is that geography was the main factor in shaping the broad sweet of human history. For example, Asia and Europe developed faster than the Americas primarily due to their East-West orientation. This allowed the faster spread of Agriculture (more similar climates in an East-West orientation) and ideas.

This isn't necessarily modeled in Civ3, although you can replicate it somewhat. On a standard Earth map, it may be more difficult to spread on the Americas and contact other Civs due to the narrow bottleneck with lots of jungle.

This is a central question for me: Do we want Civ to model the real world more? Or will that ruin the fun?

Also, can a world map be designed that replicates the spread of ideas around the world?

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Well you might be waiting a while for replies if we all have to go out and find the book and then read a chapter...
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