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Experiment - revived classic era foe in information era

Discussion in 'Civ6 - General Discussions' started by King Phaedron, Aug 21, 2020.

  1. King Phaedron

    King Phaedron Warlord

    Oct 9, 2017
    I just went through a crazy long game playing Inca on a custom map I made (called Ticondera based on the world map from the 7th saga, mostly a huge Pangaea.)

    We defeated Scythia pretty early on, and did not permit them access to the coveted Giant's Causeway that all new military units make a holy pilgrimage to. A lot of other empires rose up and fell along the way at our hands, (Mongolia, Khmer, Mali, Germany,) We make new impressive cities and others we sell. (We also hunt down as much Uranium and Aluminum as we can our mountain dwelling hands on.)

    We revived Scythia in the Information Era. They earned a Heroic golden age as we entered the final era, and I experienced my very first dark age since playing the game for over a year! It was perfect for our concerns, less loyalty so that our magnificent cities don't suck the life out of everyone living nearby, bringing them into my already overbloated empire. I especially like the +3 diplomatic favor for broadcast center. Excessive Grievances and Carbon Tax penalty, that's nothing!

    One of the first things she did was build a massive cheap army of horsemen and horse archers with the 30 pop cities I gave her that were producing 2 per turn. While her units were nothing against bombers and my army of 26 death robots, the sheer number of units entering my lands and pillaging them when she declared the surprise war was impressive in and of itself. Although I gave her quite the beating, I'd rather be at war fighting the top civs and their Mechs then contend with the endless Scythian hordes...

    The funny thing is that she earned a Heroic age and chose Automaton Warfare. Nothing quite like a huge army of primitive horseman and horse archers, with a Giant Death Robot marching along side them! It unfortunately died attacking one of my units. I say unfortunately, because with the death robot gone, and me conducting the experiment to see if Scythia can be successfully integrated into the high tech eras, she is free to stockpile a huge amount of Uranium.

    She also tried to attack a city state, but Horse Archers can't do much against a city with over 100 defense and 400 fortification strength.

    She only has until 2026, but we gave them some good cities. Finally, I even made a city intended for them where I built the Amundsen Scott Research Station and now they are pulling in 280 science per turn, have hit 45 discoveries from the 28 when I first brought them back. She offered to pay me a heavy penny for that city too! I think it was over 150 gold per turn. Catching up to Sweden, Rome, Georgia, Japan, and Mali at 55-62, and the top tier civs left, Inca, Spain, Phoenicia, have already hit 77. (Japan is orange on the map. How did that happen I don't know)

    The year is now 1988, and I've already won the Science victory. The finally end of the world will be in 2026 when I will completely annihilate Phoenicia. Why? Because there has been some heavy Synchronicity in this game, and you either get or don't get why I would want to annihilate all the Phoenicians in 2026...

    Meanwhile the clock is ticking, for Scythia to become impressive and prepare her armies to contend with my Mech warriors on judgment day.

    Meanwhile, I've gotten bored with waiting so I established an impressive faith pool and hired a legion of Rock Bands with the Indie promotion to begin turning much of the world into Free Cities. One can already see the results with Spain.

    Only capitals left are Georgia, and Australia. I already won the Science, but stuck around for the Domination. It's silly that you can't actually complete it. I mean yeah, the first victory is the game defining one, but they gave you the option to keep playing, why not allow the other victories to be possible? Why not make the ultimate experience of Civ 6, beating Diety with all 5 victory conditions. Would that even be feasible?

    Well, time to go. Some cities in Australia and Georgia are begging to be set free, and the cornpuffs currently running those civilizations will have a lovely time with the endless partisans and city ranged attacks. It'll still be a nice change for Australia though, whose entire civilization spent most of the past two eras drowning in nuclear radiation.

    We already had good relations with a lot of them, it was the incident with Hattusa that changed everything. We captured Hattusa early on, it was a very impressive city near the Mato Tipa natural wonder. Capital of the Hittites, I made the port city of Lukka (another hittite city) to go along with it, and it actually became the biggest city in my empire, even bigger then Cusco with nearly all of it's tiles turned into Terrace Farms! I did not expect Lukka to grow that well, but I digress...

    At some point, I gave the city to Germany, whose capital is just to the right of the 3 Scythian cities on the north part of the south continent. Hattusa was originally built were the third left most city was. If we hadn't captured it very early on, I'm sure that Germany would have, like they did with Muscat and Kandy. I wondered if this crippled them, with Georgia to the north, Rome to the west, and Khemer (now extinct) to the southwest, they were pretty closed in, and Germany had a lot of mountains and was a huge science hog, forcing me to advance more quickly then I wanted to.

    But mainly, I wanted to see what Germany would do with a fully developed Aerodrome on 30 pop city with huge production. Would they make a bunch of bombers and attack me? No, not even one. Or wait, they did eventually make one, and only one, and never did anything with it.

