Everyone has Player 1's color sheme/uniques in UI


Oct 26, 2009
I hope the title is good enough, I wasn't sure what to write as title...
After searching, I found no mentions of this bug. While not game breaking in anyway, I do not believe this is working as intended, and can confuse the player when wrong information is displayed.

While playing hot seat, I noticed that every human player has (some of) Player 1's UI elements.

More specifically, the color scheme on the current unit's icon is always Player 1's color scheme, independently of the current player playing or nationality of the selected unit. This doesn't aply on the unit's icon on the map, only on the bottom left corner of the screen.
Spoiler :
In this screen shot, Player 1 is Babylon and Player 2 is Egypt. Currently, an Egyptian Warrior is selected, however, in the bottom left corner, the unit's icon has Babylon's (Player 1's) color scheme (dark blue background with light blue symbol) instead of Egypt's (Player 2's) color scheme (yellow background with purple symbol).

Also, during technology selection, the unique units/buildings represented are always Player 1's, again independently of the current player playing. This, however, doesn't seem to aply in the Tech Tree Screen, where every unit is displayed correctly, nor in Tech pop-ups, nor in the city screen (while selecting production).
Spoiler :
In this screen shot, while selecting a tech as Player 4 (Greece), Hoplite doesn't show up replacing Spearman, and while hovering the pointer above the icon, only Spearman's information shows up, not Hoplite's. Also, Player 1's (Babylon's) Bowman and Walls of Babylon appear, and again, while hovering the pointer above their icons, information about the Bowman and the Walls of Babylon appear. This can also been seen in the first screenshot, where Player 2, as Egypt, has the Bowman icon.

I haven't tested with other screens as of the making of this post, however I expect everything else is correct on other screens, since these bugs only appear during the "normal view" (no pop-ups, etc.). I also don't know if this persists in strategic view or not. This does not affect anything but the information displayed on the screen (Players can't build the same uniques as Player 1, only their own, for exemple).

Again, while not a game breaking bug, it can mislead players (especially new ones) and confuse them, so I find it weird that this got no mention.
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