Feb 13, 2002
Boston, USA
Has anyone ever felt bad about wiping out a civ, or didn't want to destroy them, just wanted their land? I did once about England, so after I wiped out all but one of their cities I built a city on some distant (tiny) island. I then made peace, gave them the city in the deal. I then redeclared war and razed their last city. After that, the English were confined to the tiny island which had no shields-containing land.

It doesn't have to be said that the English were no longer a threat. :cool:

Anyone else ever do this?
I had a similar case... My Mighty Russian Empire expanded throughout the land and destroyed France, Persia, England, and Egypt (and a few less worthy opponents). However, each had planted a city or two on a small contintent far to the north. Deciding to be merciful, I granted this small "multi-cultural" island independence from the Russian crown. So, as I gradually spread wealth and technology (and lots of corruption:confused: ) throughout the world, my former enemies survived on this pathetic rock while the Russians conquered space.:D
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