Existing XML Capabilities of the Python Event System Hardly Used


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Jan 24, 2011
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Hi guys,

we already have quite a lot of functionaly in XML of the Python Event System already. :thumbsup:
(But of course it will continue to get more functionality over time, do not worry.)

What we have already:
(For people that do not yet know what the Python Event System is.)
Spoiler :

We already have 265 Events in WTP !!!! :eek:

The XML file used for Trigger conditions is almost 20.000 lines of config.
The XML files with all the Event options is another 36.000 lines of config.

Amazing effort has been put into this already.

But there is no end to it in sight, if modders and community continue to have good ideas. :grouphug:
That is the cool thing about the Python Event System:
  • It is extremely efficient and still really powerful in adding a bit of flavour to the game.
  • Once non-programmers are shown a few examples they can easily add more of these events.
  • Almost endless combinations already possible if you just have a good story in mind.

All the xml tags we used all the time do not really need much more discussion.
(There are countless examples.)

Our events use already massively:
  • Gold
  • Population Size
  • Units
  • Buildings
  • Plots
  • Terrains
  • Terrain Features
  • Routes
  • Improvements
  • City Conditions
  • Yields
  • being at War
  • being in War of Independence
  • having common borders
  • other Player Native / King / European
  • ...
Endless possibilties already if combined in different variations.
But again we do or did events for those conditions all the time.

What is still possible but not or hardly done:
(For people that want to try something new.)
Spoiler :

But here are several ones that are hardly used or not even used yet at all.
(Thus they have a lot of potential to create completely new types of events that are not just a copy of another one with different texts.)

Here are a few ones that are almost not unsed / or totally unused but I feel are promissing. :)
Any of the team members interested to try an event using one of these XML tags?
  • <iMinOurLandmass> <-- check for the size of the Empire (never used)
  • <iNumUnitsGlobal> <-- check for specific Unit Types of all Nations Combined (only used once)
  • <iNumBuildingsGlobal> <-- check for number specific Building Types of all Nations Combined (only used in twice)
  • <iUnitDamagedWeight> <-- check for Damage of Units (only used once)
  • <iUnitDistanceWeight> <-- check if Unit is a ceratin distance away (never used)
  • <iUnitExperienceWeight> <-- check if Unit has a certain amount of XP (only used twice)

Maybe you will get creative and try on your own to implement an event using one of these. :thumbsup:
With a little bit of experience in XML modding, creating a nice event can be done in about 30min (including text writing and testing).
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