    The map Ticondera is based on the old rpg 7th Saga, where King Lemele (Emperor Frederick) send you and 6 other warriors (You play any one of the 7) on a quest to get the 7 runes, which in my case, was a quest to capture 7 capitals. You eventually learn that King Lemele is actually Gorsia, and that he wanted the 7 runes to unseal the sealing curse that you, the player, placed on him in the past. He who gathers the 7 runes to unseal Gorsia, was sent back into the past to fight him and seal him. (But what happens to King Lemele / Gorsia in the future? Yes, the game secretly has a bad ending.)

    We gave Germany a few more cities, and they started to have several death robots. Enough for me to feel a bit threatened. Germany had become too much of a science and military runaway, we decided it was time to get rid of them. Australia was the second best in this game, almost as far ahead as Germany.

    The first thing we did before the epic war with Germany, an actual good war where we lost several units, was turn Hattusa with 3 Indie Rock Bands (First time I'd ever used Indie Rockbands, and I've been playing for over a year!) And then liberate the city state of Hattusa. That lasted for quite a while, and with Germany gone, and Scythia newly revived, we built those 3 cities for Scythia in the only part of the world where they wouldn't completely collapse from loyalty.

    On a side note, the 4 cities spaced far apart near my 5 cities are the impressive ones we gave to Scythia. I actually sold the middle city to every AI in the game, they paid a good price, but the city rebels, I capture it, take it back, fix it up, and the civs I sold it to often leave their great works in fully developed Theater District it has. So I wound up aquiring a great many great works this way, simply because the AI stored them in the city before it rebelled. )Reminds me of an actual scam I fell for once, buying a youtube channel, the guy would give you the password, you'd go in, try to change it and set it up, and he'd get in and change it and take it back.)

    Well, Phoenicia was unfriendly and captured Hattusa from out of nowhere. This really pissed me off, because now it's massive population was going to turn the 2 pop new cities I made for Scythia. There was no time to denounce her and wait 5 times. Surprise war, nuke, capture, and raze, all happened on the very next turn, and this led to a battle with and razing a lot of her other cities, and taking her original capital.

    But the grievances were huge, and she had formed alliances with Rome, Australia, and Japan, all of whom I'd previously been on good terms with. At the time I owned more of Mali's cities (also took them out of the game for a while) then just their capital, and Japan had such a huge number of cities too. I cut a path clear through the middle of Japan and 2 cities deep into Australia.

    The thing I didn't realize, was that all of the grievances against one civilization were being applied equally to her allies, and vice versa. I ended the war with Phoenicia, because I intend for them to be around until 2026, but I had racked up over 2000 grievances with her, and over 1000 with Japan, Rome, and Australia, whom I previous did nothing against. I previously had an alliance with Rome and Japan, and John Curtain was happy because I liberate a lot of city states!

    She completely ruined that for me, all because she insisted on doing this to Scythia, her enemy from ancient times. There are very snow hill tiles on the map (it needs just a few more adjustments, but it's nearly perfect) and wouldn't you know it, Phoenicia again builds the Amudsen-Scott in like the only other snow hill tile in the game, and manages to complete it 2 turns before I do!

    No, No, No, No, No! That could not be allowed, it usurps the current experiment I am running with Scythia, so I had to reload, and all it took was 2 turns to Nuke her cities and capture the city building the wonder with a death robot. Funny thing is that I declared this second war on Phoenicia ONLY because I had made a settler for a city I was intending to give to Sweden, and the only way to get it to the location in 12 turns instead of over 30 was through Phoenician land, who already denounced me before the of the previous tensions. So the nuclear city capture happened near the end of the war, and I gave her back the city, along with 3 others I took previously in the game. Still got 22 impressive cities, and that's enough for me.

    So that's why everything is rotten now, it's all because of those nasty cheating Phoenicians who got kicked out of over 100 countries! That's why America, I mean Inca, launched all those wars. I mean playing Inca we had the war with Germany, and then after we became the new Germany, the massacre of 6 million Phoenicians, with ridiculously over-eaggarated grievances, because of the surprise war I was forced into.

    I did all that for Scythia, to save the cities I gave her, and being backstab averse, she hated me for it... I didn't actually finish Scythia off in the classic era. I did capture several cities, but Phoenicia dealt the final blow, and the final Scythian city was one captured from Phoenicia that died in loyalty, so it was rebellion that actually finished her off. But yeah, it destroyed every relationship I had with every leader.

    I wonder how much of those grievances will vanish once I get rid of Phoenicia. Those allies of hers, Japan, Australia, and Rome, they all hate her now! Possibly because their alliances forced them into war and Pachacuti the terrible, lord of the Stinka Inca, let loose the wrath of Heaven upon them!

  2. AntSou

    AntSou Deity

    Jun 8, 2019
  3. lotrmith

    lotrmith King

    Jul 28, 2009
    That's quite a post.

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