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Everything by Oni Ryuu

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Creation & Customization' started by Oni Ryuu, May 13, 2017.

  1. Oni Ryuu

    Oni Ryuu King

    Sep 8, 2016
    Manchester UK
    Everything by Oni Ryuu

    Projects In Development
    Spoiler :

    Para Bellum (Scenario, MP)
    Status: Concept in development
    Spoiler :
    This scenario is set in the ancient Mediterranean between 650 and 350 BC. You play as one of the ancient Greek states. Each Nation has a few unique units. Special strategic resources for those units will be placed beneath capital cities or cities of significance. All unique units are available to all civilisations and simply upgrade from the weakest unit to the strongest. Essentially, you can steal your enemy’s’ best units.

    Private Sector (Scenario, MP)
    Status: Concept in development
    Spoiler :
    It’s a modern start with a short list of units. Strategic resources have been changed to notable arms manufacturers. All of the basic units are available without the need for resources. Better versions of the standard units become accessible by acquiring contracts (strategic resources).

    Z-Ops (Scenario, Solo)
    Status: Mod in development
    Spoiler :
    This is a turn based RPG set in a zombie infested metropolis. The game has 3 player only teams with 4 characters each. You must carefully manage your chosen team so you can explore the city and find new equipment and rescue survivors.

    The Salvation of Gaia (Scenario, Solo)
    Status: Development Suspended
    Spoiler :
    Evil has reigned for many years and drained Gaia of her strength. The sprites (wardens of the life stream) have been enslaved by the darkness to feed the growing power of our chthonic overlord. You must send your ambitious band of plucky do-gooders to singlehandedly save the world from this plague of monsters and their unholy masters. Failure will lead to the inevitable starvation of our people and ultimately the death of all life.

    WWIII part 2: Sticks and Stones (Scenario, Solo)
    Status: Concept in development
    Spoiler :
    No one can honestly say what really started the third world war. The truth is we don’t know any more. When the end came they weren’t that interested in writing biographies and modern history.
    We know the war quickly escalated to nukes but both sides’ countermeasures were able to stop the vast majority of the missiles. Tactical nukes and chemical warfare became commonplace but the war ended only after two biological weapons triggered the collapse of the earth’s ecosphere. Those that could rushed countless selectees to hurriedly build bunkers.

    Platformania (Scenario, Solo)
    Status: Concept in development
    Spoiler :
    This is just a simple platform game where your character can find useful items to help battle your way to the daft looking bosses we’re all familiar with.
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